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Image: Revar.jpg   800x1054 173360 bytes 2003.10.30

Birthday commission - Revar the vampire bat looking noir and dreamy.\r\n\r\nOriginal character created by Watts Martin, borrowed by the person who plays her on Furrymuck, for whose birthday this was made. Confused yet?\r\n\r\nHeavy use of transparency.

Image: rhea-and-phorm.jpg   1612x1500 205706 bytes 2010.05.19

What Demons Do

A little something for Rhea (right) and Phorm (left).

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Image: Ring_Out.jpg   800x1236 111881 bytes 2007.01.05

Ring Out

Fan art for <a href=>a friend's comic</a>.

Image: ritual.07_(_detonator_).gif   537x963 9968 bytes 2006.09.19

A fragment, altered to stand alone.

Image: Ritual_of_Silence.gif   445x800 13688 bytes 2004.08.13

Illustrator 10. From a scribble that kinda scared people.

Image: RobertElric.jpg   388x600 67016 bytes 2000.02.18

Is it Robert Smith of the Cure? Or is it Elric, also called the White Wolf, also called Kinslayer?<p>Whichever. Late-night Coca-Cola hyperness. Illustrator tones, some Photoshop texture muck.\n

Image: rosepeg.jpg   718x764 501809 bytes 1997.08.02

This one proves that even back in '97, I was subject to Big Hand Disease.\r\n\r\nIt's one of Paul Defenbaugh's characters, a blue raccoon named Rosalie, and I drew her with a few touches deliberately borrowed fro his style. Pen and ink; colored pencil. He has the original.

Image: RuminationsUponThePersistenceOfVision.jpg   800x600 51300 bytes 2005.06.26

Just your basic raccoon girl, doodled direct in Illustrator over a couple lazy hours after I noticed that Maya Lanski had favorited all my raccoon pieces on DeviantArt.

Image: Salacious-3-cover-final.jpg   1600x1050 462524 bytes 2011.08.31

Recreation Break, Vespuline Mining Concern

Cover illustration for the science fiction issue of <a href=>Salacious</a>.

Tags: robot spider space orgy kirby  
Image: Salamander.jpg   800x1280 174499 bytes 2010.09.04


High-res version <a href=>here</a> if you happen to have a 1960x1200 monitor in portrait orientation.

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Image: sam-davis.gif   800x1035 96793 bytes 2009.07.11

Guitar Wizard

So my boyfriend and I were in Harvard Squid and found these crazy <a href=>guitar lesson fliers</a>...

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Image: Seed.gif   800x1149 31106 bytes 2004.06.05

Your guess is as good as mine. A bus doodle I impulsively decided to clean up in two colors.\r\n\r\n(The background and signature are a 50% mix of the two colors used.)

Image: Seeing_the_Elephant_#17.gif   800x1035 121882 bytes 2009.06.12

Seeing the Elephant #17

Image: self-hate.gif   1024x565 75009 bytes 2003.12.07

Direct in AI, no underlying pencil rough for a change.\r\n\r\nInspiration: Gorey's 'L'Heure Blue' and my currently tummultuous personal life.

Image: Seven_Seconds.jpg   1024x802 64116 bytes 2007.07.23

Seven Seconds Seven Seconds Seven Seconds

Hexagons done with NodeBox.

Image: Seventeen-mysteries.jpg   1440x900 164836 bytes 2008.12.10

Seventeen Mysteries

I got a new computer, so I needed a new image to go behind the login screen.\r\n\r\nGouache and Adobe Illustrator.

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Image: Seventh_Hunt.gif   400x1367 60093 bytes 2006.11.18

Image: shailai-delayed-vixens.jpg   827x1408 202426 bytes 2012.03.21

Burning Vixen Challenge

Much-delayed commission.\r\n\r\nnum(tails) /= 3 for compositional reasons.\r\n\r\nThese days I'd probably charge upwards of $200 for something like this. And still take months to get around to it.

Image: She-Is-Legend.jpg   927x1200 153521 bytes 2010.06.12


For a friend.

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Image: She_Came_Riding.jpg   917x500 100606 bytes 2006.11.10

The rains rushed in to fill the void.

Image: shutdown.gif   618x800 48794 bytes 2005.09.20

It's nice to relax. It's really nice to relax.

Image: Siege_of_Syracuse_(back).jpg   800x800 65853 bytes 2007.04.27

The Siege of Syracuse (back cover)

That previous piece looked like an album cover. So I made the back.

Image: Silence.jpg   836x890 148205 bytes 2009.02.20

Silence in the Library

Hester, from <cite>Five Glasses of Absinthe</cite>. Drawn with an audience via <a href=>UStream</a>.

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Image: Silverblue.gif   421x600 63837 bytes 1999.11.16

The Australian gothbunny of Furry. Drawn rather quickly very late one night when she said what's quoted on the image, and Illustratored (is that a verb?) as that night shaded into morning.\n

Image: SinDog.GIF   398x520 15586 bytes 1999.08.05

Wolf ala Frank Miller's 'Sin City' comics. I called the file 'Sin Dog' because\r\n'Sin Wolf' just sounds... stupid. Originally uploaded with a parodically\r\ncutsey description, that none of the 'artists' I was parodying with it probably\r\nunderstood. Darn.\r\n\n

Image: siren.gif   209x600 16301 bytes 2003.03.09

The third part of 'December Flowers'; the other two are 'Chanteuse' and 'Mastermind'.

Image: six_work_doodles.jpg   536x783 57859 bytes 2001.02.09

One is a few weeks old; the other five were done today while I waited for some art to be ready for me to animate in Flash. Arranged semi-unevenly on a sketchbook page for your viewing convenience. When I finished the cat in the upper left, I felt as if I'd been posessed by Megan Giles for a moment...

Image: Slow-Motion-Secrets.jpg   700x918 64667 bytes 2004.07.22

Just fooling around, really.

Image: Smirky_Me.jpg   600x600 59854 bytes 2002.01.17

It's long past time for a new picture of me, I think.\r\n\r\nOriginally done for the 'VCL Class Photo' project (see the thread in the 'Artwork Related' section of the forum here), I liked this enough to stick a quick abstract-psycho background on it and let it stand alone.\r\n\r\nIllustrator paths over pencil scan, as usual.\r\n\r\nDrawing a compact pose like this for an all-black character is not an easy thing at all, especially when eschewing linework as much as possible. I tried to keep my use of desperation lines to an absolute minimum, and make them evocative in a Hirschfield-y way.

Image: snowblind.gif   1275x822 29620 bytes 2007.11.22


This image turned into the title page of a brief, cryptic comic. See it <a href=>here</a>.

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