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Image: So_predispose_everything,_Quartermaster.jpg   622x762 103955 bytes 2007.05.16

So predispose everything, Quartermaster.

Idly playing with Illustrator CS3, though i didn't actually use any of the new features.

Image: Solstice-2011.jpg   2718x1500 226937 bytes 2011.12.26

Solstice 2011

Image: Something_More.jpg   612x1211 152396 bytes 2009.12.16

Something More

Fan art for Larry Marder's <cite>Beanworld</cite>.

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Image: SpiralMoon.gif   366x471 16671 bytes 1999.09.13

Wait until Halloween to look at this one. *grin* I'm never in touch with the seasons.\r\n\n

Image: Starbow.jpg   1280x905 189835 bytes 2007.06.02


Singularity to duality to multitudes.\r\n\r\nBut where's the third?

Image: StillLifeWithBazooka.jpg   539x772 110087 bytes 1998.02.05

Raccoons aren't as cute and cuddly as some might think. Not all of them.\n

Image: Stolen-Moments.jpg   603x703 130273 bytes 2006.04.26

Texture and transparency experiments, done in off moments between work stuff.

Image: structural_engineering.gif   552x792 35522 bytes 2005.09.26

"Big stripey tits". A phrase that came up in conversation while walking across Boston. Later that day, the rough for this happened.\r\n\r\nBecause, hey. Big stripey tits.

Image: Sweet_Balm_and_her_twister_sister.gif   800x477 39996 bytes 2004.11.08

I don't understand the title either. All I know is that it's what's written next to the rough of this in my sketchbook, with an arrow pointing to the figure.

Image: swords-queen.jpg   396x612 85231 bytes 2007.12.02

Queen of Swords

The Queen of the Thrones of Air.\r\n\r\nIntensely perceptive, keen observation, subtle, quick and confident: often persevering, accurate in superficial things, graceful, fond of dancing and balancing.\r\n\r\n If ill dignified, cruel, sly, deceitful, unreliable, though with a good exterior.

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Image: TARGET_INFINITY.gif   1600x1061 146004 bytes 2006.09.26

<b>CHOKKK!!!</b> The Ur-Device slammed into phase with the cosmos. "This is it," she thought. "If I don't stop this <b>infernal machine</b> in the next <b>fifteen</b> seconds, the <b>entire universe</b> will be as so much <b>cheap chocolate</b> on <b>Valentine's day!!!</b>"\r\n\r\nThere was only one thing to do, and she <b>did</b> it.

Image: Tealfour-lid.jpg   800x1067 129103 bytes 2010.10.26

Teczetherca Thur Uenu Chousun

New computers need names.

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Image: tenniel-gallop.jpg   612x792 182173 bytes 2004.09.06

I was going through some of my old art with intent to make prints available, and stumbled upon this. She's a character I played on a now-vanished BDSM-oriented furry muck; a pretty happily subby unicorn who was secretly robbing all the rich tops blind. AI under inks and over a highly-abused photograph.

Image: tentaclespottyrape.jpg   872x1100 163357 bytes 2004.08.02

An old one from the vaults that a sudden impulse made me decide to make public. Everyone loves tentacles!\r\n\r\nPen and ink, Photoshop.\r\n\r\nThat's Ch'marr, by the way.

Image: That_Stink_Of_Fall.jpg   864x717 200663 bytes 2013.11.01

That Stink Of Fall

Hypnotizing space foxes like to dress up as witches sometimes.

Image: The-Eurydice-Variations.gif   1445x1824 707437 bytes 2012.06.03

The Eurydice Variations

My page for "Feast Yer Eyes" #3, a tabloid-sized comics anthology a friend down in New Orleans does.

Image: THE-MACHINE.gif   720x480 401616 bytes 2006.06.26

An animated background. There's a mad scientist raccoon in front of it but this is just a background loop.

Image: The-Modern-Things.gif   700x814 145439 bytes 2006.03.31

Because I need to get more texture into my work.

Image: the-people's-pinup.jpg   1095x972 251772 bytes 2007.03.11

The People's Pinup

Collaboration with Jonas. His pencils, my Illustratorness.

Image: The_Charybdis_Con.png   1200x469 177574 bytes 2006.05.28


Image: The_Fall_Collection.jpg   1600x400 159973 bytes 2007.09.21

The Fall Collection

Art for the monthly newsletter of - the theme was 'fashion'.

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Image: The_Left-Hand_Ptah.jpg   848x1200 154909 bytes 2007.05.23

The Left-Hand Ptah

Image: The_Ninth_Time.jpg   600x914 112036 bytes 2007.02.07

The Ninth Time

Image: the_secrets_we_tell_ourselves.jpg   700x1015 93153 bytes 2007.04.17

the secrets we tell ourselves

A sequel to a piece I did a couple years ago.

Image: The_Show!_(small).jpg   5105x600 529791 bytes 2008.08.30

78 Evasions panorama

A panorama shot of the gallery opening for my Tarot deck, before people started arriving. See the more info URL for a bigger copy and photos of the crowd!

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Image: The_Siege_of_Syracuse.jpg   800x800 226372 bytes 2007.04.26

The Siege of Syracuse

The Greek text translates roughly to "Do not disturb my circles!".

Image: The_Spiral_Boulevard.jpg   849x1200 49907 bytes 2007.05.23

The Spiral Boulevard

Part two of a series of goddess imagery.

Image: The_Stolen_Sister.jpg   1024x791 139116 bytes 2007.07.01

The Stolen Sister

Quick and dirty direct-in-Illustrator: Theeka and Sosael, exchanged.\r\n\r\nFor those who didn't hang around Puzzlebox: Theeka is a hypersubmissive rubber mouse, who's had her negative emotions turned off; she's the leader of the Bubble Dolls, a clade of happy latexy servile types. Sosael is a hateful white butterfly who dies a <i>lot</i>, and may or may not be a face of the overall consciousness of the Strangevirus, a bio/data plague that infests an entire sector of the world. Sometimes they claim to be sisters, sometimes they deny it.\r\n\r\nI played Sosael.

Image: the_stories_we_tell_ourselves.jpg   700x1015 144866 bytes 2005.03.12

Image: theeka-phone.jpg   1200x900 216639 bytes 2010.06.20

Her Majesty

Relaunched for 2012.

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