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Image: OnaEy!.gif   572x686 36185 bytes 2001.03.19

A giraffe playing something not totally unlike a sitar. Drawn and quick Illustrator toned while listening to Trans-Global Underground's 'Yes Boss Food Corner'. Scorch!

Image: Anticipation.jpg   847x1100 145456 bytes 2001.03.10

An Egyptian rabbit, drawn after some meditation on cliches of species/costume pairs. . Or is she just a well-costumed flapper? One or the other. Digital coloring done over three days in Illustrator 9 atop now-vanished traditional inks; no actual reference used for costume design, only my mental store of Egyptian costume cliches picked up from countless Nile valley furry drawings by many other artists.

Image: six_work_doodles.jpg   536x783 57859 bytes 2001.02.09

One is a few weeks old; the other five were done today while I waited for some art to be ready for me to animate in Flash. Arranged semi-unevenly on a sketchbook page for your viewing convenience. When I finished the cat in the upper left, I felt as if I'd been posessed by Megan Giles for a moment...

Image: minimal_vixen.gif   640x480 27054 bytes 2001.02.06

I was talking with someone about abstraction and stylization. This came out.

Image: FatRat.gif   336x430 50915 bytes 2001.01.01

A big fat rat which I drew while in New Orleans for the winter holidays. A lot of people there are built along these lines.\r\n\r\nI haven't drawn much lately; I was quite surprised at how well this doodle came out - simultaneously geometric and dimensional. Neat.\n

Image: ContragravFace.gif   573x513 24728 bytes 2000.08.29

A screengrab of a 'face' (aka 'skin') for Audion, a Mac MP3 player. Available in the official Audion face archive at, if you should happen to use that for your MP3s. Supposedly there's also an Audion face->SoundJam skin converter, too, but this'd look pretty nasty without an alpha channel.

Image: RobertElric.jpg   388x600 67016 bytes 2000.02.18

Is it Robert Smith of the Cure? Or is it Elric, also called the White Wolf, also called Kinslayer?<p>Whichever. Late-night Coca-Cola hyperness. Illustrator tones, some Photoshop texture muck.\n

Image: EnsignK-P1.gif   486x756 89752 bytes 2000.01.30

The first page of a backup strip I've done for Richard Bartrop's 'Zaibatsu Tears' comic book (volume #2, issue #3 - bug your local comic shop now!). Six pages of starkly-rendered space opera.<p>And now I shall sleep.\n

Image: Chiaroscuro.gif   430x600 26135 bytes 2000.01.11

Artist's Ambush, 10-jan-00: 'Draw yourself as a musical artist, either a solo one or with a group. It can be any type of music or any period. Feel free to give yourself and/or your band a name, and to use anyone else standing about in the room as part of the band. Everything else is up to your imagination!'<p>\r\nAbout 30 minutes, fountain pen and black marker.<p>\r\nThis is the post-Ambush version: better scan, added text to make it look like a real flyer.\r\n\n

Image: Tugrik.jpg   660x600 125809 bytes 1999.12.01

FM wiz Tugrik. Crayolas with a bit of stinky AD marker for the blacks, on a grocery bag. About 16" square, and a royal pain to scan. I do however like his slightly-evil grin.<p>The extreme deliberate crudity of the media choice is quite probably a reaction to doing so much stuff in Illustrator lately.<p>Drawn while repeatedly listening to Curve's 'Come Clean', if anyone's keeping track.\r\n\n

Image: TheShelteringSky.gif   800x600 155583 bytes 1999.11.25

Or <i>Illustrator Experiment 5</i>, but that's not very euphonious. Illustrator 8 over a scan of a very quick pencil rough. Check out the <a href=>Acrobat 4 version</a> if you have it the plugin.<br>Originally inspired by <a href=/vcl Artists/oCeLoT/digital/>oCe's neat mouse-drawn limited-palette stuff.\n

Image: Silverblue.gif   421x600 63837 bytes 1999.11.16

The Australian gothbunny of Furry. Drawn rather quickly very late one night when she said what's quoted on the image, and Illustratored (is that a verb?) as that night shaded into morning.\n

Image: EKLogo.gif   640x540 20463 bytes 1999.11.09

Logo sort of thing for a comics project of mine. 100% Illustrator, including autotraced inks.\r\n\n

Image: SpiralMoon.gif   366x471 16671 bytes 1999.09.13

Wait until Halloween to look at this one. *grin* I'm never in touch with the seasons.\r\n\n

Image: Carylinathea.gif   752x620 32930 bytes 1999.08.19

There's a story behind this one, but I shan't tell it. All you need to know\r\nis that maybe this dragon is one of my sisters. You don't even need to know\r\nif that's an IC sister or a VR one.\r\n\n

Image: SinDog.GIF   398x520 15586 bytes 1999.08.05

Wolf ala Frank Miller's 'Sin City' comics. I called the file 'Sin Dog' because\r\n'Sin Wolf' just sounds... stupid. Originally uploaded with a parodically\r\ncutsey description, that none of the 'artists' I was parodying with it probably\r\nunderstood. Darn.\r\n\n

Image: CoonMage.jpeg   442x492 42891 bytes 1999.07.30

Late-night quickie of a raccoon mage interrupted in the middle of casting a spell.\r\nThings look so much better against a black background with an abstract shape\r\nthan floating in a white void, don't they?\r\n\n

Image: ILikeToDrawNakedFoxWomen.gif   548x457 9128 bytes 1999.05.01

This emerged from a rather lengthy discussion in Furry's Studio de l'Artiste about abstraction, meaning, messages, and the like. I pointed out that the message of much furry art is simply 'I like to draw naked fox-women', then realized that's a dandy title for a quick image.\r\nI spent about ten minutes on it, from ballpoint pen scribble to digital tones. The ironic part is that I _don't_ really like to draw naked fox women. Oh well.\n

Image: Nilesta.gif   390x520 16270 bytes 1999.03.31

Not quite the usual: a somewhat dark-elfin anthro scorpion encountered when I should have been sleeping, and drawn for the sheer novelty.\n

Image: MyRobots.gif   839x642 57981 bytes 1999.03.25

Inspired by my room-mate's face, vague memories of 'Impossible Mission', but mostly by the desire to draw a huge, funky robot.\n

Image: Whupass.gif   640x900 66358 bytes 1999.03.17

Seeing too many furry-Powerpuff attempts made me do this a while back. I remembered its existance, and scanned and colored it.\r\n\r\nTheir heads are STILL too small, honestly.\n

Image: TinyPeggy.gif   33x49 655 bytes 1999.03.17

Caring about every single pixel is a dying art. Unfortunately this was done in a non-square pixel aspet ratio (NTSC, to be precise), so it's a bit squat...\n

Image: TinyTempleton.gif   45x61 816 bytes 1999.03.17

This one _was_ drawn in square pixels, so enjoy. Smaller than the thumbnail!\n

Image: EmpressAshy.gif   640x499 31767 bytes 1999.03.07

Ashtoreth as the Empress of the Universe, Or At Least A Goodly Portion Thereof.\n

Image: Ravens.gif   305x480 65916 bytes 1999.03.04

Image: Peggy.gif   672x480 42605 bytes 1999.03.04

Portrait of the artist as a happy dragon.\n

Image: DiddleyeBom.gif   532x452 156342 bytes 1999.03.03

'Who put the bom in the bombomdiddleyebom?' - Bently Rhythm Ace. This raccoon probably doesn't know, but she can dance to it...\r\n\n

Image: Underworld.jpg   539x772 125791 bytes 1998.02.05

Japhet in the middle of something dark.\n

Image: WaitingForTheMoon.jpg   539x772 63012 bytes 1998.02.05

Another brooding picture of a female raccoon. This one's semi-goth.\n

Image: StillLifeWithBazooka.jpg   539x772 110087 bytes 1998.02.05

Raccoons aren't as cute and cuddly as some might think. Not all of them.\n

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