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Image: alley_cat.jpg   884x900 70155 bytes 2005.10.06

This started out as a very quick/rough doodle in macromedia that I just kept adding to out of boredom. It's the first female I've drawn in a very long time, and interestingly enough also the most clothed figure I've drawn in a long time. I'm not sure if there's a connection or not.

Image: basilisk.jpg   447x494 101429 bytes 2004.12.04

This is a piece approaching two years of age. A friend more-or-less forced me into drawing his character from a story, and I felt like experimenting in abnormal/unnatural muscle anatomy. This is what became.

Image: clarice.jpg   540x736 71161 bytes 2007.04.17

Pink Sibling

It's clarice, Melvin's younger sister. Que bueno.

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Image: dead_dog.gif   1087x800 123006 bytes 2005.09.15

I was listening to, "Requiem for Dying Mothers Part 2" last night and it put my in an agnsty mood. A couple hours and some mousing around in macromedia later, and I wound up with this. Looking at it keeps popping the phrase "Recylce your animals" into my head.

Image: goithic__tree_bunny.jpg   1000x785 150649 bytes 2005.09.19

Yeah, this isn't really all that yiffy. But since it shows a bit of rabbit junk, I figured I'd still put it here anyway. \r\n\r\nThis is just an experimented in changing up my style some and a reconfirmation that I still suck at anatomy.

Image: kitty_me.jpg   927x825 123014 bytes 2005.02.28

This is one of the very, very few self portraits I've ever done. Yes, it's meant to be rather abstract and deformed, especially in the face.\r\n\r\nBoth chubby and emaciated, big-thighed and girly-hipped, missing an ass and posessing the limpest of tails...this is akin to what I see when I look in the mirror. I don't find it sad or upsetting to see myself this way...just honest and natural. Ever person, no matter how perfect in figure, sees an ugly creature staring back at them in the looking glass.\r\n\r\nLong before I discovered myself a kangaroo, before I even knew what the furry fandom was, I saw myself as a house cat named Demetrie. He was black, but I guess I'm purple now.

Image: mel-roo.png   657x532 67718 bytes 2007.04.08

Ambiguous Moment

Melvin and my fursona in... a moment? Whether they're just wrestling about or yiffing around is up to interpretation. If they are yiffing, it kinda looks like they're doing it wrong. o..o\r\n\r\nThis was quick and abstract; still playing around and seeing what excessive shape algorithms in flash can do for me.\r\n\r\nP.S. I promise Melvin still has a tail... it's just... bent. Yes, it's bent in a very akward and pleasurable way, that keeps it out of view.

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Image: melvinRock.jpg   785x573 92564 bytes 2007.03.31

Dildo Rock

It's that same platypus character of mine. I finally decided on a name for him: Melvin. He's pictured here, rocking out... while naked... and singing to his pink dildo. \r\n\r\nHe's such an odd platypus...

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Image: prayer.jpg   504x758 83223 bytes 2006.06.02

I was bored when I drew it, and a little off kilter when I wrote the prose.\r\n\r\nThis is a quick and simple practice of a new coloring style I'm developing for my flash work.

Image: roo-n-foxy.jpg   800x491 71604 bytes 2004.12.09

Here's a screenshot of a flash animation I did. The file's here on the VCL, "roo-n-foxy.swf" to be exact, in my Yiff directory. This picture's really just here so some attention might be drawn to the animation; flash files don't show up under new artwork. \r\n\r\nIt's just your average fox and macropus vulpes going at it, in broad day, with an ungaurded window and a pervy neighbor. Between the spooge, voyuerism, and pornographic snapshot openly portrayed like a family portrait, this clip is the very essence of tastless smut. I think it's cute.

Image: squirrel.jpg   700x512 29882 bytes 2004.12.04

This one was done entirely gel pens (cheap ones at that) on sketch book paper, a combination I would not recomend to anyone. The original was/is shiny and almost pretty. Done for and given to my late owl; the purple squirrel was somewhat of an inside joke between us.

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