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Image: Tray_iriqouis.gif   400x646 110094 bytes 2002.04.20

It's first in weeks I've been so gleeish happy with an image like I'm now. I first drawed PerpaTraitor from myself, while I was looking in the mirror and my budgie was on my shoulder. ater I inked it with Indian ink and messed around in PSP 6 for about 45 minutes. Her bird (Iriqious) came out weird though... Yes I want to name Traitor to Traytor. I am addicted to "Tray". Hmm.\r\nPerpaTraytor&Iriqious me

Image: wind.gif   500x719 269491 bytes 2002.01.05

MAN this is some old shiyt! I like it just enough to load it up. \r\nPerpaTraitor (c) me

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