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Image: liberty.jpg   742x600 114983 bytes 2002.07.03

Libbie [aka Liberty Belle] in Dandylion Bliss :o)\r\nLibbie is copyright her player.\r\nArt is copyright Persefurre Greenfingers.\r\n

Image: kyte.jpg   567x700 85905 bytes 2002.07.03

Done about a month ago.\r\n\r\nIt's a representation of a way I felt at the time.\r\nLike I was a kite, flying with strings on, bound to the ground, and/or kept from truly flying carefree, by something which kept my spirit's freedom at bay.\r\nAt the same time however, you might note the expression isn't really one of dismay. This was before reaching the end of the strings and experiencing the\r\nfeather cracking smash and curving fall from great heights that then came.\r\n\r\nCopyright Persefurre Greenfingers. All Rights Reserved.\r\n

Image: emora2.jpg   465x532 59100 bytes 2002.07.03

Emora Lunistrave again.\r\nPencil. Inked. Done yesterday.\r\nCopyright Persefurre Greenfingers.\r\nYay. :o)~

Image: drmdnce.jpg   400x646 64628 bytes 2002.07.03

This was actually drawn in May.\r\nPencil, Ink. Entitled Dream Dance.\r\nMmm... this is a feeling I know and love. :o)\r\n\r\n--\r\n Copyright 2002 Persefurre Greenfingers\r\n--\r\n All Rights Reserved

Image: triad.JPG   800x600 522393 bytes 2002.06.28

painter classic wacom digital scribbilage\r\nkestrel, marah~fae and blanca wolf\r\nfriendly torture, is that like friendly fire?\r\nmaybe not as deadly - expect further colouring of this\r\ncharacters are copyright their respective owners\r\nartwork copyright Persefurre Greenfingers / Persephone\r\n\r\n

Image: desolation.jpg   300x300 42873 bytes 2002.06.28

painter classic digital wacom piece\r\nhmn... falling lapine morph... storm...\r\nlove's fool\r\nthat's me\r\n

Image: march.hare.jpg   500x595 76499 bytes 2002.05.04

A March Hare... This was like an easter/pattyday cross over pic I did right at the end of March. Done with my graphics duo markers... the scanner stripped some of the yello-green out... just too bright. But it's still nice, I really love how this one turned out. Purrrty :o) Copyright, all rights reserved, to Persefurre Greenfingers, as always.

Image: con-side-airation.jpg   639x865 60274 bytes 2002.05.02

Ok... so... I um... opened up and... took my heart out from behind it's protective shell and... held it out to the sky...\r\nAmazing. Feeling. Frightening... but Awesome. *stunned silence* Shock... and Love.\r\n\r\nCopyright to Persefurre Greenfingers

Image: kaylista2.jpg   600x800 113335 bytes 2002.04.30

It's my new character Kaylista Thornpaw again.\r\nMmmm... she's sessy ;o) Did this at work as well, no pic\r\nas a study though, this one's straight from the ol' noggin.\r\nCopyright to Persefurre Greenfingers, of course. :o)

Image: chrysalis.jpg   537x722 151855 bytes 2002.04.28

Re-Scan of Chrysalis, so you can SEE her pink scales and such... Mrrr... purrrtiness... Waspie Pen and Mars graphics Duo Markers. Nummy! Copyright Persefurre Greenfingers as per usual. ;o)~

Image: warmfuzzies.jpg   544x648 62107 bytes 2002.04.28

Warm fuzzies... Drawn last night from a magazine add for the pose, characters are mine though. All is copyright Persefurre Greenfingers.

Image: kaylista.jpg   505x685 108197 bytes 2002.04.28

I did this at work last night, sketched and then inked it. The pose is based off an image of an actress in a magazine, but purrrsonally I think my coon-lady is a bit cuter than the 'model' was. ;o) Anyway... Waspie Pen. Kaylista Thornpaw the Character is Copyright to Persefurre Greenfingers, as is the Artwork of course.

Image: skinless.selkie.jpg   596x629 58166 bytes 2002.03.26

The inked version of skinless.selkie.col Just so you can see what I started with :oD

Image: skinless.selkie.col.jpg   600x670 116996 bytes 2002.03.26

An inked sketch, scanned and digi-painted in Adobe Photoshop and Corel Painter Classic. She's a selkie, out of her skin... hmn... I don't see it anywhere either... perhaps some sly fellow has snatched it up to keep her from returning to the sea? @.o [PS-I'll be uploading the inked version after this one. Backwards uploads make for frontwards surfing?]

Image: pretty.pony.jpg   550x711 62231 bytes 2002.03.26

Just a silly lookin' pretty pegasus pony... this was sketched and inked at work too... rough inking :P Mneah.

Image: falipae.witch.jpg   533x710 80866 bytes 2002.03.26

A falipae (species and concept Copyright to Persefurre Greenfingers) witch stirring her cauldron... *purrrs*\r\nSketched and inked at work. :P Woo hoo.

Image: dancing.pan.jpg   618x802 112655 bytes 2002.03.26

I went out Saturday night *gasp* Yes, I actually went out to a 'party' and stayed for longer than half an hour ;o)\r\nThere was a fellow there... irish, short, with the pointedest ears I have EVER seen! He looked like such a leprechaun. Or Pan :oD So... I drew this the very next day.

Image: snowfire.jpg   600x795 143524 bytes 2002.03.18

*beam* This was actually MOSTLY done at Yule... but I didn't get it finished. I finished it tonight though, and I'm quite happy with it. :o)\r\n\r\nSnowfire -the winged vixen- is copyright Persefurre Greenfingers, All Rights Reserved.

Image: ravensun.jpg   700x500 108543 bytes 2002.03.18

Oh, Raven Sun, How you Burn.\r\n\r\n I get to watch the Ravens from my window at my new job... I love it :o)\r\n\r\nRaven Sun is copyright Persefurre Greenfingers, All Rights Reserved.

Image: freakin.faerie.fur.jpg   481x637 60656 bytes 2002.03.18

A Freakin' Faerie Fur! Woohoooo! yeehaaaa! Wheeee.... @.o\r\n\r\nLack of sleep can cause psychosis! But it's DAMN fun! :oD\r\n\r\nnameless freakin' faerie fur is copyright Persefurre Greenfingers, All Rights Reserved.

Image: jynae2-Col.JPG   610x800 420058 bytes 2002.03.13

Ok, this is the 5th time I've tried to upload this? I am not having a good computer week. My photoshop died last night after I added the background here... I mean... it's really F****D up... :o( 90% of the tools won't work now. So I had to add the borders and text in Painter Classic. *sighs* So... why did my photoshop have to die!!!??? *weeps*\r\n\r\nAnyway :P Jynae Airheart, Character, Concept and Art are all Copyright Persefurre Greenfingers, All Rights Reserved.

Image: jynae2.jpg   485x642 123514 bytes 2002.03.13

2H pencil, pigment ink and coloured pencil.\r\nCharacter Concept pic for my second ever Falipae character!\r\nYay! The Falipae race and Jynae Airheart are copyright 2002 Persefurre Greenfingers, All Rights Reserved. Look for a photoshop enhanced version with background soon!

Image: carrotjuice.JPG   514x800 253799 bytes 2002.03.08

-Cosmic Carrot Juice- Digital Rendering in Painter Classic using, watercolour, oil, chalk, pencil and distortion. Ok... um... I... can't think of anything to say? Yeah. Copyright to Persefurre Greenfingers. All Rights Reserved.

Image: vamp.JPG   566x433 108941 bytes 2002.03.06

Ok, so, is it obvious that I went to see Queen of the Damned last night? I came home and did this straight away. Medium: digital pencil, watercolour and chalk in Painter Classic. Why: Because I had to! :o)\r\nAs usual, Copyright to Persefurre Greenfingers, All Rights Reserved.\r\n

Image: nflght.jpg   545x700 124438 bytes 2002.02.15

Midnight Flight\r\n\r\nMarah~Fae Fireheart and sofar tentatively named Isadin the Ice dragon on a night flight. Characters are copyright Persefurre Greenfingers and J.Dolson (Isadin).

Image: valentines_BG.jpg   800x900 221600 bytes 2002.02.15

From me, to all of you... most especially, the few who spend time with me whenever they can and spare me words of wisdom, caring and love. You all know who you are I hope. Special kisses to Darkwing ;o)~\r\n\r\nLove and Laughter to All.\r\n\r\nPS - In my view, "Valentine's Day" is a load of capitalist crap, let's try to remember to let people know we care every day, not just on February 14th ok? *warmhugs to all*

Image: GRASSKY_BG.JPG   800x600 316133 bytes 2002.02.13

Dawn's Daughter, February 2002\r\n\r\nIn honour of Brigid's flame igniting my heart and soul as well as Sol's returning light. I give thanks to the Earth and Sky, Moon and Star which guide us. Blessed Be.\r\n\r\nCopyright 2002 Persefurre Greenfingers : All Rights Reserved\r\n

Image: dw.jpg   493x500 56963 bytes 2002.02.11

Darkwing - One of the sweetest most romantic, understanding and imaginative beings I have ever met.\r\nAnother inked sketch... I'm very pleased with it. \r\n

Image: bustybun.jpg   398x600 48571 bytes 2002.02.11

Just a simple sketch I inked a few nights back... I'm not -entirely- happy with how her body came out but I am utterly in LOVE with her face... awww... such gorgeous eyes and smile... mmmrrr... not bad ears either. :oD.

Image: cryingPfGf.jpg   547x700 255846 bytes 2002.01.25

Drawn the night my BF flew back to his home in the lower 48. But it's more than just a 'I miss him' pic... there was a lot going through my mind that night, about my life in general, which is pretty crazy these days. I sketched it in pencil then inked it with markers and then scanned and coloured it on the comp just earlier this evening. I love the way the colours turned out :o)\r\nImage and Character are Persefurre Greenfingers. All Rights Reserved. email :

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