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Image: leafhugger.jpg   610x777 91007 bytes 2001.12.08

Ooooh... I LOVE how this turned out! I love my wasp pen! You furs can bet yer holly day booties this one will wind up in colour as well as auction... ;o)~\r\nLeaf-Hugger Faefur copyright Persefurre Greenfingers, All Rights Reserved.

Image: liberty.jpg   742x600 114983 bytes 2002.07.03

Libbie [aka Liberty Belle] in Dandylion Bliss :o)\r\nLibbie is copyright her player.\r\nArt is copyright Persefurre Greenfingers.\r\n

Image: loveletter.JPG   727x800 31457 bytes 2006.01.15

a bit early for valentines? It's from last year HA! yeah... >.< OMG I'm uploading something! It's been at least year... *phew!* I haven't been making a lot of art lately but I figured I'd upload what I have just to maybe help me get my juices flowing again. Maybe. ;) No promises! Persephone/Persefurre

Image: marah_fae2.jpg   887x1200 550991 bytes 2000.04.27

Image: marahM06-WIP.png   585x751 189183 bytes 2006.03.20

A work in progress. Sketched with 2H lead in a mechanical pencil and inked with a .1 steadtler pigment liner. Levels were adjusted in PSP to cut down the undershadings... though I may just leave those in for my colour version. It's been so long since I've drawn Marah~Fae! <3\r\n

Image: march.hare.jpg   500x595 76499 bytes 2002.05.04

A March Hare... This was like an easter/pattyday cross over pic I did right at the end of March. Done with my graphics duo markers... the scanner stripped some of the yello-green out... just too bright. But it's still nice, I really love how this one turned out. Purrrty :o) Copyright, all rights reserved, to Persefurre Greenfingers, as always.

Image: mariposa.small.jpg   623x800 109378 bytes 2002.11.04

Painter Classic + Photoshop + My Wee Wacom = Mariposa (Unseelie Faerie Fur) She's sick and twisted yes yes... ;o)~ See the larger higher quality image @

Image: matedbliss_BW.gif   836x565 216483 bytes 2000.04.26

Quite a cozy scene... Wow I put a background in!

Image: melisende_bw.gif   614x800 100584 bytes 2000.04.27

My friend Blanca's Feline Gargoyle character...\n

Image: mffh.jpg   549x700 85566 bytes 2001.12.12

My main Cyber-Spirit-Self.\r\nMarah~Fae Fireheart of Arcadia. (And Furcadia and DreamsMUCK and a few other places sometimes...)\r\nShe is me.\r\n:o)

Image: moirae.jpg   450x600 56690 bytes 2002.09.29

- The Crimson Magpie -\r\nCopyright Persefurre Greenfingers / Persephone\r\n

Image: momo.jpg   603x800 111628 bytes 2000.06.23

Moon Mousie looking graceful...\n

Image: moonc.jpg   620x800 100757 bytes 2000.05.25

A dream... warm enveloping cuddles beneath a smiling moon...

Image: moonslinkey-col.jpg   590x1000 172614 bytes 2001.10.29

Colourized for Brownie!!! Wheeee!!! I love her stuff ;o)~\r\nHope ye like this dearling!\r\n

Image: mrhffhTRUE.jpg   600x750 167450 bytes 2001.12.21

Ok... the final version you now see.\r\nI deleted the other two and am replacing them with this because I got enough replies telling me the one with the ings visible was the prefered one, and plus I wanted to get rid of the ugly extra flare on the tailbell. So, redone, and twice as lovely, here it is again. Once more, the large version is accesable @\r\nyay! Happy me ;o)~

Image: nflght.jpg   545x700 124438 bytes 2002.02.15

Midnight Flight\r\n\r\nMarah~Fae Fireheart and sofar tentatively named Isadin the Ice dragon on a night flight. Characters are copyright Persefurre Greenfingers and J.Dolson (Isadin).

Image: oceanbreeze.jpg   830x830 216725 bytes 2004.01.21

Marafae/Marah~Fae Fireheart is (and verging on Trademark) Persephone

Image: percher.jpg   627x800 87726 bytes 2001.12.08

More with my waspie pen... I just might colour this too... hmn... colour! colour! colour! Copyright Persefurre Greenfingers, All Rights Reserved.

Image: pretty.pony.jpg   550x711 62231 bytes 2002.03.26

Just a silly lookin' pretty pegasus pony... this was sketched and inked at work too... rough inking :P Mneah.

Image: ravensun.jpg   700x500 108543 bytes 2002.03.18

Oh, Raven Sun, How you Burn.\r\n\r\n I get to watch the Ravens from my window at my new job... I love it :o)\r\n\r\nRaven Sun is copyright Persefurre Greenfingers, All Rights Reserved.

Image: rchng-col.jpg   703x800 112645 bytes 2001.10.01

REACHING : breaking surface, rising into the sky, wings spread, I leave behind the enveloping weight of my past which threatened to drown me, the fire of creation burns brightly, held within my right handpaw as I reach out to the stars...

Image: rememberthesnow.JPG   500x800 149363 bytes 2002.08.21

it's not loneliness\r\n\r\ni don't even know what it is\r\n\r\nLady,\r\nHelp me to remember\r\nhow the cold snows of december\r\nlit within my heart an ember\r\nthat no fear can sever.\r\n\r\nCopyright Persefurre-Greeningers/Persephone

Image: repose.jpg   500x686 134510 bytes 2002.07.22

- Skyclad Falipae in Repose - \r\nThe creature was kind enough to sit for me as I sketched. \r\nI inked in later with ease, the rich fur texture I recalled through memory. I'm not sure but I do believe, some great sadness weighed upon the falipae's spirit for it is not often that they remain still quite so long as this one did. But at least this allowed me the opportunity to capture its likeness. \r\n[Art & species Falipae are Copyright to Persefurre Greenfingers/Persephone] \r\n

Image: saeryn_discovery2.jpg   500x500 51961 bytes 2004.02.01

It is said that the first being to discover Saeryn was a Falipae...\r\n\r\nOld tablet sketch I just coloured.\r\n\r\nWheee

Image: saicab.jpg   538x700 103865 bytes 2000.06.23

Sailor Cabbitfae! Weee! Inspired by my fridge magnet...\n

Image: seadrake.jpg   533x800 173192 bytes 2004.01.21

Image: shymmer.jpg   642x675 148491 bytes 2002.09.20

Shymmer of Furcadia [and VCL]\r\n\r\nCharacter copyright her player\r\nArtwork copyright Persephone/Persefurre Greenfingers

Image: skinless.selkie.col.jpg   600x670 116996 bytes 2002.03.26

An inked sketch, scanned and digi-painted in Adobe Photoshop and Corel Painter Classic. She's a selkie, out of her skin... hmn... I don't see it anywhere either... perhaps some sly fellow has snatched it up to keep her from returning to the sea? @.o [PS-I'll be uploading the inked version after this one. Backwards uploads make for frontwards surfing?]

Image: skinless.selkie.jpg   596x629 58166 bytes 2002.03.26

The inked version of skinless.selkie.col Just so you can see what I started with :oD

Image: snowfire.jpg   600x795 143524 bytes 2002.03.18

*beam* This was actually MOSTLY done at Yule... but I didn't get it finished. I finished it tonight though, and I'm quite happy with it. :o)\r\n\r\nSnowfire -the winged vixen- is copyright Persefurre Greenfingers, All Rights Reserved.

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