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Image: furry_bat.jpg   360x632 54500 bytes 2001.10.05

I'm quite satisfied with this self-secure, goofy-looking, indian, Bat. Especially the shading and lightning effects.

Image: furry_cat.jpg   360x500 61332 bytes 2001.10.05

After I was done with the fox, I thought, maybe I can make a cat. So i did. Same procedure as the fox; illustrator, photoshop & a hurting mouse hand.

Image: furry_fox.jpg   368x472 50080 bytes 2001.10.05

I was surfing around and looking on beautiful artwork on elfwood (in october 2001), and then the thought struck me. "Hey, can't I do this myself?". So, I drew this line art, with the mouse, in Illustrator and took it into Photoshop for some coloring. I don't know if the line art and the coloring work very well together. A kind of "Kill you darlings" paradox. But, hey, I'm new at this stuff.

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