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Image: dez.JPG   727x475 20635 bytes 2002.10.13

Her and phsyco..heh I mean phsyce should do the hook-up thing..hehe aww that,d be cute! ^^.mooooo\r\n

Image: psyce.JPG   561x1236 29646 bytes 2002.10.13

soo alone...must suck to be so alone..

Image: rave_chars.JPG   494x364 40434 bytes 2002.10.13

Well here is the completion..well as of now of my Rave chars for the comic.I think they turned out pretty well*smiles* Hmm...need a bit of work in photoshop though..if I can ever get it..Im so poor*sad smile*

Image: riot.jpg   1000x800 122873 bytes 2002.11.20

Here is Riot and zombay kittay..yea their kinda dead...and its not very anthro...bah..but I like it and I was bored in they are..\r\n\r\n\r\nDo not mock thy genius!!!

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