Chapter 1








Chapter one. Meet Kim

All the alarms in the station were going off. Kim an unusually deep sleeper, slept through the sonic boom, now awoke to the noise of people running through the hallway outside her apartment. With one eye barely open she looked over at the clock which read 4 am. She drearily climbed out of bed, flattening her ears to the obnoxious alarms.

"They should of turned them off by now dammit!" She exclaimed. But she was only complaining to herself. She was one of the lucky ones to have an apartment all to herself. But it wasn’t without its drawbacks. She was one of the many nurses on this station, and was on call 24-7. She drug herself over to the monitor to see what all the hubbub was about. The display showed a perjectile path and a large forest fire that it had started.

"Great, more radioactive space junk I bet. Just what I need at this time in the morning." Whined the young fox. Stuff like this was allways happening. Stuff falls from space. Fire starts in the middle of nowhere. Firefighters go to stop fire before everything burns down. Kim helps all the handsome, strong firefighters who breathe in to much smoke. "Hmmmm, maybe I should get moving then."

All of a sudden the a window on the monitor opens. It was the station’s head doctor, and he looked pissed. "KIM!! What the hell are you still doing there? Get your orange ass down here PRONTO!"

"But I’m hardly awake yet!" She exclaimed back at the large wolf.

"Or hardly dressed, for that matter. Hurry up we leave in 5 minutes!" He yelled back as the monitor went black. Kim slowly looked at the monitor’s camera. She had left the cover off of it. Then she looked down at herself. "EEEP" she yelped as she noticed she had nothing on but the coat of fur she was born with!

She finally made it down to the launching bay, just in time to see the last medic transport leave along with the last fire suppressor engines. "Oh shit." Was all she could say as the bay engineer closed the doors. Kim knew this was strike three for her. She had been living on her Mother’s fame and reputation since she moved up here. She had been given a top floor apartment, the best vid channels, and way too much freedom to do as she pleased. Mother’s attempts to straighten her out had all but failed. Until she forced Kim into this lousy job. A few little mistakes later and Kim was on probation. Now she would probably lose everything that she had here, and be forced to give up the apartment!

"NOOOO!" she yelled. "Start opening those doors!" she yelled at the doorman. He eyed her up slowly and stared at her. "NOW!" she screamed. He flipped the switch and the doors started to reopen. Kim looked over to her own car and saw that she was blocked in. It had been sitting for nearly a month now, but it should still have fuel in the tanks. She touched the panel and identified herself to the onboard computer. The turbines slowly spun up to starting speed and fired up. Seeing the vehicle in front of hers she knew the only way out was up. But vertical motion was forbidden in the garage. She looked over at the doorman and winked. He gave a knowing smile back and waved her on. The engines were nowhere near warmed up as she increased power to the thrusters. But with a loud whining from the engines, she was up. Just a few feet separated the ceiling from the vehicle beneath hers, but her overconfidence told her it was enough. Without a second thought she gunned it. And she scraped the hell out of the vehicle beneath hers roof!

"Sorry!" she yelled down at the doorman, whose eyes were wide with amazement. As she exited the doors, she opened up the turbines to full power. Her car was much faster than any personnel transport, and she knew she could catch up in no time at all!