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Image: bunnyhun03.jpg   593x341 52829 bytes 2006.01.14

A movement at the top of his ass moves his shorts, tightens, then reveals a fluffy bunny tail. His feet feel strange as they merge toes into 3, and grow chocolate brown and white fur.

Image: bunnyhun04.jpg   671x496 78475 bytes 2006.01.14

Next come his hands and ears, growing fur and changing. He's turning into a bunny!

Image: bunnyhun05.jpg   327x514 61985 bytes 2006.01.14

The boy's in deinal. Pour soul.

Image: bunnyhun06.jpg   633x541 108620 bytes 2006.01.14

The changes are far from over, and they start in his chest, balloning out breasts, and continue to his hips, loosening the fabric in the middle and straining it on the edges. Finally, bunny nose and buck teeth grow on his - her ? face

Image: bunnyhun07.jpg   407x499 65531 bytes 2006.01.14

The bunny honey tears off our hero's clothes.

Image: bunnyhun08.jpg   397x519 65162 bytes 2006.01.14

She takes his hand, pulls him in close, and they touch breasts. He's scared.

Image: bunnyhun09.jpg   718x494 108016 bytes 2006.01.14

The feeling goes straight to his head. He feels so happy! So ... alive! She kisses him. His bunny foot thump Thump THUMPs with excitement... and the transformation is complete. A new bunny honey rabbit is born!

Image: bunnyhun10.jpg   355x583 64884 bytes 2006.01.14

Two bunny honeys go out on the town! Yay!

Image: cougartf.jpg   585x778 62040 bytes 2006.01.14

Hit the beach, change into a cougarman. He's quite surprised.

Image: cowlu01.jpg   569x742 84066 bytes 2005.02.15

Cowlurra begins with a guy wanting to get laid by the forbidden cow ladies of the East Pasture. It was easy enough to get in, and the ladies were more than accommodating. They even promised he'd see his dick grow to immense proportions. Let's watch...

Image: cowlu02.jpg   529x819 97119 bytes 2005.02.15

No, you are not mistaken. He *is* horny.

Image: dalk.jpg   568x573 49082 bytes 2008.04.03


Dalkhimir, the wererat, thief, adventurer, fighter of gargoyles.

Tags: rat wererat change tf atf transformation theif dagger cloak   [Comment]
Image: dogcollar-terrier.jpg   315x480 58903 bytes 2011.10.14

Caesar's little bitch

Caesar once had a master. Then he got a special collar for his master, and now she's his bitch!\r\n\r\nYay for belly rubs!\r\n\r\nI made this stand-alone piece of transformation art to help get the word out that I'm selling TF Magazine 1: Dog Collar, featuring Caesar and his mistress in their first transformation story. On sale here at my website: Thanks!

Tags: TF_Magazine Transformation forced_tf collar dog belly_rubs   [More Info] [Comment] [Bid/Buy]
Image: downed.jpg   410x500 34181 bytes 2007.03.06


A man gets stomped on.\r\n\r\nI was working on an episode of Subject To Change and this idea popped into my mind. It didn't fit in the comic, so here it is.\r\n

Tags: stomp step paw macro foot   [Comment]
Image: downedComparison.jpg   1273x607 83800 bytes 2007.03.06

Downed Comparison

A man gets stomped on. Comparison from pencil to thick ink to thin ink. I am *really* starting to hate thick ink pens, but the thin ones never last very long! And you can't use a rapidograph: they scratch and they're too delicate when you need to clean them!\r\n\r\n*woes*

Tags: stomp step paw macro foot   [Comment]
Image: foxtodon01.jpg   418x539 78473 bytes 2005.12.05

The old witch gave the girl foxangel Eu Du Donkey Change. I blame poor labeling systems in old witch's houses. There ought to be laws.

Image: foxtodon02.jpg   419x541 72729 bytes 2005.12.05

She's surprised and not entirely happy with her date. He's having a good time tho.

Image: foxtodon03.jpg   421x720 90021 bytes 2005.12.05

A little struggle, and the girl foxangel is beginning to change. It's a little upsetting. The sex was starting to get interesting, but it seems that she's becoming a hedonkey.

Image: foxtodon04.jpg   466x834 100123 bytes 2005.12.05

The changes continue and the girl foxangel changes into a mandonkey. And - the donkey changes as well, into a girl. The tables are turned and the mandonkey resists.

Image: foxtodon05.jpg   421x538 55975 bytes 2005.12.05

He feels it now - the urge. All other thoughts melt away.

Image: foxtodon06.jpg   386x479 46889 bytes 2005.12.05

His mind now embroild in sex, he doesn't see the shedonkey below him begin to change as well - taking on the mandonkey's former foxness...

Image: foxtodon07.jpg   368x528 55684 bytes 2005.12.05

The girldonkey is taking the foxangel's form. The foxangel - well, she's now a hedonkey and kinda oblvious....

Image: foxtodon08.jpg   386x540 55126 bytes 2005.12.05

Now he gets it. He sees the hair. It's a form switch TF. But it's a little too late to do anything about it...

Image: foxtodon09.jpg   419x529 46525 bytes 2005.12.05

And the ability to do anything about it vanishes as his hands change to hooves and he's thrown off balance from a well placed thrust by his would be form swapper.

Image: foxtodon10.jpg   387x545 57719 bytes 2005.12.05

She's got him now by the short and curlys. The changes are almost complete and he's shrunk a little - can't get any purchase to escape.

Image: foxtodon11.jpg   305x503 46890 bytes 2005.12.05

Changed, donkified, and super horny. Poor donkey.

Image: foxtodon12.jpg   278x482 36320 bytes 2005.12.05

Final pic. Formswitch complete. Foxangelgirl and maledonkey are now wearing each other's skin.

Image: giraffe011.jpg   770x729 123692 bytes 2008.04.03

Giraffe 01

She wanted to be taller. She got it! In spades!\r\n\r\nPreviously uploaded to

Tags: Giraffe tf atf transformation change weregiraffe anthro taller grow change   [Comment]
Image: giraffe022.jpg   1107x812 228763 bytes 2008.04.03

Giraffe 02

Oh wait... that's not what she wanted.. Oh, dear. I mean oh, giraffe. No, that makes no sense.\r\n\r\nOriginally uploaded to

Tags: Giraffe tf atf transformation change weregiraffe anthro taller grow change   [Comment]
Image: GrowingDoggboy01.jpg   535x607 97642 bytes 2009.03.29

Subject To Change 22

Doggie's Grow Bigger pills... what problem can't they solve!?

Tags: Transformation change tf werewolf weredog dog boy grow giant   [More Info] [Comment]

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