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Image: tna08.jpg   599x695 59421 bytes 2002.02.07

Tina woke days later and realized she'd been running around in the forest for days now, eating animals for food. As a dog. Shocked, she willed herself to return to normal shape.\r\n\r\nAnd it didn't work.

Image: tna07.jpg   515x723 61746 bytes 2002.02.07

When the final shiver struck her, she sprang to her feet and howled into the night, growing now thick fur over parts of her face. As she howled, her mouth became more muzzle like and half whiskers grew from her upper lips. Her ears moved up and grew fur. Her dog's teats grew larger also and her insides changed to more accurately mimmic that of a dog's. She fell to all fours and ran off into the night.

Image: tna06.jpg   625x625 62665 bytes 2002.02.07

Tina proceeded to rip him in half and eat his flesh. As she was gnawing on his thigh, she sat up with a sudden realization.\r\n\r\n"My god... " she gasped. "Oh my god. Human flesh tastes great!"\r\n\r\nAnd then the sensation came again, this time in her legs. She lay down to watch her lower half reform. A tail grew out of her spine and her legs reshaped into those of a dog.

Image: tna05.jpg   857x623 56960 bytes 2002.02.07

The mob hit man clenched his handcuffs tight as Tina sucked his penis, bringing moan after moan out of him. Then suddenly, he didn't feel his penis at all. Confusion came to his brows as Tina lifted him up by the legs with suddenly very furry arms. He looked down and saw that she'd bit off his penis.\r\n\r\nHe looked up at her.\r\n\r\nShe was a fuckin' werewolf. He opened his mouth to scream.

Image: tna04.jpg   483x797 57048 bytes 2002.02.07

And she got hit by another strange feeling.\r\n\r\nShe held up her left arm in confusion and saw fur spread over it,changing it just like it did her other arm. Unseen to her, her eyes changed too, filling with brown, becoming dog's eyes. Light fur grew from her neck and jawline. Below her ample breasts, four more breasts were forming, those of a dog's. Tina merely saw her acquiring another set of tools in her assassinations.

Image: tna03.jpg   563x671 47003 bytes 2002.02.07

The old businessman, stripped to his pants and handcuffed behind his back like a criminal, obeyed Tina like a fool. He even smiled, antiscipating the masachistic pleasures that awated him under her bullwhip.\r\n\r\nIn stead, he felt claws on his throat. Claws that pierced his skin. His eyes flew open and his last sight was of a woman with a wolf's arm smiling with canine teeth.\r\n\r\nTina clenched her paw in glee. This was going to be one of the *best* naked kills. She made sure to press her bloody paw in just the right places to lead out the window, left a few dog hairs just to make sure, and ---

Image: tna02.jpg   507x765 50276 bytes 2002.02.07

Tina the assassin pulled back in shock, shoving her hand away as if that would make the fur disappear. And suddenly, it did.\r\n\r\nCurious, she tried to make it come back. An idea formed in her mind. "Does this obey my will?"\r\n\r\nAs she looked at the claws on her were-arm, she smiled, revealing canine fangs and not human teeth.\r\n

Image: tna01.jpg   469x663 31962 bytes 2002.02.07

On the street, this disgustingly ugly, garisly dressed geezer walked up to her and touched her right hand, saying, "Bitch."\r\n\r\nLater, Tina draped her head slowly over the smelly snitch's, caressing his back. She moved her hands to his neck, touching lightly, making him shudder again in pleasure.\r\n\r\nShe snapped his neck and pulled away from the body. Her\r\nthird naked kill. But what was happening to her hand?

Image: briard09.jpg   593x796 78165 bytes 2002.02.07

Commission. Man to dog. 9 of 9. All done changing. And here's mistress, with his leash. Time to go home, doggie.

Image: briard08.jpg   637x406 54349 bytes 2002.02.07

Commission. Man to dog. 8 of 9. Snff snff! I smell human around here. Why there human around here? Woof! Transformation complete

Image: briard07.jpg   766x532 96544 bytes 2002.02.07

Commission. Man to dog. 7 of 9. Fuzzy fuzzy. The clothes are almost gone. The choke chain is complete.

Image: briard06.jpg   494x836 97420 bytes 2002.02.07

Commission. Man to dog. 6 of 9. Hey, hey! All fours again! This is fun! My front paws are looking better and better!

Image: briard05.jpg   571x742 104150 bytes 2002.02.07

Commission. Man to dog. 5 of 9. Um. Okay. Why am I on the ground? Sure, I have my fur on, but why do I have these droopy clothes on? Snff Snff

Image: briard04.jpg   796x513 84677 bytes 2002.02.07

Commission. Man to dog. 4 of 9. To all fours. A little scared. Pants restricting tail - rrrip! Fur is everywhere!

Image: briard03.jpg   636x807 83866 bytes 2002.02.07

Commission. Man to dog. 3 of 9. The choke chain grows, the fur spreads, and his watch falls off - what's going on?!

Image: briard02.jpg   419x689 47032 bytes 2002.02.07

Commission. Man to dog. 2 of 9. The necklace begins to change into a dog's choke chain as our transformee grows fur.

Image: briard01.jpg   483x738 69431 bytes 2002.02.07

Commission. Man to do. 1 of 9. He finds a necklace in the mail. Why not put it on?

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