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Image: hitomi.jpg   751x1000 231515 bytes 2002.02.21

Hmm... well the shading on the kimono looked MUCH better as a psd file, lost alot being shrunk into a jpg. Just the same, I really like the way the folds came out on this. This is a two tail kitsune, her name is Hitomi from Furry Muck. :)

Image: kayden-wolf2.jpg   715x900 173974 bytes 2002.02.18

Kayden is a golden wolf... my character on taps muck. Drew this a month or so ago and was irritated at myself for messing up the fringe.. as it should be on the *outside* of the leg, not in back as on the right leg. But.. I finally gave her some color and finished her off rather simply. No bg... oh well... Kayden <c> pixel - that's me. :)

Image: chibi-pixel.jpg   418x600 81766 bytes 2002.02.10

A chubby chibi pixel valentine.. :)

Image: morgana-taur.jpg   747x1000 171197 bytes 2002.01.26

Another picture for Morgana.. in a taur form doing the magical dance thing..

Image: capt-cid.jpg   643x1000 410704 bytes 2002.01.09

A coyote pirate captain.... for a friend on Furry Muck.\r\n~re-uploaded after cleaning edges.<g>\r\n\r\n

Image: newyears02.jpg   700x735 254800 bytes 2001.12.31

This is my furry persona... Happy New Years everyone. :) My new slightly chubby ermine form.\r\nPixel and her mood tipped tail <c> Pixel <- that's me!\r\n :) hehee...

Image: wolfsinger1.jpg   605x900 314904 bytes 2001.12.29

A picture for a character on Furry Muck, Wolfsinger. I see a lot of tribal and native type wolves, pretty common, so now it's my turn to give it a try. :) Outlined with a micron pen, and then prisma color pencils. I *LOVE* my new scanner!! Thank you "Hoho-claus" as my child calls santa.

Image: snow-angels.jpg   645x500 67972 bytes 2001.12.22

Pixel & Horance, (I and my rl mate), making snow angels... well.. one of us is. He's just a bit shocked at the coldness. This is our holiday card picture for this year.\r\n\r\n*Happy holidays everyone*\r\n

Image: mozdoc.jpg   995x800 362049 bytes 2001.12.19

Ok.. sometimes I do things because they sound interesting.. sometimes just plain weird. This idea for a centaur-pede is a cool one.. but I was using someone's descprion (mozdoc's obviously) so stuck somewhat to how he wanted it. Although they were all supposed to have wings.. but..I figured that'd be overkill. Soo... this makes me want to laugh and say.. "Hey.. get your head out of your ass!!" Mozdoc <c> his player, artwork <c> pixel of course.

Image: skunkette.jpg   736x1000 280592 bytes 2001.12.18

Second coloring of my skunkette... I like this one *MUCH* better, the colors are more like I wanted. I especially love how the violets show up now.. probably just because I like violets.

Image: maribou.jpg   662x900 264180 bytes 2001.12.17

skunkette.... I don't think the coloring came out as well as it should have. Not sure if it was bad paper.. or me. <g> I may try it a different way cuz I really like the whole composition the way it looks in my sketch pad.

Image: holds-up-sky.jpg   742x957 215272 bytes 2001.12.11

a furry commission for a feline fur on Tapestries Muck. Would here be a good place for a rant about white and black furs? <g> Mmm... maybe not.. think I'll go dunk my own ermine-morph character into a bucket of dye. I swear.. no more kitty girls for awhile!!! ARRGGGGG someone stop them!!

Image: mounty.jpg   619x1000 165629 bytes 2001.12.04

Kasen <c> his player is canadian... and always wanting to be the hero. SO here he is playing Duddly Do-Right... Kasen the canadian mounty! <grin> Love him lots.. he's my hero.

Image: wetpuma.jpg   704x1000 279120 bytes 2001.11.25

What an original idea I thought I had when I first sketched this.. then I saw someone else had drawn one. Oh well. Mine is different. :) Nobody in particular... so I decided to make him a puma. wet kitty.\r\n

Image: crystal-star.jpg   781x900 208272 bytes 2001.11.24

The lovely feline figured, CrystalStar, from Tapestries Muck. Done for an auction commission. My first attempt at *calico* hair. :)\r\n\r\nCrystalStar <c> her player, Art <c> pixel

Image: kitsunes.jpg   700x920 250011 bytes 2001.11.13

A commission for a couple of furs on Furry Muck. Nihaler is a 9 tail kitsune, who instructs the young golden vixen kitsune Hitomi. Anwyays... character drawings..that's all. Worked on trying to give it a setting and background. Nihaler <c> his player, Hitomi <g> her player, Artwork <c> pixel - me. :)

Image: vote-pixel.jpg   658x821 138673 bytes 2001.11.08

VOTE PIXEL... errmm.. yeah.. nothing like blatent self promotion.. but heck.. I WANT to be Mayor of Furry Muck!! And while so many don't care.. I DO. <g> So.. vote for me.. pleeeeeezzzzzeeeee??\r\n\r\npixel <c> pixel :)

Image: mousie.jpg   548x836 93604 bytes 2001.11.02

Horance, who is often a kitten, asked me to draw the ultimate humiliation for a kitten, to be held helpless by a mouse. So here is a little mouse girl, holding her favorite kitten in the way that many toddlers do - by whatever they can wrap their small arms around. MEW!

Image: dancing-bunny.jpg   798x664 70936 bytes 2001.10.31

Not a whole lot to say... bunny is belly dancing. There is a lot of feeling to this one, hope it shows... but a lot I keep to myself.

Image: darktiger.jpg   800x596 114670 bytes 2001.10.24

This is my attempt at some male "beef-cake". hehehe. I do find dark black furs soooo hard to color. This was a commision for "DarkTiger" from FurryMuck. DT<c>his player, artwork <c> Pixel <- Me. :) Any comments are very welcome. :)

Image: dust-bunny.jpg   693x800 155632 bytes 2001.10.21

Ok... this is an angora/lop bunny morph that goes by the name Dust on FurryMuckk. Dust is actually an alt of mine <g> who is passing herself off as a sketch artist.. hehehe. So here is Dust the bunny. Dust<c>pixel<c>me =:)\r\n

Image: pix-artik.jpg   544x800 107266 bytes 2001.10.21

My half of an art trade with Artik, Milt Bonella, another VCL artist. He said take my pic of his char's... so I choose this bunny dude. In time such as these... maybe a little peace and hippiness could be good. :) Artik <c> Milt Bonella, artwork <c> pixel \r\n<<corrected version>>

Image: wolf.jpg   633x700 66191 bytes 2001.10.17

Trying some new things again.. this is a non-anthro wolf.. water color pencils..I'm still trying to get the balance when scanning to look better. \r\nBut... it was still enjoyable. :) Picture inspired by the beautiful wolf photography by Monty Sloan.

Image: fallfun-pencil.jpg   774x782 114894 bytes 2001.10.16

ok.. same picture I did before.. but rather then air brushed in adobe, I used my prisma pencils on it... Tried to adjust the color, but still is a bit orange compared to the original. Fun playing with another mediuim..

Image: tigre.jpg   661x888 141758 bytes 2001.10.12

A friendly tigress from Furry Muck asked me to draw her character.. and this is what she got. She's a white tigress.. with auburn hair and tail tip.. Emerald eyes to die for.. and a sweet smile. [Tigre©Her player]

Image: pix-fallfun1.jpg   690x700 113355 bytes 2001.10.08

Ok.. something new and different for me. furry children having fun in a pile of leaves.. you know how it is.. send the kids out to rake, and they end up playing more then they rake! \r\n\r\n<reupload as I realized I had forgotten to color in her shoes!! ACK!>

Image: hollowkitty2.jpg   654x1000 137028 bytes 2001.10.08

<grins> A black cat on a fence near Halloween... ooohh.. scary... but.. she's not quite a black cat, just an orangy feline in a bodystocking. :) Inspired by 1940's artist Alberto Vargus' idea of a Hooman woman in a catsuit. Happy Haunting! \r\n\r\n

Image: talenc.jpg   519x960 97417 bytes 2001.10.03

Talen... whom I like to call "shifu", in the pose I like him most in... a tender stroke of his finger along a cheek. Talen © his player, Aine bunny © me. :)

Image: gotmilk.jpg   629x900 129292 bytes 2001.09.23

I tried my best to resist putting "Got Milk" in big letters across this picture.... so settled for just titling the jpg such. Here is a pretty jersey cowess... in a tight fitting (oops.. maybe too tight fitting?) maids outfit, serving up.. you guessed it.. MILK! This was sketched and inked, then scanned and colored in Adobe Photoshop.

Image: guards.jpg   686x900 435908 bytes 2001.09.21

I think perhaps I've watched Gladiator once too many times this summer? Hmm.. not sure.. but here is a pair of guards... or are they enemies? Hmm.. leaves you wondering, eh? It was done with Prismacolor markers. I love using them now!!

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