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Image: kitsune3tail.JPG   647x504 117352 bytes 2003.01.06

Hitomi from FurryMuck... the 3 tail kitsune. This is the third picture I've done for this character... something I just noticed. Each with her new additional tail. Hitomi- the 3 tailed golden kitsune <c> her player.

Image: kitsunes.jpg   700x920 250011 bytes 2001.11.13

A commission for a couple of furs on Furry Muck. Nihaler is a 9 tail kitsune, who instructs the young golden vixen kitsune Hitomi. Anwyays... character drawings..that's all. Worked on trying to give it a setting and background. Nihaler <c> his player, Hitomi <g> her player, Artwork <c> pixel - me. :)

Image: lone-wolf.jpg   460x800 90816 bytes 2001.03.24

Lone-wolf is of course a wolf, a red wolf actually, from Furry Muck. One of my first friends there, he's featured in a lot of my early pictures. <g>

Image: maribou.jpg   662x900 264180 bytes 2001.12.17

skunkette.... I don't think the coloring came out as well as it should have. Not sure if it was bad paper.. or me. <g> I may try it a different way cuz I really like the whole composition the way it looks in my sketch pad.

Image: memphit-portfolio.jpg   600x600 104435 bytes 2002.07.27

Ok.. this is the cover of my portfolio.. and the images that are in it. 4 are orginal colorations of pictures I've drawn.. and 2 are prints of the Mephit Tshirt logos I entered for the tshirt contest. MM... this is all for the charity auction.. so if you go to Mephit.. bid!! Buy!! help!!

Image: mephit-elvis.jpg   750x1000 161933 bytes 2002.07.11

<reuploaded after fixing something> A skunk elvis.. which I'm submitting to Mephit for the con book.. I can only hope it's put in it. :) Silly animeish girls poses are based on some odd anime pictures I looked at. Course.. they weren't furry. \r\n

Image: moonlite-dance.jpg   528x768 59079 bytes 2001.08.27

This is Spaniard and Aine, dancing under the stars. They are both of their players. I tried a couple different coloring schemes... and this one looks pretty good even if it fades out the details of the characters a bit.

Image: morgana-taur.jpg   747x1000 171197 bytes 2002.01.26

Another picture for Morgana.. in a taur form doing the magical dance thing..

Image: morganas-kitty.jpg   493x650 82115 bytes 2003.06.29

A picture done for Morgana of her rl kitty.. I have no idea what he really looks like.. had to go only by her description. It was fun to draw and color tho.. done with markers.

Image: mounty.jpg   619x1000 165629 bytes 2001.12.04

Kasen <c> his player is canadian... and always wanting to be the hero. SO here he is playing Duddly Do-Right... Kasen the canadian mounty! <grin> Love him lots.. he's my hero.

Image: mousie.jpg   548x836 93604 bytes 2001.11.02

Horance, who is often a kitten, asked me to draw the ultimate humiliation for a kitten, to be held helpless by a mouse. So here is a little mouse girl, holding her favorite kitten in the way that many toddlers do - by whatever they can wrap their small arms around. MEW!

Image: mozdoc.jpg   995x800 362049 bytes 2001.12.19

Ok.. sometimes I do things because they sound interesting.. sometimes just plain weird. This idea for a centaur-pede is a cool one.. but I was using someone's descprion (mozdoc's obviously) so stuck somewhat to how he wanted it. Although they were all supposed to have wings.. but..I figured that'd be overkill. Soo... this makes me want to laugh and say.. "Hey.. get your head out of your ass!!" Mozdoc <c> his player, artwork <c> pixel of course.

Image: natsumi.jpg   704x1000 202530 bytes 2002.05.22

Why do they call a red panda a panda?? I don't understand that. Anyways.. this is Natsumi, a character from FM. All done in colored pencil.... btw.. the kanji is supposed to say "world peace" hopefully I didn't screw it up. <g>

Image: newyears02.jpg   700x735 254800 bytes 2001.12.31

This is my furry persona... Happy New Years everyone. :) My new slightly chubby ermine form.\r\nPixel and her mood tipped tail <c> Pixel <- that's me!\r\n :) hehee...

Image: nitetiger.jpg   612x960 151152 bytes 2002.09.08

More experimentation with my markers.. It's difficult to capture exactly what you're trying to express. I think perhaps the shadows could have been more bold on this tiger morph.

Image: om-kali-ma-colored.jpg   455x672 168683 bytes 2002.10.02

I found the words "Om Kali Ma" on a indian website... it trasalates to "heal all wounds". I decided I wanted to use it, along with the hindu god here... and especially to be holding the earth.. to give the prayer to heal all the wounds of the earth, bring us peace. This picture took me forever to finish, days and days as I took my time and really put my heart into it. I love this picture. :)

Image: pattycakec.jpg   532x700 184154 bytes 2004.06.01

pattycake.. pattycake... A new effort on character interaction and details.

Image: peaches.jpg   644x900 194033 bytes 2002.05.25

Just a peachy kitty... my take on a flame-point felamorph. Looks much better on the paper.. all done is colored pencils.

Image: phateon.jpg   671x1000 209401 bytes 2002.08.04

Phaeton from Furry Muck... he's usually REALLY big equine.. but sometimes he makes himself smaller.. like here. That's me.. Pixel in the left corner... kinda hard to sketch someone so big on a little pad. <g> Phaeton copyright his player.

Image: pix-artik.jpg   544x800 107266 bytes 2001.10.21

My half of an art trade with Artik, Milt Bonella, another VCL artist. He said take my pic of his char's... so I choose this bunny dude. In time such as these... maybe a little peace and hippiness could be good. :) Artik <c> Milt Bonella, artwork <c> pixel \r\n<<corrected version>>

Image: pix-fallfun1.jpg   690x700 113355 bytes 2001.10.08

Ok.. something new and different for me. furry children having fun in a pile of leaves.. you know how it is.. send the kids out to rake, and they end up playing more then they rake! \r\n\r\n<reupload as I realized I had forgotten to color in her shoes!! ACK!>

Image: pixel-cheesecake.jpg   480x578 58062 bytes 2001.03.30

This was an early drawing of my character on furry muck. She is a white ermine with a mood tipped tail. Cobalt blue being her most yiffiest mood. Pink? would be a teasing mood.

Image: pixel-ermine.jpg   596x672 178250 bytes 2001.09.07

Not a morph... this was a picture of me that I painted over in adobe... making msyelf into my ermine character. Just a funny.. nothing serious. :)

Image: queen-hrt.jpg   496x700 140227 bytes 2002.06.23

An art colaberation with Dark Hammer... we both drew a siamese kitty queen and then colored one of each others and one of our own. :) You can see his version at:\r\n\r\nThe idea was that they were to be *twins* good and naughty types. As you see the queen of hearts is sweet.\r\nartwork <c> pixel & Dark Hammer

Image: queen-sp.jpg   514x700 109642 bytes 2002.06.23

An art colaberation with Dark Hammer... we both drew a siamese kitty queen and then colored one of each others and one of our own. :) You can see his version at:\r\n\r\nThe idea was that they were to be *twins* good and naughty types. As you see the queen of spades is naughty.\r\nartwork <c> pixel & Dark Hammer

Image: sexy-skunk.jpg   718x1000 199601 bytes 2002.07.27

Everyskunk looks good in red. :) This is a second coloration of this picture, now redone as a skunk female. This is a picture that is in my mephit portfolio... check my vcl archive or my website: to see what all is in it. Have fun at Mephit if you go... I wont be making it. :(

Image: sexysquirrel.jpg   697x1000 259529 bytes 2002.07.11

My very first squirrel... I don't see many around, and I was a bit indecisive to make it a local red squirrel or a black/gray one. Well, as you see, she is red. :) The outfit was something I saw on an anime picture.. lots of fun buckles. SO I added more to it, with the leggins and gloves. Done in prisma markers - been a LONG time since I used them.

Image: shadowwuf.jpg   475x648 120611 bytes 2003.07.16

A picture for a furry muck character - Shadowwulf. He's quite the.. charged fellow.

Image: silver-blue.jpg   530x700 64244 bytes 2001.03.30

Silver Blue the gothbunny. ( I did a small twist on the fact that her name is that of a goddess... so did her character up as the goddess ceredwyne.

Image: sinsual.jpg   732x900 112724 bytes 2001.03.30

This was a commision for a Furry Muck character named Sinsual. I was given me detailed descriptions of both, and wow.. they are a colorful pair! :) They are both cat type furs.

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