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Image: Fate-color2.jpg   679x864 246746 bytes 2001.09.15

This was a commision for Fate on Furry Muck. She is a feline pegicorn... or a winged kitty with a cute little horn. :shrugs: This was my FIRST experiment with Prisma color pens!!!!! I am so excited!!! I got about 20+ prisma color pens for my birthday... and they are WONDERFUL! Just wish it could scan in as well as it look.

Image: pixel-ermine.jpg   596x672 178250 bytes 2001.09.07

Not a morph... this was a picture of me that I painted over in adobe... making msyelf into my ermine character. Just a funny.. nothing serious. :)

Image: moonlite-dance.jpg   528x768 59079 bytes 2001.08.27

This is Spaniard and Aine, dancing under the stars. They are both of their players. I tried a couple different coloring schemes... and this one looks pretty good even if it fades out the details of the characters a bit.

Image: dianna.jpg   720x800 98168 bytes 2001.07.11

This is Dianna from Furry muck... she is a reverse skunkette, with a special 3 stripe tail that twists into this weaved pattern. This was done as an IC commision...

Image: beach-kats-c.jpg   900x653 117551 bytes 2001.07.04

Chekat's enjoying a day at the beach. These cat-taurs facinate me... and this time I just decided to be whimsical and color them the way I felt. :)

Image: summer-pixel.jpg   648x900 167778 bytes 2001.06.30

Hot fun in the summer sun.... it's Pixel the ermine with the mood-tipped tail in her summer binkini!! Trying out new anime type eyes... and vignetes?? however that's spelled... friend of mine said I should add that behind her. :)

Image: aine-bunny.jpg   592x900 51015 bytes 2001.06.10

Ok.. trying out a new more anime look... and also trying out Adobe for my coloring. Love that program. So here is Aine the bunny again, looking MUCH cuter then before. This is more accurate to her description as far as the piercings and tattoo goes. If you see her on Furry Muck say hello, and let her know what you think of her picture. :)

Image: horance-pixelc.jpg   660x900 58942 bytes 2001.06.04

This is Horance, my RL Mate's character. He is the creator of my character Pixel on Furry Muck. (My pinfo there has the story). Anyways... he is a tiger taur 90% of the time, and I am a snuggly little ermine morph with my mood-tipped tail. Horance plays my online daddy, just ask my mate Kasen.. he had to actually ask permission before we could be mated. (hehehe)

Image: kayden-sunset.jpg   548x700 44159 bytes 2001.05.17

Kayden is my golden furred wolf on Tapestries muck...

Image: chekat1.jpg   790x900 66106 bytes 2001.05.03

Just a pretty chekat brushing hir hair..... she has no name.. just thought the pose looked nice. Of course.. some flaws.. there are ALWAYS some flaws.. but oh well. I had fun. :)

Image: pixel-cheesecake.jpg   480x578 58062 bytes 2001.03.30

This was an early drawing of my character on furry muck. She is a white ermine with a mood tipped tail. Cobalt blue being her most yiffiest mood. Pink? would be a teasing mood.

Image: silver-blue.jpg   530x700 64244 bytes 2001.03.30

Silver Blue the gothbunny. ( I did a small twist on the fact that her name is that of a goddess... so did her character up as the goddess ceredwyne.

Image: sinsual.jpg   732x900 112724 bytes 2001.03.30

This was a commision for a Furry Muck character named Sinsual. I was given me detailed descriptions of both, and wow.. they are a colorful pair! :) They are both cat type furs.

Image: jasminka.jpg   408x700 42302 bytes 2001.03.26

Jasminka from Furry Muck. :) A white mink...

Image: horance-taur.jpg   726x734 80765 bytes 2001.03.24

My RL bestfriend and love, Horance has many forms, one of them being a tiger taur. Unfortunatly.... this was new to me drawing tigers and I TOTALLY forgot to give him a ruff around his head!! hehe. Well.. it was a good first attempt at a taur.

Image: autumnmyst.jpg   427x700 44100 bytes 2001.03.24

A friend of mine RL who is no longer on Furry Muck, this was her character I helped her design. A strawberry blonde mink. She sorta looked funny, but.. I tried. :)

Image: drauka.jpg   605x800 58894 bytes 2001.03.24

Drauka is everyone's sweetheart badger on Furry Muck... I don't think he thought this looked much like him, but it did to me. Always an available lap to crawl up into and snuggle.

Image: lone-wolf.jpg   460x800 90816 bytes 2001.03.24

Lone-wolf is of course a wolf, a red wolf actually, from Furry Muck. One of my first friends there, he's featured in a lot of my early pictures. <g>

Image: aine.jpg   416x800 44517 bytes 2001.03.24

Aine is a bunnychick with an attitude from Furry Muck. If you meet her, you'll see she really tries not to be cute, but trying so hard just seems to make her cuter.

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