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Image: PlatoLine.gif   550x400 41932 bytes 2001.08.21

Lineare long as so we doodle...then the doodle turns into our favorite little thing for the day. Plato being all...two-tailed and winged. Drawn by hand then coloured in photoshop. Very good. Plato likes colour even though he can't see it anymore, Poor Plato. Working on some 'emmrgng from the ball' pieces. lots of liquid.

Image: PlatoAi.gif   380x372 69111 bytes 2001.08.21

Plato dancing on a AiFL envelope. Of course you can't tell it is a big white envelope anymore....This was an all day off an on endevour as I went from one class to another being bossed around by pushy people and played with verithin prismacolors. The wonderous AI symbol can still be seen as Plato goes to stab it. Plato© Me - Duvet (lyrics)© BOA Art Institutes© Some...person...>.<

Image: cyilentain.gif   285x300 12355 bytes 2001.08.19

Cyil is the saver of Chocobo eggs. >.< Long long lonnnnng story. he is also the mousy version of Emma Peel. Mr. T pities the fool who doesn't watch Diff'rnt Strokes. What am I talking about...Vagant Story!

Image: xu.gif   255x407 23131 bytes 2001.08.19

Another Inked pictre of Xui, remember kiddies reading is fundamental.

Image: xu2.gif   276x500 18424 bytes 2001.08.19

Xuishienzu is a scholar. Brother to Xev an his complete opposite. Though he does have a taste for tacos....and tonka trucks.

Image: xev.gif   203x400 20197 bytes 2001.08.19

Xev is a droog. Xev's real name is Xeji. Upon possssion by the Loc-Nar (I am obsessed with the first HeavyMetal) he became....clichely more pretentious than normal. Now he makes it a practice to annoy the mob and eat tacos.

Image: Plato.gif   251x297 15175 bytes 2001.08.19

Plato is a mouse with a steel ball clamped on his head. So technically he is blind. You can't se his face and it is a torrid time RPing him mainly for the face you can't use facal expressions. He is a nice metaphor for me, I feel like I am in a giant metal ball. Nobody can know how really feel....TUNA!

Image: percy.gif   167x275 19609 bytes 2001.08.19

It questions. To does do. Descriptive I am not. Percy is well...a long story.

Image: Half.gif   200x178 6785 bytes 2001.08.19

Logo Madness. You see it an you You also ask yoursfl...what kind of animal is that? I say to you I do not know...but it eats meat...and fears the mighty power of Ultra Peepi.

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