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Image: 000547.jpg   942x932 191474 bytes 2018.08.07

Nino origins page 1

Nino's hatching

Image: vcl_000546.jpg   904x607 126865 bytes 2018.06.14

summer nights

Image: vcl-000545.jpg   633x305 75078 bytes 2018.04.18

Inspired by the cats that live in the park. They come running when they see me and dont get out of the way. Result, I accidentally kick a few every time

Image: vcl-000544.jpg   950x317 83557 bytes 2018.04.04

science, Japan style

Image: 000543.jpg   649x640 100186 bytes 2018.03.14


an inside joke with... my self. Everything that Billy touches ends up in flames

Image: 000542.jpg   687x660 73115 bytes 2018.02.10

the glory of old phones

the glory of old phones

Image: 000541.jpg   1000x333 87206 bytes 2018.01.23

metal badges

metal badges

Image: 000540.jpg   1000x1288 261220 bytes 2017.12.21

I forgive you

woa what was that! Did Protector actually had a visit? I think he believes he did\r\n\r\na little background. Before Babe was turned into a robot, he had a little friend, his nickname Kit. Kit idolized him, but unfortunately after Babe took him with him on a "drug business" Kit was targeted by Babe's "boss" and killed. Babe always blamed him self for Kit's death. There;s a story on my site\r\nWas he actually forgiven or is it wishful thinking?

Image: 000539_-_Copy.jpg   831x807 195849 bytes 2017.09.21

Bank haircut

inspired by local events\r\n

Image: vcl-000538.jpg   537x539 110992 bytes 2017.06.18

every time I see a cool bird (well almost everytime) a car passes by and spooks it away

Image: vcl-000537.jpg   831x807 172401 bytes 2017.05.31

So I live in cyprus, an island advertised for its sun. And the government has set up wind turbines instead of solar panel parks. I drive by them in the summer and see them standing still and I wonder\r\n\r\nwtf

Image: vcl-000536.jpg   555x287 60501 bytes 2017.05.02

One thing when I work on my drawing, I MUST be watching a movie. I can't work without a movie in the bacjground. The result, I'v watched the same movies a million times

Image: 000535.jpg   831x807 257568 bytes 2017.04.18

broken disc player

an ordinary day in the lab

Image: 000534_-_Copy.jpg   831x807 142779 bytes 2017.03.26


Many will relate\r\n\r\nVitara, Poseidon Simmons

Image: 000533.jpg   584x551 97302 bytes 2017.03.24

Poseidon has a tablt

I finally get to buy a tablet.\r\nYeah can't draw\r\nbummer

Image: 000532.jpg   831x807 182855 bytes 2016.11.24

minimum wage

Protector asks for money

Image: 000531_-_Copy.jpg   831x546 135662 bytes 2016.08.31

old joke gone wring

Old joke.\r\nBut gone slightly wrong\r\nsince he cant pick up small objects Babe takes the concrete as well

Image: 000531.jpg   831x807 164884 bytes 2016.06.21

the life after the beginnings 01

After sarah was dead, after the negotiations between the humans and dragons failed, when the first bombings begun

Image: vcl-000530.jpg   831x560 167146 bytes 2016.02.16

Sylvia discovers the baby's way of getting attention

Image: 000529.jpg   810x289 73867 bytes 2015.12.24

inspired from the first time I ordered a kayiodo whale figurine. From the price I thought it would be a decent size, but turns out they're quite small. Oh well, they are realistic so i'll keep buying them I guess (masochist)\r\n\r\nPoseidon Simmons

Image: 000528.jpg   831x807 184680 bytes 2015.11.19

story in the future, 18 years from now. Sylvia and Jess (her future bf) decide to go out together (trip maybe?) Poor Jess has to deal with sylvia's dads

Image: 000527.jpg   831x571 140561 bytes 2015.11.09

The 5 stages of grief

so last summer my pc died. I had to empty my savings account

Image: 000526.jpg   831x807 142296 bytes 2015.07.02

sexy tape

Pik tries to make a sexy tape for Kia but James was having some play time\r\npik rance, James elias, Kia gray

Image: 000525.jpg   831x807 187158 bytes 2015.04.06

Giant lizards and dragons

\r\nBilly asked christina to send him human-related stuff. This time she sent him list of human movies, including godzilla. Billy's reaction.

Image: 000524.jpg   831x807 182713 bytes 2014.11.17

In the story Skewed time, Babe gets a few days to be in his normal fleshy body. So how does he celebrate? (ps I dont include sex cause ... its included in the story)

Image: 000523.jpg   815x537 147703 bytes 2014.07.30

Untitled Billy and Sarah comic

Image: 000522.jpg   828x307 75179 bytes 2014.05.06

discipline your daughter!\r\nJames elias\r\nSylvia elias\r\nBilly brown

Image: 000521.jpg   831x807 211458 bytes 2014.02.13

it's cherry picking season

let's see how many people will hate me for this\r\n\r\n\r\n

Image: 000520.jpg   831x807 186097 bytes 2013.11.09

overprotective 01

part 1\r\n\r\n\r\nthis takes place in the future \r\nJess is Sylvia's future boyfriend \r\nnotice sylvia is wearing a green bracelet, it's what allows her to look like anthro \r\nanyway, Billy and James being oveprotective

Image: 000519.jpg   831x807 216299 bytes 2013.07.23

overprotective 01

this takes place in the future\r\nJess is Sylvia's future boyfriend\r\nnotice sylvia is wearing a green bracelet, it's what allows her to look like anthro\r\nanyway, Billy and James being oveprotective

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