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Image: 000491.jpg   831x807 206202 bytes 2012.07.29

joshua 4

unfortunately I have lost the words of the first three panels. Basically Maerith stops joshua in his tracks with chilly words\r\n\r\nWhat Joshua doesn't realise now, and he will take a long time to realise is that this won;t be a curse, but a second chance.\r\n\r\nAlso the phrase "you will die another's death" is also not a curse but a clue, which I plan on using on a future story-if I ever manage to write it down

Image: 000490.jpg   831x807 251842 bytes 2012.07.29

joshua page 3


Image: 000489.jpg   831x807 253319 bytes 2012.07.29


Image: 000488.jpg   831x807 300363 bytes 2012.07.29

joshua part 1

re-introducing Joshua's story

Image: 2001157.jpg   680x411 119070 bytes 2012.07.28

old comic reuploaded\r\nbasically two strips combined into one. After Ace finds out that the pop singer Sheila Steve is his biological mother, he finds her to ask her a question\r\nAt this point, Sheila does not know Ace is her son

Image: 2001110.jpg   940x419 147675 bytes 2012.07.25

old comic\r\nPoseidon debating whether to take the bus

Image: 000513.jpg   831x807 246071 bytes 2012.07.07

sarah's first explosion

Image: 000512.jpg   806x1056 266528 bytes 2012.05.13

jailtime protector 016

story finished (does anyone actually read those??)\r\nKeep in mind it is not an entire storym just the parts I could think of.\r\nI know I said I wanted it to be a comedy, but I couldnt help making it a bit sad.\r\nmaybe kenny will appear in the future again\r\nmaybe\r\n

Image: 000511.jpg   832x794 242843 bytes 2012.04.01

jailtime protector 015

Kenny is out of jail

Image: 000510.jpg   832x794 236828 bytes 2012.02.25

jailtime protector 014

Babe is finally out of jail and he has a favor to ask Bill\r\n...before he kills him for persuading him to go to the court

Image: 000509.jpg   832x794 242258 bytes 2012.01.27

jailtime protector 013

It's time for Protector to go home

Image: 000508.jpg   832x794 240844 bytes 2011.12.28

jailtime protector 012

nono really\r\nI want this to be a comedy-ish story\r\nhonest!

Image: 000507.jpg   832x794 244225 bytes 2011.12.01

jailtime protector 011

After hearing that his younger sister is dead, Kenny is hurt. He really doesn't mean what he is saying

Image: 000506.jpg   832x794 236321 bytes 2011.10.26

jailtime protector 010

Kenny gets bad news about his sister

Image: 000505.jpg   832x794 266895 bytes 2011.09.23

jailtime protector 009

Donner gets a cell mate

Image: 000504.jpg   832x794 253611 bytes 2011.08.24

jailtime protector 008

Kenny sees Protector alone in his cell

Image: 000503.jpg   832x794 240504 bytes 2011.07.22

jailtime protector 007

Introducing Kenny\r\nhe's not elctric, he's a white Risso's

Image: 000502.jpg   832x794 230323 bytes 2011.06.17

jailtime protector 006

The guards are lucky. Protector is doing their job

Image: 000501.jpg   832x794 206952 bytes 2011.05.23

jailtime protector 005

no one touches the orcaking's ballz!

Image: 000500.jpg   832x794 239022 bytes 2011.05.01

jailtime protector 004

For Thor's sake, Poseidon! If you can't draw a straight line, USE A RULER

Image: 000499.jpg   832x794 223771 bytes 2011.03.29

bleh the second panel...\r\nanyway... the cops are trying to figure out how to do the procedure

Image: 000498.jpg   832x794 227970 bytes 2011.02.26

Jailtime protector 002

i don;t like the reason why protector is jailed. Maybe i will change it in the future

Image: 000497.jpg   832x794 241243 bytes 2011.01.19

Jailtime protector 001

This is a simplification of a story Ive had in my head for a while. Itís a comedyish with some sad parts in it. I donít like the reason protector went to jail, Ill change it in the future maybe. Also, this is not the whole story, just the parts I could think of

Image: 000530a.jpg   834x1297 498494 bytes 2010.06.09

old comic stitched into one\r\nAce lets it slip and tells Sheila that she's his mom

Image: 000489a.jpg   832x794 207159 bytes 2010.02.27

G-R-P 2

Poor griffin... when he applied for a jo at the G.R.P offices, he never thought he'd be signing up the protector himself!

Image: 000641.jpg   832x794 204340 bytes 2010.02.08

G-R-P page 1

Kim wants to enlist her friend in the Giant's relations Programme

Image: 000640.jpg   832x419 114183 bytes 2010.01.26

Boy and Girl-end

Pik gets the tongue from hell\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nthat didn;t sound right...

Image: 000639.jpg   832x794 232581 bytes 2010.01.25

coming to an end soon

Image: 000638.jpg   832x794 204425 bytes 2010.01.23

so thats the little scene I wanted to add. James is willing to fight the mother, in order to keep Girl. But Girl interrupts him.

Image: 000323e.jpg   832x794 236512 bytes 2009.12.25

boy and girl 5

Old comic re-submitted\r\nI want to add an extra "small fight" scene between james and the mother dino dragon\r\nI would have done this story very different now, since I made up my mind that james is almost animal when he is in his giant form and hardly talks\r\n\r\njames doesn't want to give Girl\r\n

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