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Image: 000540.jpg   1000x1288 261220 bytes 2017.12.21

I forgive you

woa what was that! Did Protector actually had a visit? I think he believes he did\r\n\r\na little background. Before Babe was turned into a robot, he had a little friend, his nickname Kit. Kit idolized him, but unfortunately after Babe took him with him on a "drug business" Kit was targeted by Babe's "boss" and killed. Babe always blamed him self for Kit's death. There;s a story on my site\r\nWas he actually forgiven or is it wishful thinking?

Image: 000541.gif   530x521 53764 bytes 2005.06.16

sarah Jovi - greenish\r\nBabe Cleave

Image: 000541.jpg   1000x333 87206 bytes 2018.01.23

metal badges

metal badges

Image: 000542.gif   788x525 198093 bytes 2005.06.19

All of those people talking about female metalheads... of course when a "good" guy comes along, Kia snaps\r\n\r\nKia Gray - blue\r\nPik Rance - red\r\nPegasus - purple

Image: 000542.jpg   687x660 73115 bytes 2018.02.10

the glory of old phones

the glory of old phones

Image: 000543.gif   773x778 118503 bytes 2005.06.22

yeah. I changed their name\r\nAce Jackson\r\nJames Elias

Image: 000543.jpg   649x640 100186 bytes 2018.03.14


an inside joke with... my self. Everything that Billy touches ends up in flames

Image: 000544.gif   773x520 169708 bytes 2005.06.26

James, being a dragon, has no idea what razor are for... he thinks David is gonna do the worse...\r\nand poor David is absolutely terrified of Christinas's friends\r\nJames Elias, David Philips

Image: 000545.gif   678x524 54565 bytes 2009.10.20

fixed the spellings

Image: 000546.gif   500x375 64733 bytes 2005.07.02

tip: yoit HOT you've been walking for hours what do you do? You go into the first furniture store you find (as long as it has airconditioner) and you... sit!\r\nAce Jackson, Poseidon Simons, Orcaking lady

Image: 000547.gif   582x514 94209 bytes 2005.07.05

It's gonna be a boring summer...\r\n\r\nPoseidon Simons

Image: 000547.jpg   942x932 191474 bytes 2018.08.07

Nino origins page 1

Nino's hatching

Image: 000548.gif   782x533 54136 bytes 2005.07.08

last comic for the summer.\r\nJames gets a new tatoo "SA" for Sargasso\r\nJames Elias

Image: 000548.jpg   930x920 260090 bytes 2018.10.14

Nino origins page 2

Nino, his big brother and his lil sister all finally hatched,

Image: 000549.jpg   924x914 176623 bytes 2018.11.21

Nino Origins page 3

some poachers arrive at the colony

Image: 000557.gif   776x514 169574 bytes 2005.10.05

a sort of an inside joke with Teivos\r\nBabe is currently abhoist in his world (read the core and Venomus AI but there is one "problem"... The anthros in that world DO NOT have tails...\r\nBabe Cleave\r\nTeivos is copyright to A. Teivos

Image: 000558.gif   776x518 150341 bytes 2005.10.12

At the bus...\r\nPoseidon and Ace meet a famous director\r\nPoseidon Simons - brown\r\nAce Jackson - gray\r\nPolar dragon - black

Image: 000559.gif   777x674 118958 bytes 2005.10.25

New story.\r\nBabe Cleave - purple\r\nSarah Jovi - yellowish green

Image: 000560.gif   784x783 80962 bytes 2005.10.26

Part two\r\nHe doenst reallywant to leave her, but he panicked\r\nBabe Cleave - purple\r\nSarah Jovi - Yellowish green

Image: 000561.gif   529x519 44463 bytes 2005.10.27

Part 3\r\npoor Bill is cought in the middle\r\nSarah Jovi - greensih yellow\r\nBilly Brown - Greenish blue??

Image: 000562.gif   526x519 46191 bytes 2005.10.31

Sarah goes to live with her parents\r\nSarah Jovi - yellowish green\r\nSarah;s mom - green

Image: 000563.gif   778x514 45660 bytes 2005.11.03

The place is so much emptier now...\r\nBabe Cleave, Billy BRown

Image: 000564.gif   778x776 91326 bytes 2005.11.10

sorry for taking me this long but I've been sick for two weeks and it just keeps getting worse...\r\nBabe Cleave \r\nSarah Jovi\r\nMountain dragon

Image: 000565.gif   768x776 90010 bytes 2005.11.17

The protector comes to the rescue\r\nMountain dragon\r\nBabe Cleave\r\nSarah Jovi

Image: 000566.gif   516x512 42804 bytes 2005.11.18

Good thing to have those muggles around. They bring couples together\r\nEnd of this story...\r\nBabe Cleave - purple\r\nSarah Jovi - greenish yellowish thingy

Image: 000567.gif   828x420 181655 bytes 2005.11.21

Meeting of minds\r\nVitara meets another wingless griffin

Image: 000568.gif   936x700 373664 bytes 2005.11.28

If you havent read Robotic creator (shame on you) you should know taht Kia's mom is in jail for life. So, her afther cant handle it\r\nRemember thouh, no matter how much youre in pain, there is always one person out there who cares for you...

Image: 000569.gif   772x267 36898 bytes 2005.12.10

Almsot true story: I was out with a classmate photographing for a project, when she gave me her purse to hold. No one passed, but I was thinking what would happen if someone did pass...\r\nPoseidon Simons - brown\r\nRazor - red\r\nBurrow dragon

Image: 000570.gif   518x515 114796 bytes 2005.12.17

Happened last supper when a friend sent me some bottletops for my colection. It sure was a heck of a change from all those bills :D Hes supposed to be headbanging at the last frame\r\nPoseidon Simons

Image: 000571.gif   777x518 75041 bytes 2005.12.21

I bet some of my characters really hate me...\r\nPoseidon Simons - brown\r\nAce Jackson - gray\r\nBane Cleave - purple\r\nJames Elias - black\r\nPik Rance - red\r\nJoshua Maxwel - green

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