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Image: 000568.gif   936x700 373664 bytes 2005.11.28

If you havent read Robotic creator (shame on you) you should know taht Kia's mom is in jail for life. So, her afther cant handle it\r\nRemember thouh, no matter how much youre in pain, there is always one person out there who cares for you...

Image: 000569.gif   772x267 36898 bytes 2005.12.10

Almsot true story: I was out with a classmate photographing for a project, when she gave me her purse to hold. No one passed, but I was thinking what would happen if someone did pass...\r\nPoseidon Simons - brown\r\nRazor - red\r\nBurrow dragon

Image: 000570.gif   518x515 114796 bytes 2005.12.17

Happened last supper when a friend sent me some bottletops for my colection. It sure was a heck of a change from all those bills :D Hes supposed to be headbanging at the last frame\r\nPoseidon Simons

Image: 000571.gif   777x518 75041 bytes 2005.12.21

I bet some of my characters really hate me...\r\nPoseidon Simons - brown\r\nAce Jackson - gray\r\nBane Cleave - purple\r\nJames Elias - black\r\nPik Rance - red\r\nJoshua Maxwel - green

Image: 000572.jpg   500x393 49766 bytes 2006.01.11

Inpsired by real life\r\nIts so rare to see an empty bus, taht I was tempted to go in even though it was going the other way\r\nPoseidon Simons\r\nAce Jackson

Image: 000573.jpg   777x262 57873 bytes 2006.01.13

Ace's hair is magic. He never has a bad hair day\r\nPoseidon Simons\r\nAce jackson

Image: 000574.gif   518x517 117165 bytes 2006.01.16

James is earning hos tobe rssponsible. I got this idea from a film.\r\nJames Elias\r\nKia Gray

Image: 000575.gif   781x264 92421 bytes 2006.01.22

old joke, but I'm running out of ideas\r\nPoseidon Simons\r\nAce jackson

Image: 000576.gif   781x264 24442 bytes 2006.01.29

Griffin flu is here!!!\r\nAce jackson - gray\r\nPoseidon Simons - brown

Image: 000577.gif   781x264 111288 bytes 2006.02.03

chatting on msn.. we were talking about metalheads and about how people see them...\r\nPoseidon Simons, Razor family

Image: 000579.jpg   776x773 334205 bytes 2007.04.05


soldierizer is a joke between me and teivos. Its from judas priest demonizer\r\nAnyway, teivos decides to amke a new metal style, but Alan doesnt like it much\r\nAlan Moritch belongs to me\r\nVlasta Teivos belongs to Teivos (

Image: 000580.gif   626x262 28550 bytes 2006.02.23

Inspired by real life...

Image: 000581.jpg   1000x825 91297 bytes 2006.02.26

"mom can I keep it?"\r\n\r\n

Image: 000583.gif   539x800 149887 bytes 2006.03.13

Kevin takes his first flight\r\nKevin Caprice\r\nNOTE: They are humen but drawn as canines.. cause Don cant draw humen.. yet

Image: 000584.gif   1025x519 175393 bytes 2006.03.20

Inspired by real life:this is exactely how it happened...\r\nPoseidon Simons

Image: 000585.gif   759x519 127185 bytes 2006.03.27

I dont wanna know how beeing puvjed in the face by an iron fist feels like..\r\noutch...\r\nWinger,\r\nBabe Cleave

Image: 000589.gif   530x514 63229 bytes 2006.06.28

during the first days of the band, Alan was trying to convince Ace that he, inded, could reach the highnotes. He tried many methods, where Ace did scream, but notthe way Alan wanted him to\r\nAlan Moritch\r\nAce Jackson

Image: 000590.gif   514x516 114363 bytes 2006.07.05

Pik and Jpsh.. having an ordinary argument\r\nPik Rance - red\r\nJoshua Maxwel - green\r\nRisso's dragon - blue

Image: 000592.jpg   775x522 122983 bytes 2006.07.31

a day at the studio\r\npoor alan Im amazed he isnt having heart attacks yet\r\nSargasso, Alan Moritch

Image: 000593.jpg   776x270 54399 bytes 2006.08.03

new story where I re-introduce an old but slightly changed character: Denis Hearzing. This time, he will be a part of the Sargasso\r\nAce tries to change a light bulp and ends up breaking his arm\r\nThis is a new shading style Im working on, please lemme know if you prefere this or the old style\r\n

Image: 000594.jpg   794x794 193998 bytes 2006.08.18

denis part 2\r\nAlan sees the damage done by the lamp-changing incident\r\nAlan Moritch, Sargasso

Image: 000595.jpg   794x794 182801 bytes 2006.09.08

Alan has an idea

Image: 000596.jpg   794x794 155471 bytes 2006.09.18

next on Denis\r\nTe band meets tehir new member...

Image: 000597.jpg   794x794 161358 bytes 2006.10.06

Denis part 5\r\n\r\nIf by now you think Pik is an asshole, I will agree, but I will add Josh in the mix

Image: 000598.jpg   794x794 148337 bytes 2006.10.27

denis part 6\r\nREVELATION

Image: 000599.jpg   794x794 138801 bytes 2006.11.12

next on denis

Image: 000600.jpg   794x794 111077 bytes 2006.11.30

denis final

all ends well. Denis is now part of the gang

Image: 000601.jpg   794x519 89563 bytes 2006.12.09

pik's nightmare

pik's nightmare

Image: 000602.jpg   794x519 102457 bytes 2007.02.01

messenger from god

Basically making fun of billy' s non existant now time machine and his own clumpsiness. Enjoy that till i get out of my stry idea block\r\nBilly brown\r\nPoseidon's monster\r\nRisso's dragon

Image: 000603.jpg   794x522 103342 bytes 2007.02.15

happy new year-not

5 seconds till new year\r\nBarbara gray looks out of her cell into the world. they do not understand her or her ideas\r\n\r\n4 seconds to new year\r\nRay Gray looks into his wife's photo. He is all alone and hopeless\r\n\r\n3 seconds to new year\r\nTifanny Rance is sick agaian.She needs another surgery soon\r\n\r\n2 seconds to new year\r\nMary Polley is out in the streets trying to earn money for her son\r\n\r\n1 second to new year. \r\nPoseidon is alone again\r\n\r\nHappy new year!!\r\nThe protector watching over Yann city... alone


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