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Image: 000615.jpg   813x537 104575 bytes 2007.09.27

silvia page 5

james sees a black dragon passing near billy's lab

Image: 000616.jpg   813x812 199557 bytes 2007.11.01

silvia page 6

Billy keeps seeing the same dragon coming close to his lab.

Image: 000617.jpg   813x812 192806 bytes 2007.11.23

silvia page 7

Kia founds out James might have been... naughty!\r\nOf course being fully animal now, james doesnt understand them, but he knows he did something wrong by the tone of their voice

Image: 000618.jpg   813x812 228055 bytes 2008.02.12

silvia page 9

james is finally urned into anthro\r\nWhat billy is giving him is a pair of underwear\r\nbut ohoh\r\nwhat is james seeing at the final panel

Image: 000619.jpg   813x812 225929 bytes 2008.03.12

silvia page 10

the dragoness saw Jame's true form, and run away, panicked

Image: 000621.jpg   813x812 253567 bytes 2008.04.15

silvia page 11

the black dragoness dies before james could explain to her.

Image: 000622.jpg   813x812 209907 bytes 2008.05.27

silvia page 10

this is where the bad dialogue comes in...

Image: 000623.jpg   813x812 186600 bytes 2008.06.23

silvia page 13

Its amazing how kias mood changed from killer mode into mommy mode\r\nShe still is angry at james but now she's focused on the baby

Image: 000624.jpg   813x812 220121 bytes 2008.07.25

silvia page 14

this is by far, the longest comic Ive ever made. And the bad dialogue cntinues.\r\nKia doesnt believe James can handle as a father, but she doesnt say it to him

Image: 000625.jpg   813x812 210627 bytes 2008.08.17

silvia page 15

and there she is\r\na new character

Image: 000626.jpg   813x812 223068 bytes 2008.09.22

half a year without it

I cant believe Ive survived that long with no internet at home

Image: 000627.jpg   813x299 100746 bytes 2008.10.06

behind the scenes

behind the scene sof this comic story:\r\nAce and Mary fallng in love (not that they werent already)

Image: 000628.jpg   546x812 146782 bytes 2008.10.30

the evil song

ok right\r\nThat should have been drawn 4 years ago at eurovision\r\nor should I say crappavision\r\nanyway\r\nI heard talk about this song how its evil etc and the way i heard it i though it was gonna be some death metal song\r\nand when I finally heard it i said\r\n...\r\nthats all the hype is about? but this song is...\r\ncute!\r\nanyway people are crazy

Image: 000629.jpg   813x812 215759 bytes 2008.12.12

billy's science 2

billy just wants to jelp, but when he gets too eager, he just wont stop and THINK about what he's doing...\r\nI bet early in the next morning he'll be wondering how that hole got there

Image: 000630.jpg   546x294 75926 bytes 2009.01.04

so i decided to go healthy again\r\nand sporty\r\nit lasted less than a week

Image: 000631.jpg   832x794 210411 bytes 2009.03.18

James reemembered that it worked the previous time ( ) so he thought he'd try it again. But this time, he forgot that Babe is around!

Image: 000632.jpg   832x794 205725 bytes 2009.04.05

I see stupid people throwing their shits out their car windows. This happens a lot an dit pisses me off. If only I had Poseidon's powers, I'd retaliate\r\nAnd I like the way I amd this strip. Maybe Ill do more like that

Image: 000633.jpg   832x532 156096 bytes 2009.05.23

Billys science\r\nneed ideas

Image: 000634.jpg   832x1328 253140 bytes 2009.08.17

Billy wnats to make Babe lightning proof.

Image: 000635.jpg   832x796 189973 bytes 2009.10.13

billy's science - ice cream

you know, for being (one of) the smartest people on the island, Billy is very stupid\r\nbtw he's wearing gloves this time.. theyre just... black... and you cant tell... yeah\r\n\r\nneed suggestions for "billy's science" comics

Image: 000636.jpg   832x283 87374 bytes 2009.10.26

get married?

Oh noes run! Its another CRAPPY made copy-paste comic!\r\nanyway why dont pik and kia get married?\r\nthat's why!

Image: 000637.jpg   795x532 191083 bytes 2009.12.08

IM probably beating a dead horse, but i so much LOVE making Pik being humiliated like that!

Image: 000638.jpg   832x794 204425 bytes 2010.01.23

so thats the little scene I wanted to add. James is willing to fight the mother, in order to keep Girl. But Girl interrupts him.

Image: 000639.jpg   832x794 232581 bytes 2010.01.25

coming to an end soon

Image: 000640.jpg   832x419 114183 bytes 2010.01.26

Boy and Girl-end

Pik gets the tongue from hell\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nthat didn;t sound right...

Image: 000641.jpg   832x794 204340 bytes 2010.02.08

G-R-P page 1

Kim wants to enlist her friend in the Giant's relations Programme

Image: 00618.jpg   813x812 179896 bytes 2008.01.02

silvia page 8

finally next page\r\ni hae the mouse on this computer rar

Image: 2001001.jpg   968x378 66630 bytes 2003.01.13

" it begins..."\r\n\r\nfirst second in life and I already got slapped... by my best friend! \r\n\r\nPoseidon Simons, Ace Jackson copyright me \r\n

Image: 2001002.jpg   744x649 158616 bytes 2003.01.14

"misunderstood metalhead"\r\nThey're afraid of him. Little kids and women mostly... must be because of his big body/muscles and eccentric outfit? \r\n\r\nJames Elias copyright me \r\n

Image: 2001005.jpg   845x413 66858 bytes 2003.01.17

"PC struggles" \r\n\r\nThis is a true story! My pc got infected with lots of viruses making it extremely slow... \r\n\r\nPoseidon Simons copyright me \r\n

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