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Image: littleanthro_chicken.jpg   600x551 127649 bytes 2003.12.18

Except from stealing food and stuff fromus giants, little anthros (on little island) also agriculture their own food. They might also have chickens and stuff (if they are wealthy...) But I got to thinking... How do they kill them???\r\n\r\npencils\r\nElectric dragon copyright me

Image: long_hair2.gif   807x246 52182 bytes 2005.09.26

True life inspired insidents about bad things of having hair\r\nDid taht make sense??\r\nPoseidon Simons

Image: rainy.JPG   779x263 39342 bytes 2005.08.12

kinda based on a true event. The weather in Greece before I left was really messy\r\n\r\nPoseidon Simons

Image: sales.jpg   708x532 107290 bytes 2005.09.20

I hate sales. Mostly because most of the people act like crazy\r\nPoseidon Simons... and a bunch of others

Image: silvia_page_3_by_donworld.jpg   813x812 190549 bytes 2007.08.24

silvia page 3

excuse the lack of jams' wings por favor...\r\nkia gray\r\nbilly brown\r\njames elias

Image: soldier.JPG   522x524 61748 bytes 2005.09.12

...soldier... for a day!!\r\nPoseidon Simons - brown\r\nAce Jackson - gray\r\nRisso's dragon - red

Image: vcl-000530.jpg   831x560 167146 bytes 2016.02.16

Sylvia discovers the baby's way of getting attention

Image: vcl-000536.jpg   555x287 60501 bytes 2017.05.02

One thing when I work on my drawing, I MUST be watching a movie. I can't work without a movie in the bacjground. The result, I'v watched the same movies a million times

Image: vcl-000537.jpg   831x807 172401 bytes 2017.05.31

So I live in cyprus, an island advertised for its sun. And the government has set up wind turbines instead of solar panel parks. I drive by them in the summer and see them standing still and I wonder\r\n\r\nwtf

Image: vcl-000538.jpg   537x539 110992 bytes 2017.06.18

every time I see a cool bird (well almost everytime) a car passes by and spooks it away

Image: vcl-000544.jpg   950x317 83557 bytes 2018.04.04

science, Japan style

Image: vcl-000545.jpg   633x305 75078 bytes 2018.04.18

Inspired by the cats that live in the park. They come running when they see me and dont get out of the way. Result, I accidentally kick a few every time

Image: vcl-000553.jpg   1090x1075 335672 bytes 2019.04.26

Nino Origins page 7

So little Nino is all alone. He has to learn to hunt by the time mom's bug stash runs out

Image: vcl-000555.jpg   914x629 129198 bytes 2019.07.17

smashing love

inspired from my car and any other cats out there

Image: vcl_000546.jpg   904x607 126865 bytes 2018.06.14

summer nights

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