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Image: leaping.jpg   675x515 140064 bytes 2002.02.22

A commission for DragonMastrz, the White Tigress is Branca and her companion is Ragoth. The characters are copyright to Mike Brown. The art is, of course, mine. Mixed media, and I like the swirly movement in this pic. It has an energetic feeling to me.

Image: kwakira.gif   553x1066 151781 bytes 2002.02.15

Kwakira is an anthro Mandarin Duck done to illustrate an article in a RP magazine. I have no idea who owns the rights to the character. Yes, he has a shell strapped to his head. It's a long story.

Image: levant_pants.jpg   510x675 275740 bytes 2002.02.15

Dude, Where's my Pants? A commission for Magnoona, of her RP character Levant. He's a Wolf-Lion crossbreed... with no pants. Hey, Donald Duck doesn't wear them, either. Mixed media on illustration board.

Image: ravenatr.jpg   463x600 77901 bytes 2002.02.15

The Flyin' Ravens! I did this after seeing a whole bunch of WWII movies in one week. Colored pencil on heavy paper.

Image: smoking.jpg   750x585 117508 bytes 2002.02.15

A commission piece, the Jackal and Dragon are characters (c) Smoking Dragon. Mixed media on illustration board. This looks cool in person because the Dragon's body is higlighted with green pearlescent ink.

Image: vive_smaller.jpg   298x413 49744 bytes 2002.02.15

A commission piece, Vive is (c) Robert Schliff, from his online comic "Moldred the Malcontent." ( Mixed media on illustration board. The pose was taken from a vintage nude photograph. I have this huge Taschen book of nude pics from around the turn of the century that I use for reference.

Image: egret.gif   529x720 152897 bytes 2002.02.15

Snowy Egret in Peacock Kimono. I know the kimono isn't precisely right, and I don't want to hear about it. Technical pen on sketch paper. April or so, 2001.

Image: easter_card.jpg   600x423 77475 bytes 2002.02.15

Last year's Easter card was the first finished drawing I'd ever done of Gatorgrrl. It was also done before I really started studying human anatomy. Watercolor on bristol board, about actual size.

Image: alley_cat.gif   629x750 177829 bytes 2002.02.14

Street Fighting Cat. A tough tabby who's... hey, he's wearing my leather jacket! Technical pens on sketch paper, the wall behind him was blurred with Photodeluxe.

Image: down_and_out.jpg   529x600 63596 bytes 2002.02.14

Pshaw the Raven, down and out. "Nobody knows you when you down and out/ In my pockets not one penny/ and my friends I haven't any."

Image: cash_cover.jpg   713x713 90541 bytes 2002.02.14

The cover of a Cash mixdisc I made for a friend. Johnny Cash just reminds me of a big ol' black Crow. This is about actual size, or it's supposed to be. It looks a lot bigger on the screen. ovO

Image: capricorn.jpg   563x481 87177 bytes 2002.02.14

(Also on Elfwood)

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