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Image: steelwing_portrait.jpg   300x338 26495 bytes 2003.06.17

Prisma portrait of Steelwing, the mechanical Golden Eagle, who's (c) himself. He uses this as a LJ icon. :> (c) Pshaw, April 2003.

Image: swandog.jpg   603x900 320681 bytes 2002.05.20

This is part of a trade with everyone's favorite Honk-woof, Swandog! Her Saluki-Swan Gryph is (c) Xenia Arrick, art is, of course, (c) me. Technical pens on drawing paper. This is the standard version, and since the pose was inspired by a pose in a vintage photo, there's a tinted "Vintage" version of this. May 2002

Image: swandog_vintage.jpg   603x900 522998 bytes 2002.05.20

The "aged" version of Swandog's portrait. That means the noise and sepia tint are supposed to be there, it's like a vintage picture. Swandog (c) Xenia Arrick. May 2002

Image: tribe_of_skunk.jpg   882x1142 110077 bytes 2004.09.07

Believe it or not, I've been working on this since March. Not full time, though. I'd started it as a submission for the MFM t-shirt contest, but I never sent it in. Life gets in the way, you know. Technical pens and watercolor on bristol, Sept. 2004, (c) Pshaw.

Image: unicorn.jpg   592x600 75239 bytes 2002.12.17

Aww, isn't she sweet? Maybe not quite as pure as your regular unicorn. This spun off from sketches I was doing for a commission and took on a life of her own. Ink with CG coloring, December 2002.

Image: unicorn_cherub.jpg   453x750 71494 bytes 2003.11.07

Not much to say about this one, but aiming for a "cleaner" inking style than I normally have. Also unusual in that I did this all on one sheet of paper. Normally I transfer sketches I like onto fresh paper for inking. The black bar at the bottom is an intentional part of the composition. Nov. 2003.

Image: vicki_gumbo.jpg   517x411 93814 bytes 2003.04.12

Vicki Fox ( (c) Mike Russell) goes to visit south Louisiana during Mardi Gras for gumbo and good times! Of course, if you're eating Pshaw's gumbo, you're eating the best. Not that I brag on myself or anything. Seriously mixed media (as in I used everything in my art box) on board. January 2003.

Image: vive_smaller.jpg   298x413 49744 bytes 2002.02.15

A commission piece, Vive is (c) Robert Schliff, from his online comic "Moldred the Malcontent." ( Mixed media on illustration board. The pose was taken from a vintage nude photograph. I have this huge Taschen book of nude pics from around the turn of the century that I use for reference.

Image: vulture_valentine.jpg   525x563 67951 bytes 2003.02.16

Love is in the air! Or is that the odor of a decaying cow? Either way, romance blossoms between these Turkey Vultures, my Valentine's Day card for 2003. My buzzard love lovein'! Graphite and pencil on sketch paper, Feb. 2003.

Image: xial_sexy.jpg   555x825 70950 bytes 2003.01.05

Yay, it's everyone's favorite sexy vixen-herm, Xial Lunashine! Mixed media on heavy paper with CG effects laid on (smudging and such). Xial is (c) hirself, and the art is mine, of course. January 2003.

Image: xmas_2003.jpg   675x638 155830 bytes 2003.12.22

My Christmas card art for the year! Finally. Emile the Red-Nosed Gator wishes you a happy holiday! Dec. 2003

Image: xp_sign.jpg   871x869 77808 bytes 2002.09.06

Made for Expandranon, after those little warning signs on the sides of trucks. Pen and ink, heavy computer work. Auagust 2002.

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