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Image: Anjelpiratebadge.jpg   181x250 31703 bytes 2006.12.10

Anjel pirate badge

My part of a badge trade with Anjel Kitty. Hella pirates.

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Image: basilwall2.jpg   1024x767 272707 bytes 2005.11.16

A Wallpaper featuring a character based off of a friend of mine. He rather liked it :3

Image: bat-trongrrr.jpg   512x454 52380 bytes 2006.12.09


\r\nMeh I dunno, I was trying out that whole oekaki thing again.

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Image: battronhmmm.jpg   450x451 48722 bytes 2006.12.09


This was supposed tohave a background, and writting on it that said "You ever get the feeling He never really cared about you in the first place?"\r\n\r\nDidn;t get that far.\r\n\r\nOekaki retry >.<

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Image: bondagebat.jpg   563x726 73575 bytes 2006.12.10

Bondage Bat Flat color

My Fursona. Flat colored, no shading. I may shade this later, I may have my sex bot shade it. Not quite sure yet.

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Image: cryptrat.jpg   500x685 99385 bytes 2006.12.09

Crypt Rat

Uhmmmm... she creepy.\r\n\r\nDone with Charcoal.

Tags: Rat Horror macabre Crypt Rat   [Comment]
Image: Energydrinkinducedinsomnia.jpg   342x600 52718 bytes 2006.12.09

Energy Drink Induced Insomnia

yeup... pretty much what the title says.

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Image: Eugeneclr.jpg   400x800 42952 bytes 2005.11.16

Hmmm this is one of the many forms I take. And by many I mean two. Eugene the Skunk and Pulsifer the Bat are both representations of me. Eugene being the more realistic, and Pulsifer being more fantasy.

Image: Jordannbadgeweb.jpg   500x330 66865 bytes 2005.11.16

A badge for my beau Jordan :3 He's wonderful.

Image: JVsmirk.jpg   600x581 136180 bytes 2006.12.10


OMFG SHADING! Yes it's true. I think I\r\nm pretty good with markers and should hone my skills a bit. The hair is the best part I think, and I think my coloring and style have improved some. What do you think?\r\nEDIT: Also, I think Jhonen V makes a very handsom weasle.

Tags: Jhonen Vasquez Weasle brown red   [Comment]
Image: Knives_Went_crazy_by_bat_tron2005.jpg   300x414 33898 bytes 2006.12.09

Knives-Sama went crazy

A little pic of my first Furcadia RP character Knives-Sama. I converted this to CG from a sketch on lined paper. It wa a sucky process.

Tags: skunk purple knives-sama   [Comment]
Image: Pulsiferbadge.jpg   334x300 43384 bytes 2006.12.10

Pulsifer Badge

The very badge I'll be wearing to FC 2007. This was drawn in time for '06. but unfortunately lack of funds kept me from going. :/

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Image: pulsifergrrr.jpg   543x707 68093 bytes 2006.12.10

Dramatic Pose Pulsifer

So I got a new sketchbook yesterday, and I broke it in by drawing this on the front page. It's female Pulsifer. The heading was "Pulsifer's Sketchbook; Attack Bat on Duty"

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Image: pulsiferhat.jpg   334x333 27571 bytes 2006.12.10

The skull says heartbroken

A pen drawing of Pulsifer, male form, with my favorite hat on <3 I'm thinking of making this into a furcadia portrait. Featured is my trademark "cute skull" which I'm quickly making into my signature

Tags: bat hat furcadia portrait   [Comment]
Image: pulspirate.jpg   388x500 57212 bytes 2006.12.10


Male Pulsifer dressed like a pirate :3 Lookit hsi dreadlocks!

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