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Image: LW.jpg   523x784 50481 bytes 2007.02.21

LW from FWA

Met this'ere guy at FWA this year, and decided to draw him prons. He's a black wolf who plays guitar and does poi with fire.\r\n\r\nMech pencils and pen with some kind of colored pencil and colorless blender (Dont remember, was drunk)\r\nImage Anon Ihmus/Shaun Lomeli/PunkDog\r\nLW Himself

Tags: poi LW wolf guitar acoustic  
Image: AllMan.jpg   414x800 32121 bytes 2006.12.19

All Man

Another American White Sheperd character of mine named Shaun. He's a 5'0 FtM transsexual who knows, penis or not he's ALL man.\r\n\r\nNo2 Papermate pencil on Heavyweight Academie Sketchbook paper.\r\nImage and Character PunkDog/Anon Ihmus/Shaun Lomeli

Tags: White Sheperd Shaun PunkDog trans transsexual transgender FtM transman   [More Info] [Comment]
Image: ChMarrSquish.jpg   554x800 66135 bytes 2006.12.13


Anon [American White Sheperd] squish-hugging Ch'marr to death- in thanks for letting me join the VCL\r\n\r\nMech pencil and fine-point pen on sketchbook paper, cleaned up in GIMP\r\nImage and Anon Punkdog/Anon Ihmus/Shaun Lomeli\r\nCh'marr Ch'marr

Tags: Ch'marr, Anon, American White Sheperd, Cheetah  
Image: AnonSerpentVCL.jpeg   597x800 79673 bytes 2006.12.09

Anon's Winged Serpent Form

My character [Who I'll upload soon ^^;] Anon knows voodoo and puts it to use, changing form into a winged snake.\r\n\r\nDrawn in Mech pencil on sketchbook paper, inked with Pilot "Precise Grip" Extra fine and colored with Crayola and Prisma pencils\r\nCharacter and art PunkDog/Anon Ihmus/Shaun Lomeli

Tags: winged serpent, voodoo, snake, Anon  

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