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Image: AedyniaMoonlight2.JPG   421x800 23774 bytes 2003.08.08

Beauty is a dance in the Moonlight ©ĘKeta\r\n

Image: AeketAvatar.JPG   100x95 7900 bytes 2003.10.18

my avatar!

Image: AeketBadge.JPG   305x500 28725 bytes 2003.10.15

My badge. I drew it. I'm proud of myself. Aeket.\r\n\r\nAdmittedly, the scan doesn't show the blue of the horns very well. They're a deep cobalt color

Image: aethon.jpg   423x700 41717 bytes 2003.02.18

Aethon. White lion. Done a while ago. Cheesy charsketch. Yadda.\r\n\r\nChar and Image © ĘKet

Image: AnzxIcon.jpg   100x123 8737 bytes 2003.12.17

Just a lil icon fof a friend. He liked.\r\n\r\n\r\n© Aeket

Image: Dreamscape.JPG   487x500 67290 bytes 2005.04.16

Dreamscape Dancer a Color Swirl Big Brother Pony. Mine I tell you.

Image: exmlp.JPG   403x700 52217 bytes 2004.08.29

So. I've been away from art. And well suddenly, this came bussing into my head. So. I drew it. And attempted to color it. I love the picture. I think I suck at coloring. But anyways. You get the idea. There should be a complimentry male version on the way.\r\n\r\nExtasy and picture © Ęket

Image: ExSM.jpg   524x700 40895 bytes 2005.06.14

Image: fallen.jpg   400x500 114845 bytes 2003.02.18

Hmm. I was dpressed. I'd just gotten my Tablet. Yeah. I made use of it. I was just fiddling in Painter Classic (tm) and I was teasting out the different effects. Came out looking kinda nifty. So I kept it.\r\n\r\nImage © ĘKet

Image: fevultaur.JPG   700x694 105067 bytes 2003.03.17

My character Acid as a taur. Hot fevul. rar.\r\n\r\nImage and Character © ĘKet

Image: FTthinker.JPG   463x700 68230 bytes 2004.11.23

new twist on an old favorite. \r\nThe Thinker.\r\n\r\nCharacter and artwork (C) me

Image: halloween_kitty.jpg   196x500 67299 bytes 2005.10.21

TeeHee! Ahnka's Halloween Costume for the GoldenLash.

Image: hunt.jpg   566x800 70159 bytes 2003.02.13

Picture took a while, was done in two parts then later combined. The male was obviously done second as the female clearly looks better. Seriously. I drew the male second and by then my attention was starting to wan. Drew for my mate. Figured we needed a picture of us looking bada$$ together..\r\n\r\nSi © Sirus; Extasy and image © ĘKet

Image: jasyx.jpg   700x665 40606 bytes 2003.02.18

Ebony black on black tiger. Umm. Kinda self explanitory. Char sketch for myself.\r\n\r\nChar and Image © ĘKet

Image: kyn.jpg   260x600 34636 bytes 2003.02.13

Hmm. This was a pic drawn in pencil, scanned, then made into a negative and edited from there. I liked the style. Kyn was one of my many characters. Male Blaque Tyger. Black fur, silver stripes, shamanic in nature. Yadda yadda. \r\n\r\nKyn and image © ĘKet

Image: Lerin.jpg   668x880 89242 bytes 2003.02.18

Subject: fox/lemur hybrid\r\nGender: Unknown\r\nOrigin: Unknown\r\n\r\nLe'rin and image © ĘKet

Image: LogoMed.JPG   335x600 28948 bytes 2003.02.26

New and improved. Yay. I still like the hand done picture best. Anyways. I also saved each 'half' of the image for myself. Mmm LJ icons.

Image: Mistie.JPG   306x700 30335 bytes 2003.03.11

Mmm part of an exchange. I feel bad, I'm behind in my requests. But.. Ehh.. when I saw this one, it just came naturally. So I drew it. Working on the other stuf fI owe peeps.

Image: Numbers.JPG   549x508 100853 bytes 2003.08.18

Artisnal Contest Entry

Image: Ohyeah.jpg   416x600 25885 bytes 2003.02.13

Oh.. here... let me pick that up for you hun. Drawn based on a dream my mate (at the time) had. You can figure the story out from there. An older pic, I'm doing much better on my hands these days.\r\n\r\nExtasy and image © ĘKet

Image: Onyx.jpg   588x700 98402 bytes 2003.02.18

Borderline content, admittedly. You can't tell she's an anthrodaemon. Umm. Yeah. Anyways. Photoshopped obviously. Not half bad I think.\r\n\r\nOnyx and Image © ĘKet

Image: pegusus.jpg   400x650 50621 bytes 2003.02.18

Sighmurr. S'all I have to say. \r\n\r\nImage and Char © ĘKet

Image: Phase2.JPG   700x620 43432 bytes 2003.03.18

Yeah.. so.. like.. I dunno. I like it.. and I don't. Myeh. Blah. Anyways. The head is Phase, the bunny.. I dunno. Some random bunny. Maybe Extasy. \r\n\r\nPhase © Twapa; Bunny and Image © ĘKet \r\n

Image: Phase3.JPG   700x620 29534 bytes 2003.03.25

So like.. after deciding the first version was hideous.. I decided to do the newb thing and make it worse.

Image: Raum.JPG   470x700 56648 bytes 2003.04.28

Yeah.. so like.. the torso and head and wings look great.. and the legs and arms sucka$$. *sigh* I'm both really happy and really unhappy with it.\r\n\r\nAnyways. Raum is a fallen angel. The 'stripes' are the only patches of fur he has left. The rest is skin. And his feathered angel wing have been turned into bat wings. But only partially.\r\n\r\nSo yeah. I crapped out on the arms and legs cause it had been three hours and .. yeah.

Image: scorpio.jpg   415x700 29814 bytes 2003.02.18

Scorpio. Badass gryph. Black Serval and Swallow Tailed Kite. \r\n\r\nScorp and Image © ĘKet

Image: TeaPanther.jpg   450x635 70993 bytes 2003.02.18

As yo ucan tell from teh yeloowing behind the penciled part. This is done on sketch paper. And quite old. this is a piece of a dual portrait I did about ohhhh.. four or five years ago. The other half of the picture, which was lost, was of a white tiger. He was this character's mate.\r\n\r\nTea and Image © ĘKet

Image: Tegwyn2.JPG   675x476 43200 bytes 2003.02.19

Character sketch done on commission for a story. \r\n\r\nTegwyn © Tearlach; Image © ĘKet

Image: tendermoments.jpg   857x889 47643 bytes 2003.02.13

Here's a somewhat large image, I know. It is a semifinished pic of two wuffs hugging. I figured it'd make a nice first time picture. If you'd like to color it, feel free! Yes, I do have a version I colored myself. I may dig it out later.\r\n© to Ęket

Image: Twapa.JPG   393x700 39162 bytes 2003.04.05

So like.. Twapa! Kagaroorat. Ok. So she's a mad scientist. And she's supsed to wear a labcoat, not slinky short skirts... But.. I took my artistic liberities. Mad science meets.. Casual Day!

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