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Image: will_you.gif   581x800 25942 bytes 2006.10.27

Drew this on paper around senior ball last year. well, i could never do this in real life 'cause i'm really that much of a loser, so i thought i'd draw it. as always, feed back would be nice...\r\n\r\ninked in corel painter essentails 2\r\n"May i..." (c) 2006 P. Tunison

Image: courage.jpg   800x718 49095 bytes 2006.09.26

Hmm, my attempt to get all poetic and such. tell me what you all think.\r\n Well, in case you have no clue what it is that's on the left side of the pic, that's supposed to be a hand holding a katana....but i don't think that it came out that well.\r\n PLEASE!! email me if anyone has any pointers they can give me! I must get better! (NOTE: I can't draw feet if you haven't noticed...)\r\n As always, Art(c)2006 P. Tunison

Image: waiting.jpg   657x800 38948 bytes 2006.04.18

No interesting story for this one (exept expressing one more of my depressed moods). I'm waiting on a bench (yeah, that's what it's supposed to be) waiting for my someone. Who? I have no idea, but someone awsome will show up eventually... maybe not for a while... Drawn with pencil and inked with a sharpie fine point on lined paper (which was hell cleaning up). Waiting ę 2006 P. Tunison

Image: love_bite.jpg   799x482 33411 bytes 2006.04.18

Well, this one has a funny story with it... I was drawing it, had to answer the phone, and came back to find wax from my candle all over it... I cleaned it up best as I could, so yeah. I was also trying out a new pen to ink with, and as you can see, it was a *tiny* bit thick, so some lines are kinda screwed up.\r\n\r\nIf one of these two were me, I bet it would be the smaller one, I tend to get stuck in odd situations like this. Well, not the part of haveing have a larger dragon nibble on my tail before, but you get the idea. Drawn with pencil, inked with sharpie fine point (I gotta get an actual inking pen...) on the back of history workshee (hay, it's cheaper than *buying* paper. Call me POOR if need be).

Image: Grrr....jpg   800x780 31243 bytes 2006.02.15

there's always a point in life where our insignificance hits us. well, that is unless you're the dragon.\r\noriginal sketch spiffed up on GIMP\r\nartę2006 P. Tunison

Image: loyalty.jpg   783x768 83802 bytes 2006.02.07

woohoo!!! GIMP is FINALY up and running. and now i'm just getting confused with all the stuff...\r\nbut anyway, with this i tried to make it look like an old drawing on a fraying piece of parchment, but it's not perfect. Purgo happens to be showing his loyalty to his master/king/whatever somewheres in front of him.\r\nPurgo and artęPaul Tunison

Image: blame.GIF   774x461 6905 bytes 2006.02.06

you KNOW you've been in this situation before. maybe not as an anthromorphic dragon, but you get the idea. (yes, that's supposed to be the pointing hand of a dragon. note the nail. not human is it?) \r\nartęPaul Tunison (Tuna)

Image: the_power_(colored)_compressed.GIF   800x533 18473 bytes 2006.02.06

woohoo!!! go MS Paint!!! ok, yes, gimp is free but it wasn't working and i felt like finishing this on something... \r\nPurgo (in esence me as a dragon, but without wings 'cause i suck at drawing wings) vaporizes part of the rock with his chi power. \r\nPurgo and artęPaul Tunison (Tuna) \r\n

Image: Speki_B-day.jpg   579x389 25016 bytes 2006.02.06

so this is still in the early days of my drawings so it's not the best but it's a b-day present to one of my good friends who just happened to turn 17 (if you couldn't notice already from the pic)\r\nartęPaul Tunison (Tuna)

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