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Image: Child.jpg   501x367 54083 bytes 2005.09.03

I wanted to try to draw dark-themed art. This was drawn/colored in Photoshop with the tablet because my scanner is currently broken, and in pieces. Er... will be in pieces.

Image: Defect.jpg   668x698 92843 bytes 2005.08.19

Yay, blood brushes. There is a story behind this... kinda. Anyway, it's not the best work I've ever drawn. This was scanned and inked in MS Paint, and colored in Photoshop.

Image: Psycho.jpg   621x900 70759 bytes 2005.08.21

I, for some odd reason, liked her design. She has now joined the ranks as one of my many characters. And she has a story, yay. Her name's inventive, Defect. She's psycho, but still kind. She usually wouldn't hurt a fly. Amputation fetish, I dunno. O.O

Image: Seduction.jpg   594x700 74045 bytes 2005.08.26

Sorry about the size of the picture. This is the last picture of Defect I'll draw for awhile; I'm sure people are tired of her. At least on DA. I like how she came out in this. Again, drawn with pencil, inked in MS paint, colored in Photoshop.

Image: VCL.jpg   558x741 122501 bytes 2005.08.13

Another tablet drawn picture, colored in Photoshop. A reference picture was used, and I'm aware there is several flaws in anatomy.

Image: Voice.jpg   700x679 104028 bytes 2005.08.27

I wish I could use watercolors without smearing them all over the paper. I couldn't really think of a good background to put on this picture. Yes, I was listening to Metallica when drawing this. It's Defect with my Persona, Purple. (Really inventive name.) She's a long-haired chersire lynx-thing.

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