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Image: manical_animals?.jpg   635x399 95060 bytes 2002.06.09

Sketch of the first manical... wolf. !st version is in main directory, date 6/9/02

Image: zercorneredgrey.jpg   710x505 116877 bytes 2002.05.29

black pen. first in the Prime Cuisine series.\r\nSee how sloppy I sketch?\r\n\r\nZer is to Holly; Tyber to Push

Image: multi_consicous.pen.jpg   541x858 131171 bytes 2002.05.17

I asked FSc if I could do fan art for her.. d sesaidraanything as long as I enjoy drawing it(and she likes me art! wee!).. so.. I've been studying consicous for a few hours and this is what I have so far. . Just wanted to upload this before I fuck it up somehow. All black normal pen. Yesh.\r\n\r\nall characters FSc (Foo Swee Chin); art and maniqs Push Tyber

Image: insomnialogo1.jpg   429x464 15173 bytes 2002.04.20

Do not put this in the sketches section! The character's supossed to be so scribbly.. The background is as light as I could get it\r\nThis is Insomnia, and I fish I snagged from FAO Shwartz. He's as small as my palm, and he's kinda a mascot for Brain Damage.\r\n\r\nInsomnia and Brain Damage are to Push Tyber

Image: tyber_ickstand_sk.jpg   572x735 145203 bytes 2002.03.06

Yeah, I uploaded the sketch of Tyber cause it looks good and I loves the eye in the corner. Yeah.\r\n\r\nTyber, maniqs, and Brain Damage are to Push Tyber. Eat my toes.

Image: quickies1.jpg   810x544 90817 bytes 2002.02.13

my first quick chibi comic of Brain Damage. It took 5 minutes. Ok.. to explain. When someone comes to Camelot, they fall in from the sky.\r\n\r\nBrain Damage, Maniqs, The Natural One, etc are (c) to Push Tyber. Poof and CD are (c) to themselves

Image: Lucien_Mercy_mugshots.jpg   648x801 22104 bytes 2002.02.07

Quick sketch for Basil of what Lucien's face looks like. Mercy (Lucien's boyfriend) ended up in there too, eyes all dialated with his autistic, gay self. Here ya go Basil. Oh, and Mercy's still up for adoption. I think I made Lucien alittle too mean looking..\r\n\r\nLucien and Mercy, Chyriths, and Ahony Cometh are (c) to Push Tyber

Image: dark_shadowg.jpg   562x901 191683 bytes 2001.10.29

Trade with Dark Shadow from Side7 (the best archive possible). The color ersion should be up soon. The Dark Shadow is (c) to Dark Shadow

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