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Image: tuesday.jpg   432x800 68347 bytes 2003.01.26

Since I haven't uploaded in a while... Um... this is Tuesday... She's replacing Pyro, cuz I don't like to draw her anymore. Yeah... Bye!

Image: ali_cats_tummeh.JPG   671x536 84834 bytes 2003.01.04

Feed my hole. Now.

Image: ali_cats_toaster.JPG   461x495 63685 bytes 2003.01.04

Fear my toaster, for it owns you. Bwahahaha. *hack*

Image: ali_cat_smile.JPG   515x500 70447 bytes 2003.01.04

Look. Ali Cat stuff. Yay. And all rejoyce. In my head. Die.

Image: inhix.jpg   518x800 95633 bytes 2003.01.02

I just remembered that I can upload this here... x.x I've been niglecting VCL lately. I'm sorry. *hug*\r\n\r\nThis is half my art trade with the wonderful Inhix. Yes. Kill the Christmas music with her. Mwahaha

Image: toast.jpg   725x645 100960 bytes 2002.12.11

Did dis fer Char, cuz she's awesome, so I Shirley. Yay.

Image: for_de_vee_fixed.JPG   318x540 53258 bytes 2002.12.05

Picture for de amazing Vee from DA. My God I love her style. *expliods* This was doodled in my scetch book... I didn't feel like erasing the other pics... meh. She said I did the hair right. o____o Whee!!\r\n\r\nVee (c) to herself

Image: sometimes.jpg   691x800 123701 bytes 2002.11.30

Mmm... want a description? Look in DA. I likes this pic... yummyfull.\r\n\r\nImage (c) me

Image: Kaz_ragamuffin_boarder.jpg   446x439 32851 bytes 2002.11.26

Ragamuffin Kaz, for she is great. ^___^ *hearts*\r\n\r\n\r\nKaz (c) Karen G.\r\nRagamuffin (c) me i spose... x.x

Image: go_on_and_try.jpg   850x626 117147 bytes 2002.11.24

De bunnie gone hostile. hehehe, so cute. ^____^

Image: de_bunnie.JPG   249x246 26192 bytes 2002.11.24

Bunnie that Mikie saw in a dream. O.O De bunnie be greedy and no share eet's marshmallows! Evil bunnie!

Image: ac_ahh-choie.jpg   702x900 191946 bytes 2002.11.15

Been sneezing a lot lately. x.x Finaly found time to do a comic. Woo, go me. -.-

Image: ali_cat_the_stampede.jpg   1000x635 103316 bytes 2002.11.14

Donno if I can get away with putting this here... o.O It's not exactly like Vash... other than the color schyme and basic idea... but I like eet. OK?! She's part animal... She the cat ears?!? >.o Anyhow... I've watched so much Trigun and I heart eet to death. *dies* I love the people who make it. Yes. Oh... if you haven't noticed, that's Ali Cat. Blah.

Image: Zombie_person_with_head.jpg   290x428 35569 bytes 2002.11.07

Ok... so this is way off-topic... x.x *just likes saying off-topic*\r\n\r\nDoodle I did in 3rd... I'd love to show it to the arses who think I have isues that I need to talk to THEM about.

Image: chicken.JPG   555x377 51595 bytes 2002.11.07

Another off-topic like.. x.x\r\n\r\nUh... Ali Cat quoting from Fight Club... I like the quote... and it fit with something that my mom told me today... ^__^\r\n\r\nAli Cat (c) me fookers

Image: a_letter.JPG   241x262 25826 bytes 2002.11.07

Uh... I guess this might be off-topic like... meh...\r\n\r\nDrew this today in 1st period while watching a movie. The Scarlet Letter. I found the crazy little girl amusing. So I drew Ali Cat like her and whatnot. Whee. ^__^

Image: Plushies.jpg   680x800 130798 bytes 2002.11.05

I am so lazy.\r\n\r\nFrom DA: "I felt like doing a picture for three people who just rock my world. ^__^ The one on my head is Kaz, she was the first person to do gift art for me and she's just so awesome, so is her art. =3 The one in my arm is Twigs, I've talked to him and he really spinky and his art is so perty. And Chow is in my other hand, I've talked to her a lot and she's so... o________o hella cool. yup yup. They all have equal love in me heart. I love yew guys!! ^__^ Oh... Ali Cat... has COLOR! Wowzers. All the plushies are copyrighted to they're owners. Woo!"\r\n\r\nI love those guys, I really do. ^____^

Image: coloring_practice.jpg   705x875 222182 bytes 2002.11.01

Off-topic\r\n\r\nThis is just what the title says... Though I do like the things in it. I find them interesting. x.x I made a Zombi looking thing... and made it look weird. Squee! x.x

Image: fantasy_land.jpg   672x800 192467 bytes 2002.11.01

Pic I did for Char. Cuz she made a pic fer me and made pyro look so awesome. ^____^!!! *huggles her* :D This isn't finished... I just need to find sometime to color it and stop being so damn lazy. >.<

Image: Faerie_Queen.JPG   450x213 35817 bytes 2002.11.01

I like this little thing I put on the bottom of one of my comics. ^___^ She be so cute. yes. It was inspired by a Lenore comic I saw. Lenore be the best. o_______o

Image: We're_Just_Kids.jpg   780x1000 252178 bytes 2002.11.01

From DA description: "Uh... this happened yesterday when my class went to the corn maze... a maze made out of... corn stalks*found many short cuts ^__^*. There were little kids there... I don't like kids that much... yeah. Oh... this has nothing bad to say about midgets... or "short people" as some like to be called... So don't jump down my throat, ok? Ok..."\r\n\r\nI'm lazy as I said before. -.-

Image: Ali_Cat_DA_id.jpg   479x312 79824 bytes 2002.11.01

My DA id... Me likes. ^___^ Parts are grayish on purpose. Ok? ok...\r\n\r\nAli Cat is my lazy cartoon anthro char... cuz I'm just lazy. o_____o Hehe.\r\n\r\nAli Cat (c) me

Image: Ali_Cat_&_Junk_Bunnie.jpg   775x1000 260616 bytes 2002.11.01

I might as well up load my comics... they are anthro... I is so lazy. -.-\r\n\r\nThis is a comic I did for the wonderful Twigs on DeviantART [url=]Twigs DA[/url], check out his awesome stuff, yes. But yeah... some people don't get this comic, OH WELL. HA. ^___^

Image: hot_stuff.jpg   652x750 172781 bytes 2002.10.19

Wanna see a disctiption? Look in my DeviantArt thingie mibob... yeah.

Image: electracat.jpg   507x750 112233 bytes 2002.10.19

I drew this for Vee because her art and style is so pretty. *huggles it* She liked eet. o___o yum. I didn't realize it untill awhile ago that the hand pointing at the star is just wrong... oh well. Copyrights are on the pic.

Image: crayons.jpg   418x650 85877 bytes 2002.10.19

I keep forgeting to upload this to here. x.x Bad Ali, bad. \r\n\r\nI drew and colored this picture the day I got a new box of crayons, it made me so happy. o_____o\r\n\r\n^__^

Image: rainbow.jpg   774x825 174383 bytes 2002.10.04

Drawn for my friend. She didn't care for it, but I love it... -.- There is an explination for the words she's saying in my DeadJournal. I have a link to it in my main account area thingie mibob. :S yeah...\r\n\r\nRain and Bow (c) me

Image: green_liquid_ooo.jpg   655x750 143408 bytes 2002.10.02

Color. ^___^ Did the coloring in first period. Me think's it's purty. People told me they look like druggies... WE'RE NOT DRUGGIES!! *goes to snort a pixi stick...*\r\n\r\nFlying spatula's are good... yesssss... o______o

Image: needle.jpg   863x1000 237481 bytes 2002.10.01

This is a gift pic I drew for the amazing Charmaine! I talked to her on MSN last night and found out that she's as spinky as her art. o______o*yes, that is a good thing* Her art is like... the best.*noddles head* yuh huh, this is true. So... I'm gonna color this later... I'm hoping when all her art trades are done that she'll color this with her awesome CG talentness. Before I drew this I looked at her stuff and did something that I call *absorbed* her style and drew Pyro in her style too. Prettyfull. Copyright stuff is on the pic.\r\n\r\n*glomps and huggles Char* I heart yew!

Image: guess_what_time_it_is.jpg   721x950 153744 bytes 2002.09.21

My mom's fat dog never, even if her life depended on it, shuts up. She barks constantly. So... I like the threaten her with my mom's riding crop. o___o It works. I haven't hit her yet, only house hold objects that would make it sound really painful. I don't think I'll be coloring this picture. I'm going to ink it more and whatnot, but no color.\r\n\r\nImage (c) me

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