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Image: audrear.gif   338x596 31231 bytes 2002.06.15

This is my demonic goat-dragon think named Aud(pronounced odd). He's showin off his tail and mane i guess...wnated to draw his rear end lmao(not really..i just did though) so ya...

Image: dedalldrunkandhigh.jpg   422x783 70906 bytes 2002.06.21

THis is Ded all screwed up. He got alot of piercings and tatoo's, not to mentiona he even stiched a heart onto his tummy. He also pierced his pants >.<

Image: gimmeeyursoul.gif   461x507 26604 bytes 2002.06.15

This is my dead squirrel named Ded(pronouced dead) so ya...he wants your soul...then he'll eat it XD

Image: inkyunicorn2.jpg   758x667 62351 bytes 2002.07.19

big SEMI-REALISTIC unicorn...i tried...i failed so don't laugh or i'll be cross. i dont think i want to try that again

Image: scribblyinpain.jpg   644x619 88255 bytes 2002.06.15

its raining blood! i just felt liek drawing Scribbly...a dog thing. Ya, he hurts...all over. See his face twist in pain? COMPLTETLY mouse drawn...and then touched up iwth adobe

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