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Image: PoorPrincess.jpg   504x864 92601 bytes 1999.06.28

Just a character I made up while just messing around with a sketch... doesn't she look sad? Yeah I know... Well this Princess Majai'a is (c) Quarla Van Ness, 1999... maybe she'll show up in the future... doubt it but stilll... she's an intersting wolfie...\n

Image: Sketchies.jpg   1264x1205 142833 bytes 1999.06.22

Just a bunch of stupid nonsense sketches I did at like 5 and 6 in the morning... I'm on a really odd schedule... O.o Don't ask... :) btw... why evil eye do you like best? I like the red with yellow outline.. not the one on the right the one on the left! :)\n

Image: Kitties.jpg   761x580 49440 bytes 1999.06.20

Just some stupid kitty drawings... take 'em if you want... these I don't care on... ('cause they sorta SUCK)...\n

Image: IgweClr.jpg   1280x562 107373 bytes 1999.06.20

Was bored sometime while going out to dinner, and I love iguanas. When I drew the iguana I was like... add a cricket that looks like an alien! I know! :) And that's how this picture was thought up... Igwe the iguana (c) Quarla Van Ness, 1999\n

Image: somedog.jpg   972x891 86199 bytes 1999.06.20

Just like the description says... it's some Kaylall(my Arctic Thunder character) lookingish dog...\n

Image: NenDen.jpg   1024x580 74398 bytes 1999.06.20

When Eli saw Kendara she was like, OH COOL! I WANT ONE... so I drew her Nendara... then I remembered how much I owed Marya, so I drew Dendara... Nendara (c) Elisa Booth and Dendara (c) Mayra Boyle... and lastly, the picture itself is (c) me :)\n

Image: Kendara.gif   556x864 189260 bytes 1999.06.20

I've very proud of this picture, took me like 3 hours from start to finish, but it was worth it... I think I may make her a character on Fluffmuck... hehe... Kendara (c) Quarla Van Ness, 1999..\n

Image: Sk8rChick.jpg   546x675 43373 bytes 1999.06.19

Another skater piccie! And with a male skater came the rare female skater... which I am!! Yeah!! :) hehe... anyways... I made so many mistakes on this one it's not even funny *blushes sheepishly* Sorry to upload this Sh*tty piccie... but unfortunatly she's still (c) me...\n

Image: UnfinSk8Guy.jpg   366x675 92693 bytes 1999.06.17

Yeah... it's not finished... what can I say... I didn't sleep all night and was bored tormenting my friends at school... (LOOSERS! I got out a year early! MUAHAH!) Anyways! This is just a skater furry I made after going to a Skate Park about an hour from my house! IT was SOOOOOO cool!! :) anyways! Sk8r guy (c) me :) 1999\n

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