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Image: Barcat.jpg   900x900 80995 bytes 2000.12.14

It's a kitty! Not just any kitty either, and not always one, even then. She's a common sight on TapestriesMUCK, either on, behind or sprawled across the bar, serving in all kinds of different ways.\r\nThis character is obviously Windchyme's Player, and the art is myself. Else it woulden't be here :)\n

Image: Minnowsketch-s.jpg   568x487 29567 bytes 2000.12.15

It's an otter! Or supposed to be anyway, though some say it looks more like a weasel. Anyways, this otter was a character of mine on FurrySpace, a child-like, amnesiac engineer to be precice.\n

Image: Quasnia.jpg   560x852 187342 bytes 2000.12.14

Well kids, this is me. Well, my main character anyway. She's not exactly furry, but I'm hoping the shine on her scales will help take away from that :)\n

Image: sketch2.jpg   400x435 39185 bytes 2000.12.15

This sketch is of a great friend of mine, Silver, of FurrySpace Mu*. It's my first properly equine attempt, it is, will full permissions and copyrights. Enjoy. :) \r\n\n

Image: wind2.jpg   337x641 54800 bytes 2000.12.14

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