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Image: nupogodi-fin.jpg   600x703 92398 bytes 2012.09.01

Volk and Zayats

("Well, Just you wait!" - Wolf and Hare)\r\n\r\nYay - Soviet cartoon fanart.\r\n\r\nI recently got into Nu, Pogodi! and desperately wanted a decent t-shirt of the characters except... there is no such animal, unless I wanted to settle for Volk and Zayats holding hands in bondage gear. :D (It was tempting, but work would complain.) I thought, "I have two hands and a pencil. Why not." The rest is history.

Image: noxalandauspex2c.jpg   1000x990 240108 bytes 2012.09.01

Noxal and Auspex

Commission for Noxal on FA of he and Auspex preening each other and generally being birdy. :)

Image: chojinbadgecommission-fin.jpg   400x531 58687 bytes 2012.08.29

Chojin Conbadge

Commission number ten for Chojin, a conbadge of his character. :D This was actually rather fun to do as I don't normally get to do odd lighting in marker anymore.

Image: lumikelluke-fbsmall.jpg   800x1126 289521 bytes 2012.08.29

An Invitation

Commission for Wolfwings of their character Lumi Kelluke gesturing for the viewer to join him at a rave. This is the cropped version of the character standing at the doorway and it was the initial idea.

Image: higginsdragon01a.jpg   700x798 133988 bytes 2012.08.29


A commission for Higgins of his dragon character settling down for a treat! A lot of fun with this commission. I really like doing clean art as I find it more challenging.

Image: sovietpropaganda.jpg   600x802 186654 bytes 2012.08.29

Everything for the Front, Everything for Victory

I desperately wanted to do a patriotic Russian picture. This was entirely inspired by the cover art to the DVD series, "Animated Soviet Propaganda". In fact the entire image concept IS the cover art, just substituting a bear. No tracing involved, everything by hand, though the resemblance is pretty damn obvious.\r\n\r\nThe text reads, "Everything for the front, everything for victory."

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Image: zayatscomparison.jpg   1275x700 171079 bytes 2012.08.29

Drink Carrot Juice!

The text reads, "Drink Carrot Juice!"\r\n\r\nRecently watching my favorite Russian cartoon series, "Nu, Pogodi!", I became enamored with this poster within the cartoon. I have watched this series to death. I've known of this poster for some time. But I wanted Zayats (the hare) to sell me some carrot juice. And sex sells.

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Image: 1211892422.quelyntr_piratestory.jpg   600x800 230344 bytes 2012.08.29

A Pirate Story

A young fox and his mother get really involved in a book. Done as a submission to an online children's magazine. I'm not particularly happy with this image and I could fix it, but I spent days developing carpal tunnel over it and really don't want to look at it ever again.

Image: volk14.jpg   967x1200 199328 bytes 2012.08.29

Nu, Zayats...

What can I say, I love Volk from Nu, Pogodi!, my favorite Russian cartoon, in true furry fashion.

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Image: bunnyfoxbar.jpg   650x768 165592 bytes 2009.07.03

A commissioned piece for the guys at Rabbit Valley. Fox wanted a picture of a picture: they had been out for a night of drinks and got the bartender to take a picture of the two of them in a casual happy moment at the bar. He didn't ask for it, but I took the idea a tiny step further and made a sort of Polaroid version of the piece and "stuck" it on corkboard... and then put text on it. I'm really tired... I'm not quite sure why I went the extra mile other than I thought it would look nice. The text was my idea too! Bark! :D

Image: kovinvitation.jpg   800x698 115868 bytes 2009.04.24

A commissioned piece. (Sketched separately; painted in Adobe Photoshop CS2.)

Image: kovinvitation-detail.jpg   600x635 92222 bytes 2009.04.23

Detail shot.

Image: bunnyfoxspring.jpg   550x739 102598 bytes 2009.02.14

A spring commission for the guys at Rabbit Valley. (Colored using Adobe Photoshop CS2.)

Image: xmasfoxbunny.jpg   550x617 80005 bytes 2009.02.14

A Christmas commission for the guys at Rabbit Valley. (Colored using Adobe Photoshop CS2.)

Image: tonycherry.jpg   750x542 123227 bytes 2009.01.24

A commission for Jonssa of his character Tony tickling my dragoness Cherry's hindpaws. (Colored using Adobe Photoshop CS2 and CS3.)

Image: kirakiarynbadges2.jpg   700x469 99306 bytes 2009.01.24

A conbadge commission for Shogunshiron of he and his mate Ryn. I actually like doing badges that make one big badge; I find they're a nice way to express friendship between two people. ^^ (Prismacolor markers on Bristol.)\r\n

Image: atahrr.jpg   500x667 100657 bytes 2008.07.28

More tablet practice. (Painted with Corel Painter X.)

Image: padmir.jpg   550x796 85744 bytes 2008.07.23

Tablet practice. (Painted in Corel Painter X.)

Image: bunnyfoxrollercoaster.jpg   600x750 162988 bytes 2008.07.12

A birthday card made for one of the guys at Rabbit Valley. (Colored using Adobe Photoshop CS2.)

Image: wherewouldibewithoutyou.jpg   600x818 124452 bytes 2008.07.02

A piece of gift art for the owners of Rabbit Valley, who're celebrating their anniversary today. :) (Colored using Adobe Photoshop CS2.)

Image: mitral.jpg   600x714 99479 bytes 2008.06.15

A commissioned piece for Mitral Dragon. (Sketched separately; painted in Adobe Photoshop CS2.)

Image: thestarwatcher.jpg   600x900 62304 bytes 2008.06.06

The Starwatcher closes her eyes and lets her heart sing with the stars. Done in tribute to Aurora Starwing/The Starwatcher.

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Image: tonyayakograndia.jpg   800x686 192549 bytes 2008.05.27

A commissioned piece. Tony, like a thief in the night, once again manages to get not one but two cute dragonesses into a prime stealth-tickle position. (Colored using Adobe Photoshop CS2.)

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Image: fluffydragon.jpg   500x667 115278 bytes 2008.04.16

A fluffy white dragon seems pleased with his arcane acquisition. (Rendered from scratch in Adobe Photoshop CS2.)\r\n

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Image: dragoncover.jpg   600x655 128747 bytes 2008.02.21

A mean red dragon has found the leprechaun's pot of gold and decides to keep it for his hoard. Meanwhile, a troupe of forest critters seize the moment. Done as a submission for an online children's magazine. (Adobe Photoshop CS2.)

Image: wolfybadge.jpg   600x450 81989 bytes 2008.02.08

Done as a conbadge trade. (Adobe Photoshop CS2.)

Image: piratestory.jpg   600x800 230344 bytes 2008.01.18

A young fox and his mother get *really* involved in a book; done as a submission for an online children's magazine. (Mixed media on illustration board.)

Image: claude.jpg   500x554 101263 bytes 2008.01.08

Claude takes time out of his routine to meditate on the sound of his heartbeat. (Prismacolor markers on Bristol.)

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Image: cobalt.jpg   800x600 106611 bytes 2007.12.11

A commissioned piece. Dressed in his shaman's garb, Cobalt studies while applying water runes on his limbs with magical paint. (Adobe Photoshop CS2.)

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Image: stripeddragon.jpg   600x453 86140 bytes 2007.11.26

A striped forest dragon looks back at the viewer. Mixed media on toned pastel paper.

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