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Image: foxmagicbunny.jpg   900x957 146337 bytes 2012.09.01


A commission for the folks at Rabbit Valley. I do various cards for them every so often. :) This is one of them.

Image: grendeldragon02.jpg   500x624 58628 bytes 2006.01.02

For my Drawing final project. Based off John Gardner's "Grendel", where Grendel meets the dragon. Done using watercolors, Prismacolor pencils, some Prismacolor marker, and acrylic paint.\r\n

Image: grendelork02.jpg   550x686 63750 bytes 2006.01.02

The third in the final project series. Grendel taunts the blind priest, Ork. Done using Sakura Micron pens and graphite.

Image: grendelunferth02.jpg   550x691 55017 bytes 2006.01.02

The second in the final project series. Grendel teases the would-be hero Unferth. Done using Prismacolor markers.

Image: happynewyear(2014).jpg   1000x885 330091 bytes 2014.01.19

Happy New Year 2014!

A New Year's image for Rabbit Valley.

Image: higginsbakingfin.jpg   1000x970 250428 bytes 2012.10.25


Commission for Higgins Dragon of his character whipping up some tasty treats.

Image: higginsdragon01a.jpg   700x798 133988 bytes 2012.08.29


A commission for Higgins of his dragon character settling down for a treat! A lot of fun with this commission. I really like doing clean art as I find it more challenging.

Image: image.jpg   729x1000 192659 bytes 2013.01.01

Commission for Tony Raccoon on FA of a dragoness to be used on a future commission. The idea was to make sort of a "supermodel dragoness".

Image: kakskazat.jpg   773x1000 241017 bytes 2014.02.23

How to Say...

I had a lesson with my teacher, whom Shura is based on. We are working to translate an essay of mine into Russian, and it is having her sit and think for long stretches of time trying to reword my thoughts into coherent speech. I had much time to ponder her as she sat in thought, writing things down in hurried Cyrillic (which, side note, it's fascinating to see shorthand Russian). Her beautiful face and blue eyes are very captivating, and often it is hard to think about the lesson when she is speaking. It was sort of a treat to have her silent and be able to pine quietly to myself. I also... hate... that goddamn headband she wears. She is much prettier with her hair not pulled back, but she insists on wearing it, probably because it's practical.

Image: kirakiarynbadges2.jpg   700x469 99306 bytes 2009.01.24

A conbadge commission for Shogunshiron of he and his mate Ryn. I actually like doing badges that make one big badge; I find they're a nice way to express friendship between two people. ^^ (Prismacolor markers on Bristol.)\r\n

Image: kovinvitation-detail.jpg   600x635 92222 bytes 2009.04.23

Detail shot.

Image: kovinvitation.jpg   800x698 115868 bytes 2009.04.24

A commissioned piece. (Sketched separately; painted in Adobe Photoshop CS2.)

Image: Kraz.jpg   782x1000 254064 bytes 2013.01.01


Commission of Kraz on FA as a skvader (rabbit-gryphon) hybrid.

Image: lumikelluke-fbsmall.jpg   800x1126 289521 bytes 2012.08.29

An Invitation

Commission for Wolfwings of their character Lumi Kelluke gesturing for the viewer to join him at a rave. This is the cropped version of the character standing at the doorway and it was the initial idea.

Image: maxjulia.jpg   500x636 103976 bytes 2006.01.04

For the hell of it. :) Colored using Photoshop 7.

Image: mitral.jpg   600x714 99479 bytes 2008.06.15

A commissioned piece for Mitral Dragon. (Sketched separately; painted in Adobe Photoshop CS2.)

Image: nayokoandkokichi.jpg   1000x948 310703 bytes 2012.10.08


Kiriban for Nayoko_Ventila on FA of her and her mate showing that distance is just a word.

Image: newyears.jpg   907x1000 246805 bytes 2013.02.11

Ner Year's In Moscow

Kiriban (finally) for sickcat on FA, of he and his boyfriend enjoying the fireworks in Moscow on New Year's. I wanted this to be done in time for New Year's, but got caught up with things. At least it's in time for Old New Year's. :)

Image: noxalandauspex2c.jpg   1000x990 240108 bytes 2012.09.01

Noxal and Auspex

Commission for Noxal on FA of he and Auspex preening each other and generally being birdy. :)

Image: nupogodi-fin.jpg   600x703 92398 bytes 2012.09.01

Volk and Zayats

("Well, Just you wait!" - Wolf and Hare)\r\n\r\nYay - Soviet cartoon fanart.\r\n\r\nI recently got into Nu, Pogodi! and desperately wanted a decent t-shirt of the characters except... there is no such animal, unless I wanted to settle for Volk and Zayats holding hands in bondage gear. :D (It was tempting, but work would complain.) I thought, "I have two hands and a pencil. Why not." The rest is history.

Image: oberon.jpg   600x822 136240 bytes 2007.10.19

Oberon, King of the Fairies, looks out on his forest realm. Adobe Photoshop CS2.

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Image: padmir.jpg   550x796 85744 bytes 2008.07.23

Tablet practice. (Painted in Corel Painter X.)

Image: piratestory.jpg   600x800 230344 bytes 2008.01.18

A young fox and his mother get *really* involved in a book; done as a submission for an online children's magazine. (Mixed media on illustration board.)

Image: quelbadge.jpg   338x250 18146 bytes 2005.08.22

A conbadge for myself, made on the fly. Colored with Prismacolor markers.

Image: redfoxvswhitefox.jpg   600x360 80952 bytes 2007.11.17

The Boston Red Fox versus the Chicago White Fox. :) A commissioned piece. (Adobe Photoshop CS2.)

Image: roothroo.jpg   758x1000 170107 bytes 2012.12.19


Commission for Rooth of his character Rooth'roo throwing caution (and ice cream) to the wind.

Image: sashaandsnowpawz.jpg   733x1000 162908 bytes 2014.01.19

Sasha and Snowpawz

Commission for Kirbs on FA of African wild dog Sasha and snow leopard Snowpawz hugging inside of a raining house. Based on a true story. told as, and I quote, "The first time myself and Pawz went out together, I took him for a walk through Sydney's botanical gardens. Set up just outside was that amazing raining house. Both of us loved the experience so much! I wanted to commission some artwork of it, to go with the sweet memories ^_^"

Image: shura3.jpg   773x1000 232276 bytes 2014.01.19


I recently did a picture by the same name, and ever since, I've had this image in my head. &#1055;&#1086;&#1076;&#1089;&#1086;&#1083;&#1085;&#1091;&#1093; means sunflower. At the time I was referring to the character affectionately, but then I wanted to be even more affectionate with the term in this piece.\r\n\r\nBackground heavily referenced because I can't draw flowers for shit. :/

Image: shuramirror.jpg   1000x739 352775 bytes 2014.01.19

Tiger in the Mirror

A quick sketch of Shura looking out of a window. A failed experiment of reflection, but it was fun. I haven't used an H pencil in years. Mostly this entire thing was an excuse to do art in bed. :D

Image: shurapainting.jpg   1000x727 177043 bytes 2014.02.23

Tiger Stripes

If Katya is an off-shoot of myself, I wanted her to dabble in art, supposedly painting this picture of her lover, Shura. I also wanted it to seem like her tail could move at any second, like she's moving it away with her hand.\r\n\r\nThis is a reactionary picture. I gave the person whom Shura is based off a picture done for me by TeknicolorTiger, and she cited religion, saying she had a problem with nudity. Mind. TeknicolorTiger did like, the most artistic, non-porny nude of Shura possible, but nudity is wrong. This got to me. I wanted to draw Shura nude in the most tasteful way possible while showing off those beautiful back stripes of hers... because I fucking can.\r\n\r\nPut in clean folder because it's very tasteful.

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