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Image: shurastanding.jpg   619x1000 161598 bytes 2012.10.22


Squeaky clean art of Shura. I promise it won't be habitual. She is based off a real person, so sometimes I muse about the reality of it all, as opposed to the fantasy.\r\n\r\nI don't like putting furries in boots or shoes. It seems to me that their paws would be uncomfortably restricted. But it was required here.

Image: siverwyntsaervulf2.jpg   485x700 109279 bytes 2007.07.07

Some art for myself for a change. Colored using Photoshop CS2.

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Image: solaris.jpg   600x822 126486 bytes 2007.10.05

A "redo" of the old version, done in 2003; basically a change of lighting, shading, and background. Colored in Photoshop CS2.\r\n\r\n

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Image: sovietpropaganda.jpg   600x802 186654 bytes 2012.08.29

Everything for the Front, Everything for Victory

I desperately wanted to do a patriotic Russian picture. This was entirely inspired by the cover art to the DVD series, "Animated Soviet Propaganda". In fact the entire image concept IS the cover art, just substituting a bear. No tracing involved, everything by hand, though the resemblance is pretty damn obvious.\r\n\r\nThe text reads, "Everything for the front, everything for victory."

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Image: stalker.jpg   1000x785 201884 bytes 2012.12.18

Good Hunting, Stalker

Commission for Anubis010 on FA of his character as a loner from S.T.A.L.K.E.R. settling down for a quick bite of Tourist's Delight in between scouting for artifacts. This commission was really fun to do, as I had an excuse to play video games for reference. Hopefully nailed down the radioactive wasteland effect. I noticed in the game it was always either cloudy and overcast or raining, so I wanted it to look like there was a storm brewing or gone past.

Image: stripeddragon.jpg   600x453 86140 bytes 2007.11.26

A striped forest dragon looks back at the viewer. Mixed media on toned pastel paper.

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Image: themysticsands.jpg   673x1000 198084 bytes 2014.01.19

The Mystic Sands

Book cover commission for Rabbit Valley. The characters have stumbled upon an earth-shattering ancient secret. Story done by Alflor Aalto.

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Image: thestarwatcher.jpg   600x900 62304 bytes 2008.06.06

The Starwatcher closes her eyes and lets her heart sing with the stars. Done in tribute to Aurora Starwing/The Starwatcher.

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Image: tonyandsharanna.jpg   1001x1000 218497 bytes 2013.01.02

Tony and Sharanna

Tony Raccoon manages to wrestle Sharanna into a compromising position.

Image: tonyayakograndia.jpg   800x686 192549 bytes 2008.05.27

A commissioned piece. Tony, like a thief in the night, once again manages to get not one but two cute dragonesses into a prime stealth-tickle position. (Colored using Adobe Photoshop CS2.)

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Image: tonycherry.jpg   750x542 123227 bytes 2009.01.24

A commission for Jonssa of his character Tony tickling my dragoness Cherry's hindpaws. (Colored using Adobe Photoshop CS2 and CS3.)

Image: trevorfuzzbadge.jpg   250x331 21594 bytes 2005.08.31

A badge for Fuzzwolf of his fox character Trevor. Unfortunately his paws are a little off in shade (no thanks to yours truly *^^). Colored using Prismacolor markers.

Image: volk14.jpg   967x1200 199328 bytes 2012.08.29

Nu, Zayats...

What can I say, I love Volk from Nu, Pogodi!, my favorite Russian cartoon, in true furry fashion.

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Image: wherewouldibewithoutyou.jpg   600x818 124452 bytes 2008.07.02

A piece of gift art for the owners of Rabbit Valley, who're celebrating their anniversary today. :) (Colored using Adobe Photoshop CS2.)

Image: wolfwingsconbadge04a-small.jpg   750x1000 159957 bytes 2014.01.19

Lumi Kelluke Conbadge

Conbadge commission from Wolfwings, a complete redo of the same pose as his last picture, but darker and more glowy. Don't know if I pulled either concept off well though.

Image: wolfybadge.jpg   600x450 81989 bytes 2008.02.08

Done as a conbadge trade. (Adobe Photoshop CS2.)

Image: xmasfoxbunny.jpg   550x617 80005 bytes 2009.02.14

A Christmas commission for the guys at Rabbit Valley. (Colored using Adobe Photoshop CS2.)

Image: zayatscomparison.jpg   1275x700 171079 bytes 2012.08.29

Drink Carrot Juice!

The text reads, "Drink Carrot Juice!"\r\n\r\nRecently watching my favorite Russian cartoon series, "Nu, Pogodi!", I became enamored with this poster within the cartoon. I have watched this series to death. I've known of this poster for some time. But I wanted Zayats (the hare) to sell me some carrot juice. And sex sells.

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