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Image: clawz1.png   195x700 38296 bytes 2005.11.15

...but the Tintin books stayed ;_;\r\n\r\nClawz: A diary comic with a format ripped off of a million others. First episode.

Image: lesb01.jpg   800x735 218267 bytes 2005.10.25

Martika and Danielle, a couple of lobsters in their mid-thirties, share a touching moment on the day of their death.

Image: rlammy.jpg   175x521 37350 bytes 2006.05.15

Renee Brennan as Um Jammer Lammy.\r\n\r\nMaterials: Computer paper, mechanical pencil, Wacom Bluetooth Graphire tablet, and Photoshop.

Image: rmbcharsheet.jpg   800x719 237091 bytes 2005.10.14

Character sheet for Renee Brennan, a female Stage IV lobster. I kind of messed up the knees on the right model, but otherwise, I'm fairly happy with the final product.

Image: snowz.jpg   264x513 41940 bytes 2005.10.12

Female lobster Renee Brennan, flipping off the camera four times on a fabulous ski resort. (I had a lot of fun illustrating the clothing.)\r\n\r\nI have no idea what sport she intends to take part in, considering her feet are too large for boots.

Image: splash1-3.gif   500x433 72301 bytes 2005.11.16

Martika and Danielle, debating another purchase.\r\n\r\n(Lobsters sort of do this in lieu of clapping, you see.)

Image: tv.jpg   500x664 114751 bytes 2005.10.19

Female lobster Renee Brennan, enjoying some quality television at a makeshift entertainment center.\r\nFirst in a series. You'll know when it's done.

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