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Image: eterni-final.jpg   900x517 169476 bytes 2007.05.04

Eterni Stoopidmutt commission

Commission for Eterni Stoopidmutt of his characters Fenook (badger), Coin (pipistrelle), Lazuro (gryphon), and Bother (hyena).\r\n\r\nCharacters Eterni Stoopidmutt. Image R.F. Tigermode.

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Image: tal-finale.jpg   643x800 142661 bytes 2007.05.04

Tal Silverclaw commission

Commission for Tal Silverclaw of his fursona.\r\n\r\nCharacter Tal Silverclaw. Image R.F. Tigermode.

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Image: vox_judo.jpg   800x566 123990 bytes 2007.05.04

Vox Anteron commission - Judo Match

Commission for Vox Anteron of his character, Frank, engaging in a rather one-sided judo match with an eagle.\r\n\r\nFrank Phil Robertson. Image R.F. Tigermode.

Image: Vox_portrait_final.jpg   559x825 117778 bytes 2007.05.04

Vox Anteron commission

Commission for Vox Anteron of his fursona.\r\n\r\nVox Phil Robertson. Image R.F. Tigermode.

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