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Image: Friendly_Skies.jpg   617x800 152476 bytes 2003.07.27

Another college project. I had been reading a story about dragons that took part in the air raids during World War II. This group happened to favor London. I thought bomber-dragons might be a fun image to portray. I did this with ink, watercolor and colored pencil.

Image: Fairy_Wave.jpg   241x480 40943 bytes 2003.07.27

Fairy-meets-furry construction. This was also a techniques exercise - I wanted to see if I could effect translucent/iridescent wings. This pic was done with watercolor and colored pencil.

Image: D'Jag_Dreams.jpg   570x800 117206 bytes 2003.07.27

This is probably the oldest image I will post on VCL. I painted this as an outside-of-class project while I was in college, just for fun. The proportions are whacked, but I thought it a fun techniques piece and decided to post it, none-the-less. I did this with watercolor and colored pencil. I erased the background with water several times and then redid it, hence the soft edges.

Image: Demon's_Orb.jpg   550x734 110595 bytes 2003.07.27

Just a fuzzy little demon type satyr type critter that I drew up quite a while back. The initial drawing was done with ink and colored pencil, then cut out and pasted to black color-aid paper. The lighting and orb were drawn with colored pencil on the black paper.

Image: Wolfish.jpg   385x500 41813 bytes 2003.07.25

Series: Blast n' Burn. Witness the Amazing Floppy Disk Gun, or the Toaster o' Death, whichever you prefer. He's also a telecommunications operator in his spare time. This pic was done with ink and watercolor.

Image: Tigress_with_Spaceship_Guns.jpg   549x700 88123 bytes 2003.07.25

Series: Blast n' Burn. The guns were inspired by some space ships in an Aliens comic. The armor is... pointless, but shiny, which is all that matters if you're the one with the big-damn-guns. This pic was done with ink and watercolor.

Image: Squidgirl.jpg   571x785 96333 bytes 2003.07.25

Squid anthro. Heh heh heh. You'll notice that her mouth is not on her face. Okay, on top of everything else, I'm a huge Cthulhu fan. I like Monsters From the Abyss, and I felt that I had to draw something anthro-akin to them. Squelch.

Image: Red-winged_Goddess.jpg   675x750 133766 bytes 2003.07.25

I did this one a while back; it's mostly a study done with Erte's faboo fashion designs in mind. I intend to add some background later, but I liked the image as it was and decided to post it up. It was done in ink and marker.

Image: Mules_for_CenCon.jpg   596x562 64189 bytes 2003.07.25

One doesn't see many anthro mules... These were to be the character mascots for a convention at CMSU, Warrensburg, but someone decided that the gun was too violent. Right. This pic was done with ink and marker.

Image: Masque_Burning_Bright.jpg   600x720 158695 bytes 2003.07.25

I've lately begun to concentrate on my hard-edged black-and-white technique. This is one of my recent images in a new series on the theme of Masquerade. I will be coloring her later, of course!

Image: Maelificat.jpg   800x590 127496 bytes 2003.07.25

This is one of my favorite new pictures. I was studying the chrome-effects of Julie Bell, and I combined them with a draco design I'd scribbled out during a chemistry class in college. This pic was done with ink, watercolor, acrylic and colored pencil.

Image: Jazzdragon_9.jpg   573x800 97437 bytes 2003.07.25

This is another in the Jazzdragon series. I have nine to date, but only the last two are truly anthro enough to consider for VCL. There are a few of the others up in my Elfwood galleries. These trumpeteers were done with ink, markers and colored pencils.

Image: Jazzdragon_8.jpg   647x700 124276 bytes 2003.07.25

This is a design that is being used in the promotion of the Kansas City bid for the 2006 Worldcon. This is also one of my few dragon anthros. The pic was done with ink, marker and colored pencil.

Image: Gryphon_and_Angel.jpg   654x800 98775 bytes 2003.07.25

This is a fulfilled request for TJ-not-my-brother. It's one of my first fully-digital coloring jobs. The cloud background is from my own photo collection.

Image: Dancers_for_the_Sun.jpg   764x706 173365 bytes 2003.07.25

This is the only other overtly Egyptian-themed picture I have done to date. It was more of a motion study than anything else, but I liked the figures well enough to go to the trouble of throwing in some lotus and lily motifs in the background. This pic was done with ink, watercolor, marker and colored pencil.

Image: Cowtown_Fights_image.jpg   643x800 74209 bytes 2003.07.25

This is the logo that the Kansas City Cowtown Fights Association will use in some of its promotional material. I was thinking to myself, "What if Jean Claude van Damme was a minotaur?" This pic was done with gouache and ink.

Image: Bovine_Goddess.jpg   450x619 94225 bytes 2003.07.25

This is a portrait of a good-natured earth-goddess I encountered during my studies in college. This picture was done with ink, watercolor and a hint of colored pencil.

Image: Bazooka_Dragons.jpg   700x519 139932 bytes 2003.07.25

Series: Blast n' Burn. These robo-anthro dragons are dealing some heavy damage to an approaching convoy of armoured slugs... This is a quick-color comp done with ink and markers.

Image: TJ's_Band_Happee.jpg   628x800 168109 bytes 2003.07.19

The character of my brother's band changes with the weather - ie, rapidly and unpredictably. This is one of the original incarnations. This pic was done with ink and marker.

Image: Tiger_Girl_and_Unicorn_Jungle.jpg   700x653 127786 bytes 2003.07.19

This is one of the first computer-genned images I did. The flowers and greenery are modified photos I took in St. Louis, MO. The pegasus is painted in, and the tigirl is a comp-colored pencil sketch.

Image: Tiger_and_his_Kitty.jpg   656x800 133318 bytes 2003.07.19

This is a fulfilled request for Stanton; Rudy and Sally are his. This is a much looser style than that which I usually use, but it turned out well enough to warrant color. The pic was done with ink, marker and colored pencil.

Image: Sun_and_Sand.jpg   546x800 142226 bytes 2003.07.19

A caracal family enjoys a day at the edge of the water hole. These are modeled loosely on random people photo'ed on a float trip. The pic was done with colored pencil over watercolor.

Image: Sir_Michael_Shows_the_English_Colors.jpg   542x800 156080 bytes 2003.07.19

Sir Michael ALWAYS wins the joust at the Kansas City Ren Fest. He just has the best horse, I guess. This pic was done with colored pencil over watercolor.

Image: Shining_Soldier.jpg   637x794 148165 bytes 2003.07.19

Hooray for Egyptian motifs! I dig bugs, and I dig wings, and I dig cats with spots, so here we are. This pic was done with ink, markers, colored pencil and watercolor.

Image: Screaming_Death.jpg   609x800 153119 bytes 2003.07.19

If anyone else has ever owned sun conures, you know exactly why I call this "Screaming Death". Damn birds. This pic was done with ink, marker, colored pencil and watercolor.

Image: Rasaphe_and_Catlord.jpg   618x750 129632 bytes 2003.07.19

Older pic; random characters. I'd intended to do more with these two but my interest waned. Pic was done with ink, marker and colored pencil.

Image: Qestcha_color.jpg   544x800 145798 bytes 2003.07.19

I had a Disney/Don Bleuth moment. No, it's not a copyright-protected charater; Qestcha is my own. The ruins are Mayan-inspired. The pic was done with watercolor and colored pencil.

Image: Ol'_Painless_Give_You_a_Kiss.jpg   673x540 103597 bytes 2003.07.19

This pleasant fellow is based on Blain from the movie Predator. Now: Can anyone tell me how much a gatling gun and a thousand rounds of ammunition weighs? This pic was done with ink, marker and colored pencil.

Image: Moonlight_Sales_Event.jpg   533x800 144652 bytes 2003.07.19

These are more randome people from the Kansas City Ren Fest. They weren't all standing together; I compiled several reference photos. I was really impressed with the variety of costumes on Highlander Day. This pic was done with colored pencil over watercolor.

Image: Lightbringer_color.jpg   589x800 145230 bytes 2003.07.19

The character design was inspired by Capcom's Megaman game series. The picture was done with ink, watercolor, colored pencil and metallic effects, which don't show up here.

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