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Image: snow.jpg   930x531 221151 bytes 2005.10.24

SnowRose lays herself out before her mate. Not always proud of the way she looks...she has no doubt of her beauty when looking to those clear blue eyes.\r\n\r\nArtwork(c)Destre'edre

Image: SnowRoseRivenstar_1115256478_simple-truth.jpg   475x750 55421 bytes 2005.10.24

It's important to rememmber that we are never more or less...than ourselves. We try to hide behind perfections and "truths" that we can never attain...and with each attempt we lose a bit more of ourselves. Forgetting that what is oft the most beautiful thing of all. Don't be afraid to admit who you are. And know that you are beautiful.\r\n\r\nArtwork(c)Destre'edre\r\nEnder(c)himself

Image: why.jpg   411x131 22878 bytes 2005.04.21

How do you show someone what they really mean to you...? How can you truly make them see that they mean more than life itself...\r\n\r\nI'm still trying...\r\n\r\nHopefully he can bring himself to believe me...\r\n\r\nArtwork(c)SnowRoseRivenstar

Image: relative-distance.jpg   392x460 98840 bytes 2004.08.09

I'd like to say that I think these are frightening times in my life right now...but as always seems to be the case in my experience...there's always someone else having a harder time than you. I just want him to know that I'm here...and that no matter what happens, or how long it will be before we can see each other again...nothing will change that..ever. \r\n\r\nI love you Ian...always.\r\n\r\nArtwork(c)Destre'edre

Image: held.jpg   408x435 34346 bytes 2004.05.18

Heh, I got bored in Poser, then Exported this as an Image...and messed with it a bit in Photoshop. The positioning to the whole picture was actually rather complex...but I liked this view the best. Nothing really detailed or complex....just a simple wish.\r\n\r\nArtwork(c)Destre'edre

Image: can-you-feel.jpg   800x492 163730 bytes 2003.10.26

Yeah...there was that one time.\r\n\r\nHe's just left again...I finished this picture today though and for once could show him something brand new while he was here. It was wonderful...and as always...was gone far too fast. Then never goes away completely. And you have to remember, a time is coming when this brief togetherness is ending. Things will get better.\r\n\r\nArtwork (c) Destre'edre

Image: can-you-see.jpg   355x518 39342 bytes 2003.10.06

I could wish there was even words to describe describe anything anymore. But there isn't...\r\n\r\nAll that can be said is that we didn't want to let go that night...or ever...but as all those times before, we did. We had to. And that's how it's and close, open and close, open and close...eventually the edges of things get worn and you get tired. We're still holding on each other.\r\n\r\nI'm not giving up. Not now. Not ever. \r\n\r\nArtwork (c) Destre'edre

Image: bridges.jpg   380x380 85845 bytes 2003.07.31

Just...a random idea. Shows a lot of what I can't get my mind off of. can drown everything....but it's not a thirst quencher for loneliness...\r\n\r\nI love you Ian.\r\n\r\nArtwork Destre'edre

Image: huh.jpg   300x390 68016 bytes 2003.07.24

Waaaaiiit...this doesn't seem quite right. =^-6=\r\n\r\nHeh, just a silly little Oekaki image based off of a hypothetical conversation between me and my mate. One of the "what if?" kind of things that had...some rather interesting results. \r\n\r\nArtwork Destre'edre

Image: fallen-embers.jpg   300x300 42710 bytes 2003.07.11

A moment captured from time. A snap shot...but drawn. This is just one of those random sweet moments that you notice. My mate came to visit last Saturday and...well I'm sure there has to be someone out there who understands me when I say that it hurts...really hurts to send him back on his way home. He was fishing something out of his car though, and I idly noticed a firefly...and caught it. When I turned about to face him, and let it go it fly up right before Ian's eyes and he made to catch it as well...but it flew up too high. Just a random moment...but beautiful none the less.\r\n\r\nArtwork Destre'edre

Image: always-Oekaki.jpg   300x300 58841 bytes 2003.07.11

My mate's been under a LOT of stress lately...and rrf...God I just wish I could be there. All I can do though is offer what help I can from afar...and that includes just reminding him that I'm still here, and always will be. \r\n\r\nArtwork Destre'edre

Image: completion.jpg   617x403 77778 bytes 2003.04.28

Today is my birthday...but I don't believe in just recieving gifts. =^-6=\r\n\r\nArtwork Destre'edre

Image: tentacles-tail.jpg   700x335 37993 bytes 2003.04.28

Inside joke. =^-6=\r\n\r\nArtwork Destre'edre

Image: opportunity-park.jpg   553x640 108558 bytes 2003.04.28

...*sigh* Pause and consider all the wonderful moments in life, learning them for the first time, the beauty of it all. \r\n\r\nThen wake up and remember that reality doesn't care and all such moments must end at one point. The only comfort being, they will return again and after a time, none of it will matter at all.\r\n\r\nOne more year.\r\n\r\nArtwork Destre'edre

Image: twooranges.jpg   491x520 157247 bytes 2003.02.21

Tried out an almost Oriental style here...I think it turned out quite well, simple as the picture is. Don't ask why I chose oranges. It's a mystery even to me.\r\n\r\nArtwork Destre'edre

Image: VCARD.JPG   452x620 107172 bytes 2003.02.21

This is the image on the inside of the Valentine's card I gave my mate last year. I'd never too much into the holiday before...but he made it into something special.\r\n\r\nArtwork Destre'edre

Image: fireandice.jpg   600x484 168827 bytes 2003.02.21

It's true.\r\n

Image: eien.jpg   403x672 51796 bytes 2003.02.21

An image made entirely in Photoshop for my mate. I was surprised by how well it came out...and am still very much impressed with the picture.\r\n\r\nArtwork Destre'edre

Image: Rivenstar-ae.jpg   900x601 200413 bytes 2003.02.20

How do you put a name on forever? Just ask a Lox.

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