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Image: Baby_Lacclolith_Color.jpg   200x182 10233 bytes 2004.09.06

Just a joke picture I drew for my friend, Nagisa Lacclolith, a dragon. He's about as far from cute and cuddly as you can get, and this is what I imagined him coming as close to 'cute' as he could. XD Done with .5mm graphite pencil, then re-traced with standard black ink pen, colored with Adobe Photoshop 7.

Image: FennecGuyColor.jpg   431x800 47662 bytes 2004.09.30

Mmmm... photoshop. Got by with only five frames! Actually used a few of those, too. :) After that sorta creative exertion, I feel like watching TV for once. x.x

Image: Geoff.gif   300x373 21204 bytes 2006.02.02

My half of an art trade with Micah (who rocks!). This is her character Geoff, in raccoon form. One of the first pics I did in the cel-shaded-ish style I'm digging now.\r\n\r\nHer half is at:

Image: IanIcon.gif   200x200 23421 bytes 2006.02.02

Icon I made for my friend IanKitsune, as a gift. ^_^ Ian himself. Concept and artwork are t3h mine.

Image: Keet.gif   600x400 97435 bytes 2006.02.02

Pic of Keet, a collie, whom I love to death. ^_^\r\n\r\nPose/position was taken from a stock photo I really liked, which said it was free to use however I pleased. None of the original image was used though. I'd link to it if I knew where it was anymore. o_o; I suck.\r\n\r\nKeet Keet. Art Raeth.

Image: Lyenuv.gif   760x393 52913 bytes 2006.02.02

My half of an badge trade I did with Lyenuv a long time ago. Wasn't quite able to get the eyes to look like how she does them, but I'm overall not displeased with it.\r\n\r\nI'll link to her half whenever she gets it to me. ^_^\r\n\r\nLyenuv Lyenuv. Art Raeth.

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