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Image: AzRecliningBG[1].jpg   700x342 80732 bytes 2004.10.16

More semi-old art. This is of my kumos/lupe, Azogar.\r\n\r\nBTW, Invader_Zae = Rakurai-Kami = Rachel Geiger = me

Image: ereHdaMllAereW.jpg   500x509 67115 bytes 2004.10.16

Semi-old art. Still, I like the character. He's my take on the Jabberwocky from Jewis Carroll's poem with the same title.\r\n\r\nI will put up a newer picture of him soon.\r\n\r\nArt and character [c] to me

Image: PuppyEyes.jpg   350x410 38448 bytes 2004.10.16

Everything has been deleted. I have had too many thefts because when I started uploading to this gallery, I didn't think anyone would go so low as to steal my art. But appearantly, crappiness is not a problem and stupid fucks will steal anyway. I am coming back to uploading here, but not every single thing will be put up, only what I think is the best. For a more complete gallery, go to\r\n\r\nDrawn for Obsidian-Mongoose of DA [it's her puppy]\r\nCopyrights on the picture. Please abide by them.

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