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Image: Cea2.jpg   541x800 99787 bytes 2006.06.04

For one of my final projects at school this year I decided to create an animated music video. What y'see to the left there is basically a reference sheet for how the video will look and "feel".

Image: Oac2.jpg   800x525 193474 bytes 2006.06.04

Well, this is a new character of mine, his name's Daniel Adams and he was basically created so someone'd be wearing the hat I drew earlier. He's a canine of some sort, I'm thinkin' maybe a fox? Anyway, I went a little crazy in Photoshop making the sketch look like an old photo from WWII, but I like the final product. I'd like to make an animation that looks like this. One day...

Image: Ram2.jpg   804x600 116395 bytes 2006.06.04

If any of you know me from DA, you know that I uploaded these in the wrong order, but whateva'! This guy, believe it or not, is a lamb by the name of Jacob Rambaum. Yep, I've adopted a character's name that I've only drawn once. I'm wacky that way. Anyway, there's an intended similarity between this piece and the one featuring Daniel there. Not that I'm drawing simularities between WWII and the Gulf war or anything.

Image: tom.jpg   730x993 101113 bytes 2006.06.25

I'm still in the process of finding my cartooning "style", and this is one of my recent experiments with facial structure. I REALLY like what I did with the hands but something bugs me about the eyebrows...can't tell what. Oh well.

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