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Image: BT_whoever.gif   531x453 47360 bytes 2001.03.06

The character will remain nameless till i feel like giving her one. This \r\npic I was rather pleased with, I'll be drawing more of her :) (Goes back to \r\nplaying with his japanese pens)\r\nImage and character are (c) Bryan Talbot

Image: campingBW.jpg   635x645 72416 bytes 2000.01.04

Licia decided to go camping and Gan's big mouth bosting about his strengh\r\ngot him a one-way ticket to go along!\r\nGan & Licia are me -Ran3\n

Image: crimsongroup.jpg   591x856 86125 bytes 2000.02.22

A Crimson Wood group shot. Licia, Gan, Karu, and the two main villains\r\nShin-Licia and Arch Mage Sireus(or at least his face.)\r\nThe reason Karu has on a "ninja" type mask is because he died!\r\nIn my story Crimson Wood if you are killed you can be ressurected,\r\nbut you get a symbolic double stripe on your face to show you \r\nhave died. Some mages leave different marks. Well anyway, Karu wants to\r\nhide the fact that he's been killed. Cool huh. More on this later.\r\nAll Character Bryan Talbot\n

Image: d-dlicia.jpg   550x563 42628 bytes 2000.01.05

Here is a pic I did of Licia after I got finished playing D&D Collection\r\non my Sega Saturn. I think it looks ok. Licia is to me -Ran3\n

Image: darkelf.jpg   465x664 40767 bytes 2000.04.26

One of the dark elves always causing trouble in Crimson Wood.\r\nNo name yet though................\r\nImage me -Bryan Talbot\n

Image: evolicia.jpg   738x434 58219 bytes 2000.05.03

Check this out! It's a sort of evolution for my character Licia.\r\nIt shows how she looked when I frist drew her, to how she looks now.\r\nIt even has Shin-Licia in there! Every Licia in the pic is (c) me\r\n-Bryan Talbot\n

Image: gan2BW.jpg   440x561 33905 bytes 2000.01.14

Here's a quick sketch I did of my character Gan. I'll most likely color\r\nthis one. Maybe I'll use it for the cover of the 2nd issue of Crimson Wood.\r\nGan is to me -Ran3\n

Image: gan_gets_faded.jpg   605x426 37147 bytes 2000.01.09

Ha! I thought this one was pretty funny. Gan is not quite the ladies\r\nman that he thinks he is! Well since it's my brithday tomarrow, no uploads\r\ntill monday. Gan is to me -Ran3\n

Image: ganBW.jpg   576x440 36814 bytes 2000.01.04

Gan is my other new character that is Licia's brother. Gan is very\r\narrogant, a bit clumsy, but a good fighter. Though he teases his sister\r\nall the time, he loves her deeply\r\nGan is me -Ran3\n

Image: ganelement.jpg   635x430 41336 bytes 2000.02.02

Hmmmm, This looks pretty good for a mid-class drawing. This is my character \r\nGan doing a weaker version of one of Licia's spells. If i'm not mistaken,\r\nGan calls it the "Element Crusher" Ya......Great.\r\nGan is me -Ran3\r\n\n

Image: gannormal.jpg   400x516 36885 bytes 2000.03.15

Gan's fighting outfit....................\r\nGan is -Ran3\n

Image: humanlicia.jpg   369x663 31520 bytes 2000.04.26

Oh my goodness! Licia as a human!?!?!?\n

Image: kai.jpg   513x505 33578 bytes 2000.03.02

This is my character Kai Po Zan. But just goes as Kai. He used to be friends\r\nwith Karu till he vanished. sometime Kai will pop up just to cause problems.\r\nNo one knows why he's so secretive. Kai po Zan is -Ran3\n

Image: karu.jpg   468x533 36453 bytes 2000.01.24

Here is my new character Karu. Some times I get tired of doing magic\r\nusers and sword swinging guys, so Karu has no magic or swords whatsoever!\r\nKaru is mine to me -Bryan Talbot\n

Image: karu2.jpg   594x688 56197 bytes 2000.01.24

The peaceful guy, with the violent temper. I don't think sales would\r\nbe one of Karu's strong points. Karu is me -Bryan Talbot\n

Image: karu3.jpg   625x420 35183 bytes 2000.01.24

Karu dosen't carry around those over-sized guns for nothing.\r\nHmmmmm.... I like him I'll think I'll do more. Karu is me -Bryan Talbot\r\n\n

Image: karu4.jpg   515x523 34249 bytes 2000.01.24

Karu again. Maybe future Crimson Wood cover \r\nKaru is me -Bryan Talbot\r\n\n

Image: karu5.jpg   297x292 18386 bytes 2000.02.23

Here is Karu with out a mask on. After he died and came back , this is sorta his \r\nhis new look. Note the two strips. In Crimson Wood anybody who has them\r\nhas been mortaly wounded or killed, and brought back to life.\r\nKaru is to me -Bryan Talbot\n

Image: karu6.jpg   423x442 31815 bytes 2000.03.05

A quick sketch of Karu I did during history class.\r\nneed sleep.....Bye....ZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz\r\nKaru is -Ran3\n

Image: liciabraid.jpg   458x598 33670 bytes 2000.02.03

Just a sketch of Licia with her hair braided. To tell you the truth,\r\nI don't even like this one that much. Oh Well. Licia is me -Ran3\n

Image: liciaBW.jpg   552x537 41450 bytes 2000.01.04

This is my new character Licia.(LEE SEE UH) Expect alot of adventures\r\nwith her and her brother Gan. Any comments are always welcome.\r\nLicia is me -Ran3\n

Image: liciacoverBW.jpg   505x445 38379 bytes 2000.01.12

Here is the cover of a comic I am working on called Crimson Wood.\r\nThis is just the inked version. The color version will be up soon.\r\nLicia is me -Ran3\n

Image: liciadance.jpg   579x562 36451 bytes 2000.03.15

Licia is supposed to be dancing in this one. I kind of like it.............\r\nLicia is -Ran3\n

Image: liciaelement.jpg   625x646 55061 bytes 2000.02.02

Yes! Ran3 can draw once more! I know my limits of skill, and I think\r\n I'm finally testing them again. This is my character Licia casting her most\r\n powerful spell the "Final Element". Cannot stop.......must practise more!\r\n Licia is me Bryan Talbot \n

Image: liciafuss.jpg   278x374 18234 bytes 2000.01.10

In this pic Licia has just gotten out of bed, and is fussing \r\nabout something. I don't know where my mind was when I drew this!\r\nLicia is me -Ran3\n

Image: liciagift.jpg   354x386 39434 bytes 2000.01.19

This sketch of Licia, is a gift for one of my good friends Magcannon.\r\nYour art is the best man, here ya go!\r\nLicia is me -Bryan Talbot\n

Image: liciajoy.jpg   270x373 19937 bytes 2000.03.11

Licia -Ran3\n

Image: liciakick.jpg   751x471 40014 bytes 2000.04.26

Go Licia! Beat down evil with your mighty kick of justice! Heh.\r\nLicia is me -Bryan Talbot\n

Image: liciarun.jpg   546x554 52239 bytes 2000.02.22

Oooh! I like this one. I am quite happy with it.\r\nMaybe tomarrow I'll upload some colored pics. *Gasp!*\r\nYes Ran3 can color too...........\r\nLicia is Bryan Talbot\n

Image: liciasireus.jpg   635x655 54283 bytes 2000.03.17

Here is Licia fighting the main villain in Crimson Wood,\r\nHigh Mage Sireus. Both are -Bryan Talbot\n

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