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Image: Breazy.jpg   331x659 33286 bytes 2003.06.15

Once I wason Furcadia (an RPG basied interactive Furrie game) and i was a horse called Breazy, hes not a zebra, hes a Mustang/Zebra cross. \r\n\r\nThis is actuarly the first time I've drawn him since he was made nearly 2 years ago.\r\n\r\nBreazy is Me

Image: feildofdreams.jpg   483x562 47464 bytes 2003.06.14

Basied on a Flip & Fill song called Field Of Dream\r\nOne 12" vinal I'm gonna get to use in DJing\r\n\r\nWord up to Flip & Fill\r\n\r\nJelani is herself\r\nRaptor is me

Image: Raptor_Raver.jpg   495x687 50390 bytes 2003.06.09

I dont go to many night clubs, or dance often but when I do Im like this, you cant stop me ^.^\r\n\r\nThis is a re-upload\r\n\r\nRaptor is me

Image: Jelain_Raptoress.jpg   266x595 28658 bytes 2003.06.08

Jels being shy from accsepting a gift from someone, and she looks so cute when she dose that ^_^\r\n\r\nJelani is Her fine self

Image: Magnus.jpg   521x512 18713 bytes 2003.05.21

a piccy of the insane red dragon named Magnus\r\n\r\nI notice from her fondness for games so sh has her own\r\n\r\nPerious pic needed a little cleaning up\r\n\r\nMagnus is herself

Image: Scooter_in_consert_2.jpg   554x490 54514 bytes 2003.05.18

my second Scooter in consert pic\r\nRaptor is doing what I hope someday i will do, DJ along side with Scooter, I got the pose from their "Posse I need you on the floor" track\r\n\r\nThe singer HP Baxter is doing what he dose best, getting the crowed to scream SCOOTER!!!\r\n\r\noh yes and my firend Ary is in the growed too with a banner saying "I know him, Scooter Rules"\r\n\r\nRaptor is me\r\nAry is herself\r\nHP Baxter is himself\r\nScooter is them selves and Sheffild Tunes

Image: Rator_battle_armor.jpg   475x450 11620 bytes 2003.05.18

Raptor in his battle armor ready to fight\r\n\r\nI use the liging effects to give a sort of sence hes about to strike\r\n\r\nRaptor is me

Image: Raptor_Clawford.jpg   410x700 56519 bytes 2003.05.14

This is Raptor (me)\r\nhes currently waiting for his mate to arrives for their night out (hense the near dark background)\r\n\r\nRaptor is me

Image: Scarlet_MoonStar.jpg   563x473 58439 bytes 2003.05.14

this is Scarlet MoonStar. she is comes from a city called Le'mator, her tribe gaurds a rear powerful stone called the Blood Stone.\r\n\r\nI made it windy for effect\r\n\r\nScarlet MoonStar is Me

Image: Toon_Jel.jpg   210x573 61655 bytes 2003.05.09

*giggles* another cartoony pic I made, this time for Jelani, shes cuter then ever here ^_^\r\n\r\nCartoon Jel is her self

Image: rap_nam.jpg   548x514 102776 bytes 2003.05.08

a second of my War sieris (SP?)\r\n\r\nThis time Raptor is bat at base camp thinking of what he has seen and done.\r\n\r\nThis is a refelction of what hes thinking so the background is odd and the M-16 is transparent.\r\n\r\nRaptor is (C) me

Image: Kaa_&_Ga__Blading.jpg   794x655 173590 bytes 2003.05.02

A piccy I made of a friend of mines conjoined dragon Kaa and Ga (Kaa is the female, Ga is the male)\r\n\r\nKaa is enjoing blading but I dont think Ga is, getting pulled along.\r\n\r\nKaa and Ga are AraKaath Halfdragon

Image: shake_ya_shimmy2.JPG   630x803 170357 bytes 2003.05.01

I made a second one jsut for effect differance\r\n\r\nRaptor, dragoness are me\r\nJelani is her player

Image: shake_ya_shimmy.jpg   630x803 196027 bytes 2003.05.01

Based on the track by Flip & Fill and Porno Kings "Shake Ya Shimmy"\r\n\r\nthats me on the Decks, and the two lovely dancers are a random dragoness and Jelani\r\n\r\nRaptor and random dragoness are me\r\nJelani is her player

Image: Vietnam_Sunset.jpg   737x731 51333 bytes 2003.04.28

the sun sets as four US Army Hueys head home, arfter rescuing stranded soilders from the Vietnam jungel.\r\n\r\nI cam up with this arfter making a melody last night, which I called Vietnam Sunset.\r\n\r\n\r\nImage is me (S. McCarlie) \r\n\r\nTo those who never came back from Vietnam

Image: Toon_Silver.jpg   387x728 87260 bytes 2003.04.25

A cartoony vertion of Silverwing Fox\r\n\r\nSilverwing Fox is copy S. McCarlie (Me)

Image: Toon_Raz.jpg   373x751 97915 bytes 2003.04.25

A cartoony vertion of Razor\r\n\r\nRazor is copy S. McCarlie (Me)

Image: Raz_Smoking.jpg   666x514 64064 bytes 2003.04.23

Razor enjoying a smoke\r\n\r\nRazor is me\r\nColors done by Ary \r\n\r\nThanks Ary ^_^

Image: Pinkfursona.jpg   323x570 94251 bytes 2003.04.20

friend of mines fursona I like the way it came out\r\n\r\nPink is Pink

Image: warfurry.jpg   587x753 141914 bytes 2003.04.20

Raptor Razor and Silver in Warhammer grab\r\n\r\nRaptor is with the Blood Claws and has a large claw, Razor is with the Blade Wings and is in Gold armor and Silver is with the Blood Moon Pack.\r\n\r\nThey are on a Rino Scout tank, witch as been hit. there is also a Blood Moon Pack Marine dead by it and it has run over an Orc.\r\n\r\nRaptor Razor and Silver are all to me

Image: DJ_Raptor.jpg   527x504 17297 bytes 2003.04.06

This is me DJing at a consert\r\n\r\nI just Love DJing ^^\r\n\r\nRaptor is (and always) me (Stewart)

Image: Wai_at_16.JPG   312x425 52561 bytes 2003.03.31

A pic that came to me one day\r\n\r\n2 friends of mine had a kid, shes still young but this is what she could look once she turns 16.\r\n\r\nWai is Ara and Aneirin

Image: scooterinconsert.jpg   770x892 170164 bytes 2003.03.27

This is a band I like to listen too called Scooter here they are in consert\r\n\r\nScooter are them selves and Shefild Tunes

Image: Raverdragon_col.jpg   371x645 47514 bytes 2003.03.27

This is my Raverdragon pic coloured with effects\r\n\r\nI think he looks far better now\r\n\r\nhe is me

Image: Liz_col.JPG   364x644 65463 bytes 2003.03.26

A pic I did for Lizard Beth some time ago, and it has been coloured YAY for computer colouring\r\n\r\n\r\nLizard Beth is her self

Image: Dragon_soilder.JPG   670x764 117220 bytes 2003.03.24

A colored pic of my Dragon soilder\r\n\r\nI computer colored it, ok ok it looks crap hey Im learing\r\n\r\nhe is me

Image: Rap_pose.jpg   417x677 180104 bytes 2003.03.13

Raptor posing, showing off his new tattoo\r\n\r\nwith his jacket off.......i got the pose from a magazine\r\n\r\nRaptor is me

Image: Jel_at_work.JPG   584x579 291732 bytes 2003.03.10

Jelani hard at work on a picture\r\n\r\nshe is a really grate artist ^_^ me like her stuff\r\n\r\nJelain is her self

Image: sunset_snuggle.JPG   737x591 371729 bytes 2003.03.10

my firend Xtal and my white dragoness Whitestar enjoying a peacful sunset on a hill top\r\n\r\nXtal is Himsefl\r\nWhitestar is me

Image: Jel_at_the_beach.jpg   543x704 277346 bytes 2003.02.28

Jelani enjoying a relaxing day at the beach \r\n\r\nJelani is Her player \r\n

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