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Image: MGS.jpg   590x392 77480 bytes 2003.12.16

Raptor and Silver in Metal Gear Soild, Raptor has the famous silenced SOCOM and Silver has the FA-MAS.\r\nBoth are ready to take on their enermies, together\r\n\r\nRaptor and Silver me\r\nMGS and RAY are Komami

Image: Nemisis_Dragon.jpg   378x663 46427 bytes 2003.06.19

I dont really know what impsired me to draw this\r\n\r\nthis is Nemisis hes a firece dragon warrior, fear but most, loved by many.\r\n\r\nNemisis Dragon is me

Image: new_glasses.jpg   472x421 25573 bytes 2003.08.29

Since Raptor is like me, he got new glasses, wich make him look cooler\r\n\r\nRaptor me

Image: Night_out.jpg   640x362 62559 bytes 2003.08.14

a request by Gumsintch from a board I go to, he wanted a pic with me and my mate, so here it is\r\n\r\nRaptor me\r\nJelani herself\r\nGumsnitch himself

Image: night_snuggle.jpg   833x598 47763 bytes 2003.08.29

Raptor and his mate Jelani sitting on a hill side watching the nigh sky, snuggling close to each other\r\n\r\ncan you feel the love?\r\n\r\nJelani Herself\r\nRaptor me

Image: Nixy_pilot_F22.jpg   707x503 64349 bytes 2004.04.03

my pal Nixy with her (adord) jet fighter the F-22\r\n\r\nNixy is herself

Image: Pain.jpg   620x288 42708 bytes 2002.11.27

All Raptor wants is for all his friends to be happy, he want to help them.\r\n\r\nTo see them unhappy hurts him, like having his wings torn out.\r\n\r\nRaptor is (C) me

Image: Peaches_Colour_WIP.png   487x714 59188 bytes 2006.08.30

And another SIP pic\r\n\r\nthis time of my Doberman character Peaches Roxburgh.\r\n\r\nShes is losely based off Paris Hilton, for the parting, money and being a selfish rich-bitch, but personaly I think my Peaches is better looking.\r\n\r\nShes at a bar will put that in later.\r\n\r\nPeaches is RaptorC\r\nArt is RaptorC

Image: Pinkfursona.jpg   323x570 94251 bytes 2003.04.20

friend of mines fursona I like the way it came out\r\n\r\nPink is Pink

Image: Rap_aLEX_OFFSPRING.jpg   339x385 93145 bytes 2002.08.23

erm...waht to say about this one\r\n\r\nwell this is RapEagle RP offspring to me and Alex Eagle\r\n\r\n(a sort of Griffin/Raptor)\r\n\r\nhe is (C) to me and Alex

Image: Rap_Kuir_swordfight.JPG   446x528 47078 bytes 2003.09.19

Another fan art pic for SieNeko\r\nthis time for Kuir her warrior raptoress\r\n\r\nRaptor and Kuri have fought in a sowrd fight, Kuri was testing Raps skills in sword fighting\r\n\r\nI think Raptor has meet his equil\r\n\r\nKuir is (c) SieNeko

Image: Rap_meet_Kaa.jpg   869x884 164516 bytes 2002.12.09

My second bit of fan art for Kaa Stahunter, looks like Raptor is amazed to meet Kaa.\r\n\r\nerm....the hands are a little odd, I cant really do them very well.\r\n\r\nRaptor is (C)\r\nKaa Starhunter is (C) his player

Image: Rap_n_Todd_pickup.jpg   772x600 37827 bytes 2002.09.08

once Todd told me he had a pick up truck so I made this, its old 2000 I completly for got about it so here it is\r\n\r\nRaptor and Pick-up desgin are (C) me\r\nTodd Dharken is (C) Sean Thomas\r\n

Image: rap_nam.jpg   548x514 102776 bytes 2003.05.08

a second of my War sieris (SP?)\r\n\r\nThis time Raptor is bat at base camp thinking of what he has seen and done.\r\n\r\nThis is a refelction of what hes thinking so the background is odd and the M-16 is transparent.\r\n\r\nRaptor is (C) me

Image: Rap_pimp.jpg   425x680 144511 bytes 2003.12.08

well i had to do one, Raptor as a pimp\r\nwith Kara and a croco girl on each arm\r\n\r\nall characters me

Image: Rap_pose.jpg   417x677 180104 bytes 2003.03.13

Raptor posing, showing off his new tattoo\r\n\r\nwith his jacket off.......i got the pose from a magazine\r\n\r\nRaptor is me

Image: Rap_RE.jpg   444x291 24166 bytes 2003.07.11

Raptor the youngetst member of the CTU, also a Ex-Army Ranager. He and his squad arrive in Raccoon City to stop a terroist attack on the city, but they find something far more deadly then terroist. Now cut off from his unit he must find a way to survive and to escape\r\n\r\nRaptor Me\r\nResident Evil and Raccoon City are Capcom

Image: rap_tattoo.jpg   369x489 43047 bytes 2003.07.05

second pic I made of Raptor with his shirt off, showing his tattooo I think I messed up the second arm tho.....*mrf*\r\n\r\nRaptor is me

Image: Rap_Val_2005.jpg   956x537 70318 bytes 2005.02.13

Re-upload\r\n\r\nI dont normily do Valentines but i thought whatthe hell\r\n\r\nRaptor is RaptorC

Image: Rap_Valentines.jpg   718x419 61093 bytes 2003.02.14

well its Valentines day\r\n\r\nI wasnt planning to do anything but I couldnt resist\r\n\r\nso Happy Valentines Day all\r\n\r\nRaptor is me

Image: RapC.jpg   326x427 79545 bytes 2003.10.26

just a portrate of my main character Raptor Clawford\r\n \r\n\r\nRaptor Clawford is me

Image: raptor.jpg   538x877 43811 bytes 2002.08.23

A character profile I did\r\n\r\nok ok hes nude\r\n\r\nRaptor (C) to me

Image: Raptor_C.jpg   409x668 48187 bytes 2003.08.06

(Re-Upload)\r\n\r\nI wanted to try somthing since i got new marker pens, hes drawn on card paper, with ink, felt and alchol based markers\r\n\r\nI think the pic came out very well\r\n\r\nRaptor Clawford is Me

Image: Raptor_Clawford.jpg   410x700 56519 bytes 2003.05.14

This is Raptor (me)\r\nhes currently waiting for his mate to arrives for their night out (hense the near dark background)\r\n\r\nRaptor is me

Image: Raptor_Raver.jpg   495x687 50390 bytes 2003.06.09

I dont go to many night clubs, or dance often but when I do Im like this, you cant stop me ^.^\r\n\r\nThis is a re-upload\r\n\r\nRaptor is me

Image: Rator_battle_armor.jpg   475x450 11620 bytes 2003.05.18

Raptor in his battle armor ready to fight\r\n\r\nI use the liging effects to give a sort of sence hes about to strike\r\n\r\nRaptor is me

Image: Raverdragon_col.jpg   371x645 47514 bytes 2003.03.27

This is my Raverdragon pic coloured with effects\r\n\r\nI think he looks far better now\r\n\r\nhe is me

Image: Raz_Breach.jpg   550x821 106717 bytes 2002.12.30

Razor as a CTU soilder entering a Breaching hole.\r\n\r\na few firsts for me on this one, like the boots and five fingerd hands.

Image: raz_fem.jpg   506x712 48777 bytes 2002.09.17

well you could say my first gender bender pic\r\nof Razor\r\n\r\ns/he is (C) me

Image: Raz_Smoking.jpg   666x514 64064 bytes 2003.04.23

Razor enjoying a smoke\r\n\r\nRazor is me\r\nColors done by Ary \r\n\r\nThanks Ary ^_^

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