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Image: 2arf_crewc.jpg   648x543 67067 bytes 2003.12.09

Two wolvish mercinaries regail one another with fireside tales of things stolen and things destroyed. Work in light and shadows. Pencil and digital media.

Image: vjarrh2.jpg   440x631 47201 bytes 2003.11.06

'And a knife between your ribs' - Old character in a new revision. Image done as a rough sketch and finished in digital media.

Image: mare_fire.jpg   321x426 44078 bytes 2003.11.06

Cleansing death by fire - Image done as a rough sketch and then colored with digital media. Originally done for the Candlekeepers portfolio.

Image: 4cent_final.jpg   700x509 71100 bytes 2003.11.06

'Even with healing in had, one gets kicked in the teeth'.\r\n\r\nBarks and other critters. Done as a rough sketch and colored with digital media.

Image: mare_fall.jpg   261x666 46736 bytes 2002.09.28

Another image of Sherdaylyn(!). Though admittedly since I'm doing an art collection centering on her, she gets drawn a lot lately. I was hoping to get a nice green tint effect without sacrificing the base colors here. The texturing on the walls of the pit drove me out of my mind a few times. Image penciled, inked, then colored in Painter and Photoshop. Image copyright (c) 2002 Tim Johnson.

Image: shamaness.jpg   554x398 74688 bytes 2002.06.09

On those october days, when the world seems to come apart in a savagery that is gold and red, some sit by gravestones and forget the spectrum of colors. A Shamaneses sits by the gravestone of a hunter she couldn't save. Colored pencil and inks on bristol paper. Image copyright (c) 2002 Tim Johnson

Image: lyjedi.jpg   476x559 100418 bytes 2002.06.07

An image of Lyosha the jedi, kicking some serious smuggler keester (or head). Inspired by several images done by Amy Fennell of Lyosha the Jedi, and rendered digitally. Image copyright (c) 2002 Tim Johnson. Jedi Lyosha is copyright (c) Amy Fennell.

Image: oasis2.jpg   383x484 45368 bytes 2002.06.07

A little written about character named Oasis from Tantharluun, a world I'm writing about. She's a sorceress living in an inhospitible land, guarding a gate that she doesn't even know if works or not. This was the second digital 'painting' that I've tried, done in Painter 5.5 and Photoshop. Image copyright (c) 2002 Tim Johnson.

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