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Image: Chillwind.jpg   600x746 88171 bytes 2006.04.06

Chillwind, my Albino tauren, and her pet, Humar.

Image: dogkennel.jpg   682x627 134011 bytes 2006.04.06

<i>\r\n\r\nSato Ko Ichigawa was invited to the rolling hills of Sir McKilnern's retreat in responce to an add she read in the paper seeking help in maintaining Sir. Joseph McKilnern's sires. The add stated that it would take a certain kind of person to help, one that wouldn't divulge his teaching pratices, one that had a certain...way...with animals. Sato was that person.\r\nLittle did she know what she was getting herself into...</i>

Image: freezerlittle.jpg   650x910 107428 bytes 2004.11.28

Freezer magazine cover. \r\nI'm doing these as commissions. $40!

Image: kiss.jpg   600x689 80126 bytes 2005.06.17

A wolf and a Fennec share an intamate kiss. \r\nThis will be up for sale on furbid.

Image: syrrik.jpg   700x753 214036 bytes 2004.06.26

This is Syrrik. \r\nSyrrik is very evil, and a pet of Delilahs.\r\n\r\nBTW, Sirrik wants you. \r\nThats right, in an effort to raise money, I'm whoring out my badass puppy. Drop me a line at ( But note, these commissions are not nice. Syrrik is not a nice guy and dosn't want to do nice things to you. So if you want to torure your character, then email. Sex, species, that dosn't matter. You can suggest what you'd like to see Syrrik doing to your character, or I'll just let him have his way with you. >:)\r\nI'm not exactly sure on prices yet. Probably around $20-$ or trad coloring. \r\n

Image: syrrik2.jpg   600x673 95124 bytes 2004.12.22

Commission of Syrrik abusing some ones character...hehe!\r\nI am open for commissions right now...Pimping out Syrrik to do bad things to your character(s)...feel free to email me for more info. \r\n\r\

Image: taurenhead.jpg   600x426 48455 bytes 2006.04.06

Quick colored sketch of Tauren doing naughty things to eachother...\r\nThe fact that it kinda looks like Samhuinn...none of my business. ;)

Image: Toddgriff.jpg   1319x792 206957 bytes 2006.04.06

Todd Dharken and his gryphon mate have some fun. \r\nI'm not sure what possessed me to draw the gryph as a non-anthro...but I'm really happy with the way it turned out. More cell shading pratice here.

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