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Image: Ambershanks.jpg   600x682 119285 bytes 2006.04.06 oft-drawn Tauren...not in an erotic pose for some reason...Hmmm....

Image: Ravynfurry.jpg   600x561 78696 bytes 2003.06.02

Ok, this is me. \r\nYup, I'm a were and all, but sometimes I like to protray myself...hence the furry side. \r\n\r\nRavyn is a strong willed person, who is rather reclusive. She dosn't open up to people easily, and very suspicious of people. But she's quite in love with her boyfriend, Malakai. \r\nShe wears a celtic knot promis ring on her left ring finger, and a claddagh on her left middle finger. Around her neck she wears a chain with the tip of a deer antler on it. \r\nUnder her left eye is a scar. Its sorta pinkish, for no fur has grown there. \r\n\r\nAs far as hobbies go, she likes Drawing, Horse ridding, Boffing and boffering, acting, and hanging out in the woods.

Image: Malakairefrence.jpg   600x489 95748 bytes 2003.05.29

This is Malakai... \r\nThe other side of Malakai... \r\nThe dragon. \r\nHe's big, green, and very protective of his family and loved ones. He's a firebreater, and rather intelegent as dragons go. \r\n\r\nMal (c) Tim \r\nArt (c) Beth "Ravyn" Cavanaugh 2003 \r\n

Image: dragoninthemist.jpg   600x393 59852 bytes 2003.05.29

This is an updated accuarate image of Dragon of the Mist. \r\nShe's a feral, protective dragoness.\r\nShe has no breath weapon perse. She has the ability to breath steam or mist, and she can also raise her body tepreture to plunge into water, and create huge gouts of steam. Fog, clouds, mist and steam obsure her form, and she attacks with a speed and agility possesd by few dragons.

Image: Dragote.jpg   600x742 128954 bytes 2003.04.28

Ok, this is Mal. My mate, but as he is not an artist, and often I want people to draw him as well, I decided to put up a decent refrence pic of him. \r\nHe's fun loving and easy going, always with a grin on his face. He loves deeply, and is a bit to trusting, when someone betrays or hurts him, it hits him hard.he loves hats, and is an alaround comedian.

Image: Ryver.jpg   500x443 38666 bytes 2003.02.11

Behold, Ryver. \r\nHe's a Guardian, a powerful being brought to earth to save a FBI agent from a terrible desiese. He's the only thing keeping her alive. Well, that was his original story. \r\nI don't know what I'm going to do with him. He's a powerful mage, telepathic, and wise. \r\nHummmm, I love him.

Image: Solarys.jpg   500x422 69579 bytes 2003.01.27

Thisis Solarys, my cocky Phoenix Gryph. \r\nShe's part phoenix, part tiger, and her markings, at least for her wings have changed drastically. \r\nShe vain and cocky (what gryphon isn't?) and has fire magics. Mostly the ability to create fire in her forclaws, but she can create a fire aura around her wings.

Image: Ravyn.jpg   500x245 48623 bytes 2003.01.27

Tis me. My soul self. \r\nMy inner direwolf if you will. \r\nfinally, I am happy with the colors. its taken long enough.\r\nHeh

Image: Karamodern.jpg   500x852 198070 bytes 2003.01.27

Kara has survived as a character into moder times. But things have changed.\r\nShe no longer has wings for one, but her hair and eye color is the same. \r\nShe is now a world renowend spy and assissin for hire. And has be hired by just about everyone from the NSA to the KGB. Needless to say, as a price for this, she is wanted by just about every orginization too...wanted dead. Thus far no one has been able to suceed, but its only a matter of time.\r\nKara uses her necklace to shift between a Furry form, a human form and a wolf form, and uses all to her advantage in her feild of work. She's a exelent marks man with just about any gun as well.

Image: Kara.jpg   500x626 83281 bytes 2003.01.27

Kara Hate is a Ranger or teh Corrian people.\r\nher necklace gives her her the ability to shift into a large black wolf with silver tipped fur. \r\nShe is an expert marks man with her bow Perrigrin, and a poisons expert to boot. She has some mage abilities, including fried starting and mind speach, but cannot use her magics to heal herself or others. \r\nThere is a war going on between her people and the Zutes, (another race of shifitng anthros), and her alligance is in question. Her mate is a general for the Zutes, but she was trained and raised by the Corrians. \r\nCurrently she is leaking information from the Zutes to the Corrians on the bargain that if the Corrians win, her mate will not be taken captured. But war does horrible things to people, and it would take little for her to become a true double agent for the Zutes. or, before her trecery is found out by her mate.

Image: hellcat.jpg   500x342 43219 bytes 2003.01.27

The Hellcat is my Guardian.\r\nCovered in short, surprisingly soft fur and well muscled. It has a skulllike face, but its not accually a skull...I think, with a long thick tounge. Its mane is short and bristly, darker at the base, and lighter at the tips. \r\nit has opposible thumbs,a dn long wicked claws. It feroucious and buff.

Image: Ember.jpg   500x516 59594 bytes 2003.01.27

Ember is an outcast. First to Last. \r\nFew people know wether Ember is male or female, the truth is that this White-Nightmare is Androgonys. Its mane and tail are accually fire and its horn is ice blue. Ember usually refers to her self as a female, but theres little to support that claim, her voice is smooth and even, and could belong to some one of either gender. \r\nShe has taken to the punk lifestyle rather nicly as people leave her alone and dosn't as to many questions.

Image: dragonofthemist.jpg   500x329 50538 bytes 2003.01.27

She has no name, so was just called Dragon-in-the-Mist.\r\nSmaller and faster than most dragons, she has an agility seen or possed by few. Compact, muscled body, and stong jaws are her weapons, as she has no ability to breath fire, or anything for that matter. \r\nShe is feral and ferocious, probably concidered "uncivilized" by other dragons. \r\n

Image: Delilah.jpg   500x384 50115 bytes 2003.01.27

There is nothing about Delilah that isn't evil. \r\nShe is beauitful, and when in human form, there are few that can match her beauity, or cruelty. \r\nShe uses her looks and sex to her advantage, stopping at nothing to get what she wants. She revels in other epoples pain and enjoys torture. Shes somewhat of a massochist herself, but there are few that she would give that pleasure to.\r\nAn alpha in her own right, she is a poweful mage of her people. She deals well with spirits, and can call and bind them to her bidding. Not surprising as she serves the totems of lust and pain. She wears as little as possible, prefering nothing or a loin cloth in wereform. In human form she prefers styalized Domme outfits. \r\nAround her neck is a thin white scar that she speaks to no one about.

Image: Anwyn.jpg   638x547 163476 bytes 2003.01.27

Anwyns story is sad.\r\nHer paretns offended a mighty Shide (fey) Lord, and as a result, had to give up their child. She gre up in the care of this fey lord, but he was crul, and unkind. \r\nWhen it became apprent that his slve was a werewolf, the Fey had more use for her than just warming his bed. She becme his brute strenght. Much aginst her will, but due to a geas, there was nothing she could do.\r\nLatershe met up with another fey, a Ferret-like Pooka named Will. Together they were able to defeat Justin and lift the geas. (Not with out much hard ship and pain). Shes free but shes still haunted by what she is and what shes done. She defenatly an omega and very timid. Unless something threatens Will at which time she becomes hell and furry with teeth and claws.

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